If you would have told me 4 years ago that this would be my life I would have laughed at you; then told you there was no way that would be me.

2017 was a year of change and new beginnings. 2018 has been a year of travels and self growth. Just in 2018 I have traveled to new places and traveled alone quite a bit too. #texas #ohio #Florida My next trip will be a 3 day retreat with #TLE in Ohio.
THEN to continue with my travel I JUST GOT MY NEW PASSPORT! #58days #japan #adventureawaits This will be the furthest I have ever traveled alone!
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Today’s lesson: it’s okay to start over in what once upon a time God gave you! Those talents were meant to last as long as you use it for His Glory and Honor! Don’t give! Praise Him! For yesterday is in the past..forgotten, He has given us today to make it count, and tomorrow He holds it in His hands!! #MusicIsWellWithMySoul #LetYourFaithBeBiggerThanYourFear #Violinist #MyMusicFirstLove #Cadetship #Lessons #EBC

Shut down those limiting beliefs and that negative self-talk...because YOU ARE ENOUGH ✨
You just need to believe in yourself, because I already believe in you 🖤✌🏼💫
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FEAR. That is the chain I need to break free from, the one thing holding me prisoner in my own recovery. And I am the only one holding that key.
I'm doing "things" that I need, to move forward in my healing process, but then I hit a brick wall. I felt stagnant, even though I continued my daily practice of "things", & wondered why? Little did I know that brick wall I hit was built by myself.
One simple, yet complicated/imprisoning word...fear. My fear has grown over the years, to the point of extreme limitations & OCD tendencies. I check the doors constantly when I'm at home & worry when I leave that they aren't all locked. I always need to have the drapes closed. Every loud or "not known" noise sends me into a "startle response" & my mind starts to race, always to the "what ifs". I'm scared to go for walks by myself, scared to go to concerts or places with large crowds, scared of flying, scared of heights, always need to be overly prepared for anything. I'm scared to take that "leap of faith" in life/myself. My life has morphed into one of living like a prisoner within my "walls" of fear.
The thing is, I'm not fearful of the future & what it might hold, I'm fearful of my past repeating itself. Of trauma repeating itself. Of certain hardships repeating themselves. Of ME making the same mistakes again. So, ever so slowly & unconsciously, over the years I built my walls up & didn't even realize the true reasons why. I would make excuses for EVERYTHING to avoid doing it. Each excuse was just another "brick" in my wall.
The funny part is, I've always been fearful, but in the past I still did those things anyway. I now think back & no matter what happened, God was always there. He was always by my side, even when I tried to die by suicide, He wouldn't let me. No matter the trauma, abuse, joblessness, homelessness or hopelessness, He always guided me through &, eventually, helped me see the lesson/reason in it.
Doing the "things" in my healing process isn't my problem. My problem is NOT doing the one thing I need to do to truly break free: Let my faith be bigger than my fear. That is my key to freedom... #dontlookdownlookup

"Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. And it's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not. " //
And one day she discovered that...
she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears. 🔥 ❤️ 💪

Learn to let go of things or situations that cause you unnecessary stress or anxiety. Let go of what no longer serves you or makes you feel good. Let go of the thought of you not being good enough.
Hold onto your passions in life. Hold on to the people that make you smile. Hold on to the people who help you grow. Hold on to what you believe in. ---
And if you ever find yourself stuck, hanging on, feeling the need to let go, but not sure if you should or just not ready to, Then... close your eyes, take a deep breath, Let go of your fears, & Hold on to your faith. 💞🙏 #wisdomwednesday #happyhumpday #lifeisworthcompetingfor
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Boom! Thank you @ednewton04 for sharing this truth!

Let your faith be bigger than your fears 💖 UV Glitter back at it again, perfect way to make a peek a boo with a decal ! #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness #breastcancersupport #breastcancerfighter #breastcancertumbler #letyourfaithbebiggerthanyourfear #breastcancerfight

Heard this in a podcast this am... and have been thinking about it since. How true is this?
You always hear people say they'll start something tomorrow, monday, next week, next month or even on january 1.. why not start now?

Your why has to be greater than the fear holding you back. Who cares where you start..just start!❤

Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you. ❤️

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Motivation 👇

Found this picture of my cat, which passed away about a year ago.
Cats are crazy animals: they eat, sleep, push things off the edge, repeat.
But I think cats are cool animals in the way success.
I guess you already regonized that cats always land on their feet when they are falling down.
People that want success are sometimes falling too. But how many get up? Not many. But that is the problem: If you don't get up you will never reach your goals.
Think about it: If you would just lay down and do nothing about it, who's gonna hunt for you?
So remeber guys: If you are falling, land on your feet, learn about that and hunt for things that you want.

I believe in you!

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Little reminders comes in places where you least expect it... #reminder #humans #bekind #letyourfaithbebiggerthanyourfear #iambharati #lifeisajourney

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