I used to be attached to so many things. Things were what gave me a sense of stability in a life where homes, schools, people, and places were always changing and impermanent.
Things used to represent pieces of me and my identity- an extension of myself outside of myself. I defined myself by the things I had.
Things gave me a sense of permanence that I desperately wanted, until I finally realized that it would be much easier to navigate life if I stopped trying to have permanence... because life itself is impermanent.
I can’t take things with me when I die, and I don’t think anyone else is going to treasure the same things.
At best, what things represent are memories or ideals of some kind, and by holding onto them, perhaps holding onto a memory or ideal.
But now, living in NYC, and traveling so much, there is no room for things. Instead, I take a picture and share the memory, maybe with a story about why, and I look forward to being reminded of things and memories, but only in photos.
Photos have become my time capsule of things. I can take a photo, write about why I loved it, and then let the thing go, knowing the memory will remain stored somewhere on a hard drive that may also one day meet its impermanence.
Art by Jenny Rask
“Beloved Objects”

There is an inevitable pain that will always accompany your name. I'll forever be thinking if it was the end for real. Or there is something unfinished. I'll be looking out on the blue sky and thinking if we could've lasted. Your favorite food will make me sick and someone having your last name would be my nightmare. I know I am going to think the what ifs and buts for a really long time. I'll be caught in a series of I'm over you and I terribly miss you. I'll be walking four feet above the thought of you and a small thing will trip and make me fall in your memories again. I know this will happen for a quite a long time. I'll dream of you like a maniac, opening my eyes to emptiness , without the touch of you, without the smell and lingering gaze of you. I'll sit in a pool of self doubt and think again and again and sing the same old repeated songs.
But then I'll grow. I'll take a step, build a life. I'll ask my heart to be cautious but not caged. I'll find a stranger with your name and replace the face. I'll read books and climb mountains. I'll wander far away and conquer my insecurities. I'll set myself free. I'll return home someday, without the thought of you, without the pain of you, without the want to fall back in your arms. Without you, I'll learn to be me.
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“On this day of perfect balance between light and dark, masculine and femminine aspects, the seen and the unseen worlds we are reminded that everything in Nature is in symbiosis. All gives and receives... Nothing is separate from the whole.”✨

To me it's been important to explore all facets of my life in order to embrace it all. That has now meant that I found peace with it all and can let go of it. It has also meant that I now can move forward without any burdens on my back ... and that gives tremendous freedom.

Life is too short to be walking around hating and bashing others. Even if you feel hatred, keep it to yourself. Don’t hurt anybody for any reason. Everyday I’m working on becoming a better me. Starting today let’s all start loving on each other more. There was this old saying if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all! #whattheworldneedsnowislove #letsbreakthechains #loveislove #flowingnotforcing #hurtpeoplehurtpeople #forgiveandforget #lettinggo

Darkness can not exist without light.
This knowing helps me so much to pass through dark periods of life, when there seems to be no hope, everything looks like it’s going down, as if the universe is conspiring against you.
But without these down’s we will not pass on high’s.
Life is a journey.
Life is so beautiful.
Life is magical.
I am happy to be able to say I accept where I am right now.🌞
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This is for all the people having a GIVER-personality. ¬

For most of my life I've been taught that giving, sharing and sacrificing are more important than receiving. On my way through life I've come to realize that this statement couldn't be further from the truth. ¬

The past years I've reflected on this topic, and looking back at the life situations I've been through I see that it has been a big imbalance between giving and receiving. Being in imbalance has nothing to do with strength or weakness - it has to do with our perspective on giving and receiving. ¬

Givers tend to value GIVING more than they value RECEIVING. GIVERS sacrifice their time to put your needs first, even if they don't have time. Givers listen to others talking rather than talking about themselves(if no one asks, no one will ever know them). Givers help you out always, no matter how deep they're in their own shit. Givers take care of you because they care out of love. They give and give and give. Givers actually give so much that they sooner or later end up empty. These givers are the ones that are likely to end up hitting the wall, get burned out or develop a disease. ¬

If you are a GIVER and feel a little imbalanced: Be aware of the signals your body is sending you. If you are a giver, and you end up empty - how can you continue to give? You can't give to someone, something you don't have. If you continue to give - you'll end up in an energy draining life situation - and you'll slowly(conscious or unconscious) be giving away poisonous energy to others. If you notice this is happening - it's REALLY TIME TO STOP and recalibrate. ¬

Being a giver is a wonderful way of living life. It's natural to be kind and loving towards other people. But this personality also comes with a challenge: learning the basics on how to be a good receiver! Learning how to receive love, peace, wealth, health and great relationships will determine if you will allow it into your reality or not. Giving and receiving should be equal. And most of us don't realize this until we hit a wall somewhere. If you're a GIVER, always continue to give - but make sure you ar open to receive as well. Aim for balance🙏🏼

A little bit late but sometimes life happens and the whole idea of clearing is to make more room and time for the important things so the important things (watching anime with the eldest boy when the wee ones were finally asleep) take priority. Day 18 of the #minsgame I really pushed myself to clear some of my own clothes. I had intended to cull my scarves (see the 10 beige scarves in my last post) and find all 18 items there but I really struggled and only managed 4 scarves (none of them beige 😬) 2 pairs of fingerless mitts. 2 tops. 1 winter hat. 1 pair of amazing purple trainers I wore as maid of honour back in March when I had pregnant feet and they're now a size too big 😭 thick socks won't even help. 1 amazing purple bridesmaid dress from the same occasion that's also too big now and the style it is I can't see how to take it in to make it wearable 😭 good job I had an ace time wearing it that once. 2 wee hats. 1 pair of wee mitts. 1 wee fleece snowsuit. 1 wee vest. 2 wee pairs of nappy cover pants. This is the biggest stack of stuff yet. Surely I should see a difference soon? #journeytominimalism #wannabeminimalist #minimalistjourney #minimalism #minimalist #lettinggo #everylittlehelps #becomingminimalist #declutter #decluttering #declutteringmylife #smallsteps #hoarder #lessstuff #lessstuffmorelife #lessstuffmoremeaning

If there's one thing I've gotten better at thanks to my yoga practice, it's surrendering. Surrendering to the unknown; being okay with knowing that I don't control anything except my own thoughts and actions; letting go of attachment to a certain outcome and instead accepting that things will unfold in their own time, and their own way.
It's been a revelation, to be honest. It's both frightening, and liberating. It's hard (and scary!) to give up that illusion of control, yet when I do, my mind is quieter, almost as though it breathes a sigh of relief to have the weight of responsibility lifted.
What does surrender mean to you?
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When a long-term relationship ends it can feel like your world has been turned upside down.

Starting again can feel daunting, complicated, overwhelming, exhausting.But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you are feeling stuck and unable to see a way forward, sometimes the best thing you can do is take some time out. Some time just for you. To come back to your center, to breathe, to refocus.

This workshop is a space where you can do just that.
Being held in Cooroy on Saturday 3rd November 💕

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Flourish. Expand. Remark on your will. Churn it into star dust. Re-birth. Bliss out. Yearn for the ever lasting MORE. Settle. Be kind. All.....just for today. #reiki #inspodailybeloved #feeling #joy #lettinggo #feminine #nature #enjoy #express #natural #flow #justbe

Morning Thoughts 💭 You can receive a 100 positive comments, but it’s that one negative one that affects you the most. Never give up because of it! #aboogiedownchicksworld #stayingfocused #stayingpositive #selfhealing #selflove #anxiety #lettinggo

I was 17 when he made me a mama. I was scared shitless you can see it in my eyes. Here I was not even an adult myself and now responsible for this little beautiful baby.
Today my "little" baby turned 18! I just cant believe how fast the time got by. It feels just like yesterday that I was rocking him to sleep singing songs I made up because I could never remember the words of the actual songs.
Today marks a new chapter in our relationship. I need to let him go. Trust that I raised him well. Trust that my husband and had given him the vallues we honer. My goodness...I feel tears coming up... 18! He is 18! I think that letting go ( even if he isnt going anywhere and still lives at home) is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
I know he is a good kid. Uh.. young man. But still... Happy Bday beautiful young man. I love you and will always love you! .
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