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Sad truth. Thoughts? ❤️
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Oh, the only way to really know is to really let it go. 🌊🌀🏝

Melo by.., mela bych.., mely by.., kdyby to.., co by kdyby.. Vsechny ocekavani druhych i ty sve, predsudky, predstavy, strachy a svazujici myslenky nechavam s hlubokym vydechem odejit. A diky tomu si tvorim prostor pro to, co je dulezite a ma vyznam PRO MNE. A davam svobodu vsem okolo si vytvorit to, co je dulezite pro ne..💗💗💗
With every breath I am creating what is meaningful for me and I am giving freedom to others to create what is important to them..
#creatingWhatIsMeaningfulToMe IS #innerPeace #lettingGo #lettingIn #followingMyself #freedom #healing #space #allowing #magic #meditation #noCompromiseWithMySoul #centered #oneBreath #happiness #love #gratitude #tvorimSiVlastniRealitu #dovolujuSi #bytSebou #vnitniKlid #nasledujuSebe #leceni #transformace #intenzivni #vdecnost #laska #vsechnyJsmeBohyne #veSveSile
📷 by @kadrikurgun

I was a little scared to get on top of this rock, but I'm so glad I did. The view was gorgeous. 📸: @captain.taylor (last set from this shoot) #photography #mountains #pinetrees #theview #amazing #adventureisoutthere #womenwhohike #canon #conquering #newheights #lettinggo #livinginthepresent #feelsgood #blueplaneteyewear #bigrock

Who wants to treasure hunt?!?! #lettinggo #newmusic

Bye for now angel baby, enjoy the next 5 weeks of adventures through Europe, and don't grow up too fast. I will be counting down the days until we meet again #traveltheworld #growingup #lettinggo #alwaysmybabygirl #europeansummer

On set pics #film #short #lettinggo

One of the biggest gifts I gave myself was the freedom to leave connections not meant for me. We are often convinced to stay for certain people just because they are currently in our lives, and this is no longer a good enough reason for me to stay for anyone or anything. When you know that a connection isn't meant for you, never apologize for having to leave it behind. We cannot get stuck on people that we are not meant to end up with. Be okay with not settling. You are not here to settle for anything. -- I love you ❤️-- HealingHopefuls.com -- #InMyOwnWords #MeganLawrence


Happy Thursday! We are almost at the end of the week! I know Finding yourself after a break up can be a journey! But once you gain your power back it's important that you don't lose it again! Love yourself first! The right person won't allow you to lose sight of your worth! #lettinggo #healyourself #loveyourself #brandtogether #rehabtime #trusttheprocess

//D R O W N I N G// And this time while drowning, I didn't ask for help.
. ● Musings of a Wallflower meets Fanaticscribble ●

My first collaboration with my friend @fanaticscribble . Go check out his Instagram page and blog to discover beautiful writings! 😃 .
#fanaticscribble #poetry #drowning #words #deep #instapoetry #collaboration #writing #spilledink #poem #deeppoetry #lettinggo #musings #blogger

#lettinggo #givingup #fuckitup #goddamnit

Day 5 // Camel // #BackBendBeMyFriend ---
Why is this pose so tough for me? It has long been my least favorite pose for many reasons. It's tough on my shoulders which are really tight and the feeling of dropping my head back makes me feel like I'm not in control and leads to lightheadedness and anxiety when I come back up. I want to work on letting go of my negative thoughts about this pose. I want to work on letting go of negativity in my life as well. My life has been changing so much over the past few months, but for the better. I feel so much more free to be me and to let go of my anxiety and insecurities. I am finding more time for my yoga practice which translates to a happier me. It's time to work on myself and my happiness and find out what I really want out of life. --

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@aloyoga $100 gift card to aloyoga.com ---
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I am so freaking excited 😀 to start this new Shift Shop program coming out next month!! And i'm even more excited to do it with my Hubby!
I've had many of you asking about it so i figured let's all do it together ❤️❤️
So it's time!! I am opening up my challenge group to:
"Get Your Shift Together Bootcamp" .
We start July 17th and It's ONLY 21 days👌
I'm ONLY looking 👀 for those who are serious 😗and can commit to the full 21 days. .
What you get:
- Access to the "Netflix of Fitness", (This is where your program will be available, next to many others)
- A delicious Super Food shake 🥛
- A nutrition guide 🍎
- Me as your coach 🙋
- Access to a group to keep you accountable and motivated 👫👭👬
✨"It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it!"✨
Leave me a comment or Send me a PM NOW ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
This group will fill up quickly so don't Hesitate!
💟PLEASE SHARE* - This may not be for you but it just might be what one of your friends or family members are looking for :)

God is ALWAYS on time, even when we don't understand why, I just wanna say, I am far from religious!! I, in all do reality am a sinner! Unashamed too, I never said I was perfect! I also don't live my life by the law, but by the Holy Spirit, which is instilled in each and everyone of us (FORGIVEN), you just gotta wake it up, quit being so hard, I also don't live my life to be a people pleaser, I live MY life in spirit & in TRUTH to PLEASE GOD ALONE, no matter what that looks like to anyone at the end of the day, truth is, in this day and age, righteousness is suppressed by unrighteous deeds, lies, manipulations, just stuff that ain't right!! so dont get me twisted!! When I live my life like that (not being a people pleaser but a GOD pleaser) I find that, that is where REAL true love and faithfulness meet, where righteousness and peace kiss, before Christ they brought dead sacrifices to the altar, today and everyday, I sacrifice MY life, as a LIVING sacrifice to do what's right and speak in truth and stay far from where I know evil lurks or resides .. and even then I still get attacks, but in all those, I remain in my place, where GOD put ME, annnnnd I will always be still and in peace .. because I know where I stand in all of this with the one whom I gotta be accountable too #inmyfeelings #mood #thistextgotmethinking #timetoflyintotherealandtaketheFAKEoff #TRUTH #Righteousness #Peace #Oceans #StormOnTheSurface #SettledAtTheBottom #HeGuardsMyHeart #EternalCalm #CushionOfTheSea #UndisturbableCalm #GODcanDOthat #INanINSTANT #LettingGo #IfItAintRightCantMessWithIt #TRUEhealingcomesfromTRUTH #UNFATHOMABLE #GodAlwaysSendsMeAngels 🕊😇

We could have had it all. You just had to stick around. #writersofinstagram #lovers #lettinggo #movingon #shouldhavecouldhavewouldhave #cestlavie

Card of the Day: Death 💀 #yay ⠀

Scroll through. The 2nd pic is the card they used in the following description: ⠀

The Death card shows Death himself riding on a white horse, holding a black and white flag. Death is portrayed as a skeleton as the skeletal bones are the part of the body that survives death. The armour he is wearing indicates that he is invincible and unconquerable. Indeed, no-one has yet triumphed over death. The horse that Death rides is white, the colour of purity. Death is therefore the ultimate purifier. All things are reborn fresh, new and pure. Notice even the bishop paying homage to him. All sectors of the human race are represented here – men, women and children – showing that Death does not discern between age, race or gender.

The banner that Death carries has a black background, indicating an absence of light. The white rose, on the other hand, indicates beauty, purification and immortality. In the background of the card, there is a rising sun, a sign of immortality. The sun appears to ‘die’ each night but is reborn fresh and new every morning. The two pillars are guarding the gateway to the sun, symbolising the knowledge needed to gain immortality. The boat on the water in the background is the ferry that transports the souls across the River Styx. The background is a neutral grey, again showing Death’s impartiality.

Death is ruled by Scorpio (the sign of ‘sex, death and taxes’) and the number is 13, sacred to the Goddess as there are thirteen moons in a year

The Death card is probably the most feared and misunderstood of all the cards in the Tarot deck. Just the mention of the card’s name has people shaking in their boots! In general, people tend to take the meaning of this card far too literally and fear that the indication is for the death of either themselves or others. Relax! The card of Death can be one of the most fruitful and positive cards in the deck.

Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important. You must close one door in order to open another. You need to put the past.. (Continued in comments) ⠀

#tarot #cotd

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