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The husband prepares breakfast every time. I usually don’t lift a finger because I malas. Alhamdulillah for the rajin husband. I really totally am in love with the big, paneless windows. .
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It’s a #momwin when one of your 6 yr old’s heroes is Amelia Earhart ⛅️ this book was her first introduction to the explorer, and now my daughter dreams of adventures and explorations. ✨ this book shares a light story of Amelia’s life and ends with a timeline of actual events.

We rocked, snuggled, followed a bedtime routine, oil massaged, did story time 📖 and got the most decorated crib 🛏 with the entire animal kingdom printed bedsheet🦒 🦓 🦁, musical toys 🎶 and rocked some more but still Mishika hates it!! 😅😅 Mishika is a very happy baby 💕😊 and not at all a picky eater but when it comes to bedtime she is no easy thing to handle 😅... She still sleeps with me and not just with me mostly on me 😂😂 I am not sure what am I missing but I am still unable to sleep train her! 🙄Initially I thought that she was hungry but that’s not the case anymore. I have no idea 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Although it’s super adorable that she always wants to snuggle up with me, it get’s really crazy to wake up in the morning completely sleep deprived and head to work 😴😰Somehow my baggy swollen eyes and sleepy zombie me is the ‘new me’ 🤯 and the only thing that I so look forward to in the morning to keep me sane is coffee ☕️ . It’s my big time savior!! 🤗But seriously what am I missing?? 😑She is turning one in a week 😳 and I still can’t get her to sleep through the night!! Any tips would be highly appreciated?? Help me out 🙈🙈
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Happy 77th anniversary to Dumbo! We have a soft spot for “Baby Mine” in this house.

That moment when you realize you almost have a one-year-old on your hands 🙀🎀

Sunset swim, anyone?? ☺️

The way they look at each other just melts me 😍😍 Jonah was singing silly songs & Oriana was in absolute hysterics!!! So glad I captured this moment.. However, I had a sleepless night with her last night (I’m blaming teeth 😬) and she’s so sad & miserable today poor love ❤️ We’ve been having a snuggly morning so far & I’m still in my pjs but I really need to get dressed as I’ve got some jobs that I really need to do today!! 😭🙈

I seriously just want to bottle this sweet baby up and keep him like this forever... smelling delicious and skin is feeling oh so soft thanks to our new & naturally derived favorite- for ALL things skin care related @mustelausa 😍😋 #Ad #IWantNatural #littlepeachylove

Little squeak giving besos like it’s his J-O-B. Nappies-all-day days seem to be coming to a bit of an end here soon as winter is upon us—well, at least we will be adding socks. Our house is over 100 years old and isn’t on a traditional foundation, but raised up, so the cool air always makes its way through the floorboards and socks or slippers become the norm. As it gets colder, I’m getting a bit anxious because I am a Summer-girl through and through. The first few cold fronts tend to do me in the most until i finally give way to a new wardrobe and my body gets used to the cold. Everyone around me is celebrating sweater weather and pumpkin everything, and I’m still hesitating hanging up my swimmers, cutoffs and sandals for the season. .
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Dear Will,
You’ve become really good at consoling others when they are hurt or crying, which I love. The problem comes when you point your finger at people and yell, “cry!” just so you can console them. Well work on it.
Love, Mom
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My everything 🧡 #family

She’s missing a few pieces, but aren’t we all?

8 Weeks Old!

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