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ببينيد كي امروز موهاش كوتاه شده ✌🏻💇🏼‍♂️🙈👼🏻
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I wasn’t going to share this. You can’t see it here but we are both covered in mud. There were several things I didn’t love about myself here, but this shouldn’t be about what I look like. I shouldn’t care about that. On this day my little guy hiked more than 2.5 miles out of our 3 mile stretch, and I’m grateful for my husband who captured this.

One month of loving this sweet angel! She loves the boob, the boob, and the boob. We are all head over heels in love and can't get enough of her. She makes me want to have 5 more babies, but I'm old AF so I'm going to soak up every tiny moment instead and will probably feed on demand until she's 5. Happy one month baby Jovie! 💛

Making wise choices this year by NOT taking the kids on the “Mystery Hay Ride” which turned out to be a scary, cover your eyes, parent fail last year. 😬🤦🏼‍♀️ Someone else tell me you’ve done this before...? Just us? But left with smiles n happy faces this time! We learn as we go, right? 😂 || girls fits from @sandpiperclothing || - .
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Ten whole months filled with moments just like this. People warned me that time would take on a life of it’s own while raising an earth-side child, but seriously—ten whole months already?! We now have this waving, communicating, crawling tiny human with a big ‘ol sense of humour.
Fun fact of the month: He’s really unsure about facial hair, and of towels wrapped around heads after a shower. But he loves people with hats. The other day, while at a restaurant, there was a man with a hat and a beard and that had him quite confused about how to feel. He smiled at him anyways, because he is the friendliest kid I know.

This boy is my very best friend. As he grows each day our relationship does too, and with that we’ve nurtured an incredibly strong bond—as much as he is attached to me, I am attached to him. Feeling pretty blessed to be the one he calls mama. #everetthenrymonthbymonth

Do you think he’s mad at me? I started out so strong with #themanymonthsofsullivan and then just really fell off the wagon, oops 🙊 We can’t be good at everything right? It’s all about balance.
This is the perfect photo to share with you that the next installment of #themomblogcollective is live! Click the link in my bio to read my perspective on balancing blogging and motherhood and for more insight check out these awesome mamas.

When I seen my friend Alyson from @the.owen.life post her photo like this , it hit me that In 4 months this boy will be 2!! Yup 2 like how and why ?! I just want my squishy baby back so here’s a throwback to last October when he wasn’t even one yet 😭😭 #holdme

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Quando il papà è via 6.30-22.30 e per te sarà una giornata moooolto lunga! Santa pazienza vieni a me . 😌


Ok his face may not portray that he enjoyed the pumpkin farm but I can assure you, he did. 🤣
On another note my wee peanut has got hand, foot & mouth virus. Last night was rough & he ended up sleeping with us which is unheard of, but all he wanted was to be snuggled up & to sleep, we slept on and off (heavy on the off) until 11:30. He has ulcers in his mouth & a rash all over which is the worst on the backs of his legs. 💔 Times like this being a mama is so hard, because here is literally nothing I can do but hopefully with lots of cuddles & a shit tonne of nurofen he will be better soon 🙏🏻 #HesStillManagingToSmileThroughIt #MamasGotYou

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So when we found out we were expecting Eva one of my first concerns was childcare. Both Luke & I work full time and we don't have both our parents living nearby. After I found the amazing @mother_pukka and all the work she's doing on flexible working I encouraged Luke to request condensed hours meaning he has a Wednesday at home. Today is our first day. Which means that I get a few hours to drink tea and watch the Good Wife and he gets to hang out with his baby daughter. And his company gets a happy employee. Win win all round. It's important that flexible working brings men into the conversation as parenting is a team effort 👍🏻
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It's early, but we are all up (with minimal grumpiness 😂)! Ready for our first flight to Seattle and then on to Portland! Excited to explore and see what the city has to offer!! ✌🏻out MN see you in a few days!

Fall 🍁

She’s a smoothie connoisseur.

🍃How adorable is Molly @mymistytribe wearing our new leopard romper🍃💕🍃💕 Online now 💫💫

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She stood there, waiting for a leaf to fall from our tall maple, so that she could catch it and win seven years of good luck. There’s just something about her standing there that fills me up.

"Bläääätter" ...und schon wurde die Suche nach Kastanien hinten angestellt 🍁🌰🍃 Die Mütze ist allerdings noch von ihrem großen Bruder und musste unbedingt mit in den Kindergarten 😂

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We spent our #thenewlookhumpday with one of our favourite people today 😍 my two babies with their Nonnina (great grandma). Seeing their faces light up when she speaks to them melts my heart. My girls are so lucky to have 3 great grandparents doting on them ❤
How did you spend your day? .
Comment below or post a pic with the hashtag #thenewlookhumpday (don't forget to tag me!) and let's brighten everyone's day!
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Honest mom moment. We were reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". I was using my most worn out, flat, uninspiring, skipping almost all the words voice. Honestly, didn't want to be in that rocking chair again. Arms sore from carrying sick toddler. Ears bursting with the incessant fussing. (Silence. Silence is golden.) I was kinda taking it out on the caterpillar. I mean, why does he get to gorge on everything in sight, get fat, take a nap, and wake up a butterfly? I told Ellarose as much in my improvised, frustrated, ending. She, of course, had no clue what crazy mommy was going on about; life's futility, no happy endings, you just think you've got it together, but you don't.... I'm not proud. It wasn't my finest moment. The tot kept pointing at the "buttafly" insistently. I heard myself take a low shot at the bug, "It's nice the caterpillar gets to turn into a butterfly, we people don't get to become butterflies. Sorrowful lot that we are. Ain't no rest for the wicked...." Something like that anyways, I'm always finding song lyrics to mix in for dramatic effect. .
At this point you're waiting for the uplifting end to this tale. The truth is, I looked at that butterfly one more time and begrudgingly admitted "I guess we have heaven. Heaven is our butterfly happy ending". That's as inspiring as it's going to get, really. The honest truth is that valleys and low places will always plague us in this life. But we have hope. On the bad days we cling to hope. On the good days we taste it a little bit. You can't rush happy endings. Most days I'm just a tummy aching little caterpillar hoping for heaven. Sounds like a song... .
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Anyone else go through this struggle? 😒 #wednesdaywisdom

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