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It took an additional twenty minutes to walk home from church today because they hung from all the scaffolding poles and jumped off so many stoops. I'm hoping this means everyone will wanna nap this afternoon and that their energy has run out🤔😜😴 #wishfulthinking #motherhood #lifewithkids #letthembelittle #sunday #nyclife

Chicken with feathers. My & @matthewlud's Eulalie, 10 months old. In honor of her 10 months I give you a story written by one of my best friends and also, incidentally, my "wasband", @ericcharlespeterson. Link in profile. It's the sorry of the relationship he has formed with Eula, and, by necessity, the story of, as he puts it our "nightmarriage" (truth) and our resultant (albeit hard earned) "post apocalyptic unicorn daydream" of a surviving friendship. It moved me to tears. Life is peculiar. And there can be such redemption on the other side of the most ill advised decisions. Bonus footage = video of Eula and a Polaroid from our ridiculous after party (that prominently featured PBR and fried chicken). I think I'm smoking a cigarette in sunglasses in of doors at well past midnight. Oh youth. The fact that we are able to all be friends is due in no small part to my awesome husband, @matthewlud who has welcomed my friend back into our lives without hesitation. Life is rife with pain, nature of the game, but when the worst you and another person can do to one another can be mutually forgiven it's pretty freaking amazing. It's not all bad. Follow @ericcharlespeterson for on point photography and writing and click the link in profile for a chapter of my life told better than I could tell it. #eulaliewilla #babyaulait

Nasze RODOS 😁 jeszcze tylko basen i zapomnę o wakacjach 😜pytałyście jak jakość fotela, jest naprawdę super 👍 ma bardzo duży kosz i jest naprawdę świetnie wykonany👌 miłego dnia życzymy😘❤️#goodmorning#haveaniceday#momandson#momoftwo#polishmum#polishgirl#letthembelittle#cameramama#instamatki#instadziecko#pregnant#pregnancy#naszczas#kocham#childhoodmemories#childofig

It's so true that the second time is different. With the first baby I was so anxious and nervous about everything. This time is soooo different. And I am sure that my girl is so peaceful and quite because she knows that her older brother drives me crazy all the day. 😂
È proprio vero che la seconda volta e diversa dalla prima. Con il primo figlio ero così ansiosa e nervosa. Questa volta invece è davvero tutto diverso. O forse sono io diversa. Ma sono anche convinta che la mia bimba è così pacifica e tranquilla perché sa che suo fratello maggiore mi fa diventare matta tutto il giorno 😂 forse è solo questione di tempo.. e anche lei si unirà al team "come far sclerare tua madre in poche semplici mosse".

She's slept in my arms like this since she was just a few hours old. I'm not going to lie sometimes I feel touched out and fancy some space (and my arm goes dead!) but she's only going for be this little once. And waking up with her waking up and beaming at me is the best start to the week I can imagine #cosleeping

essa manhã eu quase perdi a paciência.
eu tenho tantas outras coisas importantes pra fazer, mas ele não quer sair do meu colo.
o paulo tentou me ajudar dizendo: "calma, amor. ele vai crescer!" mas aquela frase caiu pesada no meu estômago.
eu aqui, desejando tanto que passe logo, querendo que ele fosse mais independente, que saísse um pouco do meu colo. eu, que sempre tomei como lema da minha vida materna o "vai passar" me vi questionando minha escolha.
será que eu quero mesmo que passe? tinha me esquecido do detalhe que, pra que essa fase passe ele, meu bebê (talvez meu último bebê), precisa crescer logo. será que é isso mesmo que eu quero?
tendo a ciência de que vai passar, quero me lembrar que eles crescem. crescem rápido demais pro meu gosto e o gosto de vê-los crescendo é agridoce. depois bate uma saudade. não quero mais passar um dia sequer desejando que passe logo.
antes que ele cresça, se é de colo o que ele precisa hoje, é o que ele vai ter. o resto pode, mesmo, esperar. o que não me espera é o tempo, esse corre rápido. e leva com ele a infância dos meus filhos.
por luiza nazareth @mochilinhaeviolao .
mais textos em #reflexoesdemochilinha

Monday morning view ✨My chubby babe and my wrinkled bed sheets (ironing is last on the to-do list here 😅) Happy new week!

How we feel about having a sister! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love and excitement about our sweet Mabel! Check a couple posts back if ya missed it 😘 DJ and I were both SO confident it was a boy... so we were totally shocked! But we're elated! As long as this girl arrives on time, they'll be exactly 17 months apart 💗 so many things running through my mind: will she look like Nora? Will she have my blue eyes again or DJ's brown eyes? Will she come 10 days late and huge like sister? What will her personality be like? Will we have a better breastfeeding journey? I really hope so. I hope they're best friends. I love that I can keep so many of Nora's old clothes and things that I really didn't want to part with. I can't wait to see my man with all three of his girls. His heart grew tenfold with Nora... I can't imagine with Mabel! I'm so excited. We're excited. Our family will be complete with this little one and we are thrilled to meet her this winter! 🎀


After thoroughly enjoying Justin's weekend off and finally having time to paint over the baby poop colored walls upstairs (5,000 coats later 😒) I have about a million things to do today. But I think I'll procrastinate a little longer by drinking another cup of coffee, rocking a sleeping baby, and scrolling through pictures of my beauties.

Happy Monday + yay, for a fresh week of #momlife 🙌 I love setting my intentions each Monday to be just a little better than the week before! Practice a little more patience, show a little more love and be a little more kind to myself when I fall short 💗💗💗 Following these mamas and learning from them as they navigate mamahood helps brighten my days + remind me I'm not alone! Go check them out
And may this week's nap times be long and the tantrums be few 😘😘😘

•SUGGESTIONS• This is day four we're going without a comforter. I washed our's Friday during the day and air fluffed until it dried but I'm really nervous to take it out of the dryer. The few times I did to shake it out the stuffing was all clumped up and I can't imagine it's going to lay as nicely as it did straight from the store 😫 It's still in the dryer. I think it's ruined. How do you all wash stuffed comforters?!

Happy Monday! Jensen isn't feeling today already. My little bears have been extra grumpy and needy this morning. It's going to be a long day. And did I mention that it's supposed to rain today? Yuck! I really need to jump into creative mode so we can turn those frowns upside down. And possibly fit a nap in. What's your cure for the Monday Blues? •

#jensen #mondayblues #grumpy #tired #needy #extra #drearyday #letsgetcreative #turnthosefrownsupsidedown #weneednaps #kidlife #toddlerlife #letthembelittle #thegrumps #momlife #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mommyblogger #momblog #momming #lifestyleblog #reallife #itsmessy #humbleheartdiaries

Brilliant time up at the new park in Llys-yr-fran! #letthembelittle #Pembrokeshire #playpark #llysyfran #llysyfrandam

Found these on my phone last night E was taking doll photos in the hut!
Side note we both cant wait for artist Lottie to come out I hope we can afford her when she does we both love arts and crafts (I was an art major in school)

#lottiedolls #letthembelittle

Love me some thick fernage. Totally just made that word up and I think I'm going to use it again some day. 🌱🌿 had to take this photo of my middle man strategically because that's what happens when you have a kid that lives in his underwear all summer. #atleastheswearingashirt

Morning snuggles with this little guy is the best way to start my day ☀️👶🏻👩🏻 #riseandshine #morningslikethese #babysnuggles #griffandgrizz

When Marly sneaking away from me.. he finds his own bed 🐯 #naptimeisback

Awww she was so excited to wake up to her new @teamsonkids kitchen set! (Of course I had to sneak in one of my life mottos- I'm all about that comfy cozy life). I can't wait to get this space set up for my girls. Lake view, cozy couch, my sweetest girls, handsome hubs. Grateful. 💕 #20monthsold #letthembelittle #teamsonkids #farmhousekitchen

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