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We've been trying to enjoy as many meals outside as possible since we know fall is creeping up on us and we've partnered with some great companies that make it easier to do that @gosiliproducts @stuckonyouofficial @lovetinymoments

Time to clean out our wardrobe before back-to-school shopping! πŸ‘•πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘– #ad

Did you know the average person throws out 70 pounds of clothing each year? That is CRAZY! We took our old duds to @westfieldUTC for their #RefashionTheFuture program to upcycle it into something new AND get rewarded for it! Whoever makes the largest contribution in one visit before Sep 4 will win a $250 giftcard (link in my bio has all the details and contribution spots). Check my stories to see what the kids picked out with their reward coupons AND the little treat I got for myself.

Have you started back to school shopping yet?

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3 facts about me: I can listen to the same song about 247 times without getting tired of it. I still know every word to Powerline's songs in A Goofy Movie. My brother and I quote movies a lot, our favorites being: "The Three Ninjas," " A League of Their Own" and "The Emperor's New Groove."

🌱From a young age teach your children where real food comes from.🌱...so generations after you live a healthier life.β˜€οΈ

"All babies love the car" They said.
Eh, no! I feel your pain if you know that feeling. Prep and timing are key when I'm chauffeuring Little Pea around.
That and baby sensory videos. Youtube them; you won't regret it.
I've never felt more responsibility than when first driving with Baby Pearl. My nerves - gone. Now that it's become second nature it's easy to forget the risks - Never let your children in the back distract you in the front. Never look back.
#Momlife #RoadSafetyAuthority #Sp

If you've forgotten what it feels like to be happy, watch your kids, they'll show you. Play hard. Love unconditionally. Be unapologetically you. Work on sharing. Find your passion and incorporate it into your life. Cry when you're sad, laugh when you're happy. Sleep. Eat yummy food and enjoy it. Ask for what you want. Learn from your mistakes. Say sorry when you should, and accept others apologies. Don't judge a book by its cover ~ same goes for people. Work on loving yourself everyday ~ when you are genuinely happy, you will be genuinely happy for others. Chase your dreams. Believe what you believe, but keep learning and growing till the day you die. Love your family and your friends ferociously. Anger, jealousy and resentment will make you sick ~ find a way to let it go. Treat every day like a new adventure. Be open to change ~ no one knows all the answers. Be kind. Accept your imperfections (internally & externally. Whatever truly makes you happy ~ DO IT! Use each day to better yourself. You have one life, enjoy it to the best of your ability, make it count.. #behappy πŸ’ πŸ“·@yellowbrickroadphoto

Making applesauce is a very serious job in this house πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ #pasthisbedtime #minichef #kidscooking

We've been parents 8 months today so here's a shot when we were babies ourselves. Way back when we got sleep at night and could go to the movies without one of us standing in the hall. Back when we had time for friends and had a whole lot less stress in our lives. Back when we were traveling often and slept in on the weekends. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into but I wouldn't change a thing. Being parents is the best adventure yet and it's only just started. I love our little family.


Thinks he's a genius standing up and all.
Those legs though πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ #babyboy #mumlife #chubbythighs #babylife #letmeloveyou #letthembelittle #fromthecuttingroomfloor #iphone7plus #letthembekids #outdoors

*Almost* Friday Vibes πŸ˜ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ»

Sometimes you have to close your eyes and just be thankful for everything. Goodnight. #toddlerfashions #toddlerootd #letthembekids #littleespie #madisongraceclothing #closeyoureyes

🐡 Some nights you end up monkey bread at nearly midnight because the dough took WAY too many hours to rise. πŸ’€
#monkeybread #bakingfun #midnightsnack #yummyy

Brothers always got each other's backπŸ€œπŸ½πŸ€›πŸ½ #boyswillbeboys #letthembekids #rythedaredevil

The girls have added tree trimming/landscaping to their skillsπŸ’ͺ

I was busy telling them "quit ripping the leaves off, your going to kill the bush"
They didn't listen and proceeded to rip more leaves off and have a grand timeπŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
I was talking to adam on the phone about 20 minutes later and he bluntly reminded me that the bush was replaceableπŸ™Œ

Yup I needed that reminder! A reminder to let the little things go, chill out and things are replaceable. Listen to the giggles as they explore and learn!

#gratefulforthathubby #bluntreminders #chilloutmom #letthembekids #ihonestlydontcareaboutthebush #honestmotherhood

Tonight, after the pool, the girls and I played with chalk in the driveway. I purposefully left my phone in the car to be fully present, enjoying them, laughing, creating... We drew circles around ants and watched them scurry around thinking they were in jail. 🐜We watched the airplanes ✈️ fly by and the neighborhood dogs 🐢 walk past with their owners.
Right before we cleaned up to go back inside, I snapped this picture and took a few quick videos because this was a night I don't want to forget. πŸ’œ
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