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This is pretty much sums up how I spend my evenings at the minute as Edith refuses to stay asleep.

When she finally gives in the fun begins, as I find myself sprawled out on the floor, arm squeezed between the bars of her cot, hoping that when I do eventually build up the courage to take my arm off her back she does not wake.
But that's only the beginning of the escape. For once my hand rises off her back and she remains asleep, then starts the tricky retreat back through the bars, knowing the faintest of touches could lead to the quietest of noises yet still loud enough to cause her to wake.

Even if by some miracle my arm escapes the clutches of the cot, fear cannot be abandoned and caution must remain. The movement of my bodily position, from the horizontal to the vertical may disturb her slumber, as my joints and ligaments reposition and allow me to rise.
And dam this body of mine which is plagued by clicky joints, most noticeably my ankles, for even when I am arose I cannot exit with carefree abandon, for fear of a creek from my troublesome bones.
And if my ankles remain silent or their creeks go undetected, there is the problem of the squeaky floor board. Only through experience do I know the route of quietest passage, from the side of the cot to the door. Should I complete this fearful journey and make it to the cusp of freedom, I may stumble at the final hurdle. The door. This barrier between me and the outside world may piss on my parade if it squeaks or floods the room with unwelcome light. Therefore with hope in my heart, and a just passable route, a leap of faith must be took to set my body free.

Yep so that's pretty much my evenings. How do you spend yours?

Yesterday we took Bob to Disney and it's safe to say he loves characters, the dumbo ride, chasing the Disney birds and waving hi to everyone at the park! #disney #whataboutbobwaters #amynandy #disneyspam

..and when people like Keshie come into your life you have to squeeze them really really tight❤️🙌🏽 #beautifulsoul
My dearest BFF just celebrated her 30th birthday in Indonesia which feels so far away right now 😩💔 There is no one quite like you @keshiapieters and I feel so blessed to have shared many magical moments with you over the years (👆🏽like this special day 😻) You amaze me with how strong and determined (and not to forget how insanely beautiful) you are. You create magic everywhere you go and leave sprinkles of stardust making everyone feel lucky to have met you. Soooo I guess you could say you are a super woman 💃🏿👈🏼Keshia 💋 I adore you KP and i can't wait to see you in Bali so soon for some papaya and wasabi peas 🙋🏽 #Happy30th #K&;K ❤️

😍S O N N T A G S M O O D😍

Teil I Vormittag
Puh, diese Sonntage sind mir ja die liebsten. Es ist einfach nur naß&regnerisch draußen.
Ich mag das nicht und ich kann damit auch nicht viel anfangen. Klar, alles nur eine Frage der Einstellung, aber ich m u s s ja auch bekanntlich n i c h t s.
Christian ist derjenige, der sich dann gerne die Kinder schnappt und eine Runde dreht, während ich eben meinem Kram nachgehe.

Monde habe ich gestern dann auch das erste Mal fünf Schritte alleine gehen sehen. Sie rennt zwar wie eine Wahnsinnige an ihrem Wagen durch die Gegend, läuft sehr gerne an einer Hand, aber alleine… Nö!
Ich vermute, dass sie es dann aber zu ihrem 16. Lebensmonat doch noch schaffen wird :) Ich bin auch erstaunt darüber, dass sie die gleichen ersten Worte verwendet wie Luc. Da ist z.B „Ola" für „hallo" und „Wawa" für „Nuckel“.
Habt ihr so etwas auch beobachtet bei euren?

Es gibt jedenfalls viel Neues, aber ich „darf" darüber noch nix berichten :) Verdammte Axt.
Nur eines ist soweit sicher, Mallorca wird noch zwei/drei Jahre warten.

Teil II eine Stunde später
Monde läuft 🎉🌟🎉 Aaaaawww!!! (Siehe Story)
Heute, an so einem geschichtsträchtiger Tag✌ - Dem Tag der Wahlen, wählt Monde die volle Autonomie!
Ich freue mich, zusammen mit Christian, jetzt wie Bommel und verabschiede mich mit keinem tolleren Ereignis.
Ausserdem wird jetzt die Familie mit dem Video vollgespamt.

Habt´s fein!❤
Und danke an alle die sich bereits jetzt schon für uns mitfreuen! Da kommen mir gleich die Tränen in die Augen, wirklich.
Irgendwie schon krass.
Dieser Moment! Drei Mal erlebt! Einmal bereits völlig in Vergessenheit geraten. Einmal nur noch vernebelt wahrnehmbar und jetzt die volle Kanne Glücksgefühl, bis auch diese sich eines Tages in den Hintergrund verabschieden werden.

When I met my handsome husband he was still going to school at Oregon State. But he was raised an Oregon Duck fan. Now, just in case we've never met in real life, you should know that I am a die hard Sun Devil. I bleed maroon and gold!! I wasn't sure if he would ever be converted. .
Fast forward 13 years and here we are. Season ticket holders. Raising three little devils of our own. And for maybe the first time he has hung up his quack gear for some maroon and gold for the Oregon game. I'm chalking this up as a win!!
Now the true test will be when will he cheer for the Devils over the Beavs?? Maybe another decade? Maybe!
#sundevilfamily #godevils #beattheducks #forksup

She may not have fulfilled her flower girl duties yesterday- but she made up for it when it was time to party ✨ 📸 @tara.samuelsonphoto

⭐️Happy 40th b'day to ME. YouTube link in Bio⭐️ Here are two of my seven sons. ✨Leonardo 19yrs( left ).🎥 I have his YouTube video link in my Bio of my birthday trip to Sweden with our family. Jerusalem on the right is 186cm tall at the age of 15yrs, and is still growing.😬They are my best friends.❤️I look so big in the film but my excuse is that I'm 30 weeks pregnant.😜 Normally I weigh 51kg and now I weigh 62kg! 🙈😩🤣

We're that family who's not afraid to denim together 😜


Hey! 🙋🏼 we're back from @adamdfranklin's birthday weekend on the farm... we're muddy, tired & smelling of woodsmoke, a sign of a time well spent. Highlight for all of us was getting naked in field and bathing in these amazing fire-heated twin bathtubs, with only the noisy cows in the field opposite for company.

Think someone enjoyed the messy play and creative evening at Offenham school #kids#kidshavemorefun#letthembekids#kidsofinstagram#messyplay#gettingmessy#themorethemessier#greenfingers

Disney is so much better with a child.

⭐️Happy 40th b'day to ME. YouTube link in Bio⭐️ Here are two of my seven sons. ✨Leonardo 19yrs( left ).🎥 I have his YouTube video link in my Bio of my birthday trip to Sweden with our family. Jerusalem on the right is 186cm tall at the age of 15yrs, and is still growing.😬They are my best friends.❤️I look so big in the film but my excuse is that I'm 30 weeks pregnant.😜 Normally I weigh 51kg and now I weigh 62kg! 🙈😩🤣

And just like that, she's a whole month old! 💕 #Elma

After a night in Parma (complete with amazing pizza), we made it to Cinque Terre. We stopped for cones of seafood at Il Pescato Cucinato and took the train to Monterrosso and the kids discovered the beach. And here is where you can make or break a trip with kiddos. ☀️ 🌊
Our vacations belong to our children, too, and that means we have to be flexible. So instead of taking the ferry ⛴ to view all of Cinque Terre by boat, instead of going to the amazing shop to buy pesto for our meal tonight, instead of walking the tunnels to the next town over.... we took off our shoes and rolled up our pants and stuck our toes in the sand. We picked up rocks with gorgeous colors of orange, green, pink and purple, red and brilliant white. We got splashed by the waves and had to buy both kids shorts because their pants were so sandy and wet. But they loved it! They giggled and ran and played and THIS, after all, is why we took a vacation to begin with. We ended our day at a playground near our airbnb and I am struck with the perfection of our "imperfect" days. Days when not everything goes as planned, but that turn out well despite it, and sometimes, because of it. #cinqueterreitaly #theylovethebeach #gotrocks

🔊 New Candied Caramel Apple Video! It's a super messy, super fun way to start Fall with the kids. Since we can't go to Apple Hill every weekend like we'd like, We chose to make our own candied caramel from scratch. For a fast everyday snack, you can definitely buy the premade caramels and just melt them! 🍎🍬🍁

Who knew they got homework in nursery 😩 #letthembekids

"Keep close to nature's heart....and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." #johnmuir
We spent all day in nature yesterday and it was good for our souls. We walked the trails of Sedona, sat by the creek and ate lunch in the secret garden at @chocolatree.
#bestdayever #makethemostofit #sedona #veganadventure #girlstrip #unschooling #alwayslearning #healing #healinginnature

Dear God,
Help my daughters come to you with their problems, feeling safe, loved and cared for and comforted by your presence. Give them wisdom and show them how to make good choices in their lives. Teach them to look within themselves for the very best. Help them realize --- You God, are their strength and guidance. Let them know that the enemy will come, but through You, they will always be victorious.
#amen #prayforthem #daughtersofGod #sundaylife #heartsofgold
#momminainteasy #beautifulchaos #motherhood #sahm #sahmlife #momlife #mommylife #mompreneur #momboss #ohheymama #momof3girls #letthembekids #joyfulmoments #wellness #health #healthyliving #islandliving #smalltowngirl #livecolourfully #chemicalfree #naturalliving #armyourself #familyhealth

A day in the mountain 🌳🍃

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