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This cute babe is 8 months old today! What a month it has been! Mack has finally gone through her cleft lip repair surgery and has been the ultimate definition of a warrior in my book. I never realized something (well, someone) so small can provide so much hope, happiness and inspiration. Post surgery has truly been a rollercoaster but it has taught Daddy and Mommy patience, new ways to make Mack smile and definitely how to function on about 2 hours of sleep. I'm so proud of how strong and courageous our baby girl has remained throughout this whole process. We can't wait for Mack to fully recover so she can get back to doing what she really enjoys - crawling all over the place, playing with her toys and being a little cuddle bug. Mackenzie, you are so loved! 💖 #ThisIs8Months

She's a pout pout fish with a pout pout face.... anyone else have that book? It's a house favorite whenever any of us are being grumpy. And Austin always says "Olive want to read the book about mama" 🙄 But seriously laughing at how Olive looks in this sling, because I swear she was comfortable and we had a great time playing in the windy ocean 😂 also this is probably the last week I'll wear these high waisted shorts 🤰🏼 •

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Einen ganz tollen #Vatertag an all die tollen Papas da draußen! 👏👏👏
Und einer davon ist der meiner Kinder, dem ich unglaublich viel verdanke- ganz besonders arg diese zwei tollen Geschöpfe ➡️👧🏻👧🏼 und dass er so ein wundervoller sorgender Vater mit ganz, ganz viel ♥️ ist! 😘
Heute wird auch mein Papa besucht, dem ich ebenfalls sehr dankbar bin für unglaublich viel Zuwendung und Vermitteln von wertvollen Dingen. Und besonders, dass er immer für einen da ist. ❤️👴🏼 Wir wollen gemeinsam ein bisschen wandern und speisen. 😊
Was passiert denn an so einem Tag bei euch? Es gibt ja die einen, die z.B. mit dem Bollerwagen unter Männern rumziehen und die anderen, die Ausflüge mit der Familie machen, ...

💙Мой сладкий Микки🖤
С отпуском мы пролетели, паспорта наши никак не отдают, хотя сказали готовы, что присходит я не понимаю, но видимо это потому, что я невезучая😭😭😭
Всем везения✨
А я пойду бахну пару таблеточек успокоительных и буду радоваться такому отпуску, какой есть 😭😭😭
А вы видели, что наш марафон 7 дней для мам и детей стартовал?
Сегодня всем участникам марафона подарок - 15 дневный курс: "Шаг к себе. Вызов каждый день!". Для этого достаточно написать свою почту под постом марафона у @psikholog_kouch

So many sales, so little money. Anyone else have this problem??? 🙋🏻 But foreals, these toddler embellished tassel sandals are on sale now $31 and your little girls SO need a pair! Oh and a little birdie told me that the @fawndesign blush bag is back in stock! I can't even begin to count how many compliments I get on this bag every time I wear it!! Happy shopping! 💕😜😅
Shop the toddler shoes through the link in my profile, by signing up for @liketoknow.it #liketkit http://liketk.it/2rtBR or shop this pic via screenshot with the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app

Jour férié 💤

Cheeeeese!!! Is this making you smile because it's sending me over the moon!💓 My sweet friend @qnoor_templedress (who also happens to be a High fashion model) just launched the most amazing line of special occasion dresses that my Annsli was so lucky to model for. I know how hard the hunt can be for baptism/wedding dresses! The quality and comfort are 👌🏼👌🏼 We just got this jumper in the mail and she is in twirling heaven! Thank goodness for people with amazing taste who share their talents!

Мы тут один раз ловили волны и пену от них прямо на берегу, ничего не предвещало беды, и вдруг неожиданно одна волна пришла очень большая и мощная, дети испугались и побежали от неё, но она сшибла с ног Матвея и он на несколько секунд оказался с головой в водовороте этой волны, его прямо каким-то образом там закрутило по дну, прям у самого берега... он так напугался, ужас, нахлебался воды, а я сама чуть с ума не сошла от страха, хорошо была прям рядом с ним и быстро вытащила из воды.. вот так вроде бы волны как волны, но в них всегда таится скрытая опасность. Сама помню из детства, как я плавала недалёко от берега, а потом вдруг понимала, что волна меня уносит и я никак не могу приблизиться к берегу, помню прям этот страх, хотя всю жизнь плавать очень любила и за буйки, и нырять, и волны большие..но все же бдительность не помешает🤔.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
-Helen Keller
Reminiscing on our time out in California and dreaming of our next trip. Until then, we will keep finding adventures in the seemingly mundane!" 😁

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The best place in the world to be is with mama. He could also have been concerned that I was actually going to kidnap him. Clients: if I talk about stealing your child during a session it's a compliment 😜 I'd probably never do it! But seriously how cute would this angel and Harrison be as brothers, maybe I should have a third... 🤔 #yegphotography #yegphotographer #momentsinmotherhood

Chemo treatment: I 🌿 Here we go. My very first chemo treatment. We are on the way to the oncology clinic right now & I'm feeling all sorts of emotions. So much has happened in the past two weeks and everything has moved so quickly that I've barely had time to process. I'm still a little in shock. But I guess that's how these things go: one day you don't have cancer, the next you do, and treatment is aggressive. I'm sure it will get "real" pretty quickly as the chemo symptoms hit 🌿 I don't know if I'd be able to do this without the support of my family & friends (online & irl). My GoFundMe campaign has been shared 662 times on Facebook and $5,070 has been raised by 80 people, which is amazing. Many who aren't able to donate have reached out in other ways. Please know, I appreciate each and every one of you 🙏🏻 Please keep sharing as our journey has just begun 💓

It's hot and sunny here in London, but we'll be camping in the countryside tomorrow, phew!

Yes! So much to love about this photo by @hollynicoletimekeeper! Great perspective, colors, and crop- and love that the cat is right there by her side and acting as if nothing unusual is going on! Haha! Makes me want to bring my boys out to look for some frogs! So much fun!
mod: @chelsealynphotography

138 // 365 // Still walking. Love that she can wrangle the dog now too.
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So adorable! The striped grosgrain is one of my favorites still!
I'll be going on vacation (much needed) so today will be the last day to order until Monday. Get those orders in 😊

I'm not gonna get tight and right (haha) by sitting on my ass, so, I work out at home. How? Videos. With these two usually making fun of me or fighting or doing things like this 👍🏻 but for real. When I carve out time to workout I'm happier. It's a fact.
So thank the heavens for wireless headphones to drown the crazy out. These are my fave @sudiosweden -- they match my rose gold iPhone and are perfect for the 7 since there's no headphone jack. They've been so generous and provided a 15% discount code-- enter ELISE15 at checkout and crank up the tunes while you get a workout in. Trust that it will save your mental health. 😂 #boymom

Meine große Liebe, mein schlaues Kind, meine erste Tochter. Als ich ihr gestern voller Inbrunst sagte, es gebe auf der Welt nichts Tolleres als meine beiden Mädchen, antwortete sie staubtrocken: "Doch, Mama. Es gibt zum Beispiel Hüpfburgen." 😍😍😍 #großeliebe #meinmädchen #lebenmitkindern #lifewithkids #loveher #4yearsold #momlife #momoftwo #girlsmom #instakids #letthekids #candidchildhood

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