When he picks you up from the airport after living apart for two months and you’re wearing matching pink. #mustbelove #letthejourneybegin

Hello sunshine🌇🌞
#badhairday #szeged #letthejourneybegin #tb

Traveling from Miss to Mrs 👰🏻 This day, a few months ago, I said YES to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams 💍❤️

FALL IS HERE! Happy 1st of Autumn everyone. As you can tell I'm excited. Fall is my most favorite time of the year. I adore everything about it! I'm jumping into my favorite fall series. The journey begins with Key of Light.... #NoraRoberts #KeyOfLight #KeyTrilogy #NoraRobertsFanGirl #TeamNora #falltraditions #LetTheJourneyBegin

Wanna get inspired to start exercising? Go watch a RAGNAR Race! It’s a 24 hour relay race. Runners camp in teams of 8 and they each run 3 legs throughout 24 hours. I’m so proud of my husband @dean.nienhuis and my friends for completing their 3rd Ragnar together! I think it’s time I start running again.... #ragnar #ragnarrelay #runningmotivation #breakingloosetogether #letthejourneybegin #midlifereset #trailrunners

Starting a new book today-100 Days to Brave.
Something to help me to continue pushing past my comfort zone! (Which I have sat for far too long😊) Day one says to tell a friend or a spouse about your journey...Well here I am telling everyone lol!! #100days #letthejourneybegin

Cant speak so soon but i will...im so glad im on the path to learning to love myself again...realize i am beautiful.....i am a hard working 25 year old single mother...got my own place where my daughter can be comfortable...i no longer have to walk on egg shells. .worry about saying "the wrong thing" not getting blackmailed or extorted for my hard earned money. I still got a long ways to go.....but im looking forward to it. I hope when i do reach my goal...im as happy as i expect to be. I have my daughter...and she loves me flaws and all...thats the only person who matters 💙 #letthejourneybegin

Oh. My. Word. WE HARDLY DRINK TEA 😳 and l👀k how much TEA I found stuck in our cupboard! 👉🏻 Told you I was here to make you feel good about yourself!!!! 😂 This morning I did a quick 42 min declutter of 3 more cabinets with the goal to make them look like the inside of a “Vacation Rental” 👊🏻 Before and After coming later. ❓❓What are you tackling this Saturday❓❓ Tag me and show me!

One of the first things we wanted to do when we moved in was the garden. It was really overgrown and untidy. One morning of work later and the garden looks so much better. The back corner which was full of compost bins and broken storage boxes is now nice and tidy and the shrubs that had just been left are tidied up or taken out. Our next plan for the garden is landscaping and creating some colourful flower beds, but we are a while off that for now. On to the next project for now. What room to try and tackle next.....
#firstproject #fixerupper #garden #newhouse #foreverhome #houseproject #letthejourneybegin #wishukluck #bitofhelpfrommumanddad #alotofhelpactually #ontothenextthing

Tears of joy were shed tonight😭😭❤️ I still can’t believe you guys are officially MARRIED!!!! What a beautiful night celebrating you guys. I love y’all so much! #teamjunesis #weddingvibes #theydidit #familia #letthejourneybegin #ITISWELL💍💕

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