Due to shopping condo’s for our move we have been off schedule these last couple of days. But no worries. We just make sure our priorities stay as they are. #EveningWorkout

Tomorrow's the day! What two workouts will you be doing?? I'll be doing 62/80 Booty and 10 minute and both with @autumncalabrese using my #BOD. And, I'm lucky enough to be in the first time zone to get things started at 8:18am! Comment below with what two workouts you'll be doing for #TheBigSweat #teamac #day62 #phase3 #80dayobsession #letssweat #workout #motivation #beachbody #coach #letsdothis #dohardthings

I AM 😆
See you all at the Academy Primary School at 8am 👍 Remember to bring water and a sweat towel... 😲 you will definitely need both 😉💯 It’s not to late to join the party - just turn up 👊
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Next Friday come celebrate @congaqueennola Bachelorette Party to the Rhythm of the Congas 🎉💍👰🏻🎉

So how would you like to try out some of the workout programs (for free) that I do and be part of the something huge! Oh and you can win $818 💸or other prizes just by working out ! 🏋️‍♀️
It will start at 8:18 am (your time zone) ⏲ tomorrow morning and all you have to do is workout to two different programs. It can be a yoga, strength training, dance, abs, kickboxing cardio, you choose! Programs for all levels, from beginner to advance.
So if you have been wanting to try one out, this is the time to do it! 😉

Message me or comment below “I do” and I can send you the details!

It is going to be awesome!! #winsomemoney #letsdothis #doitforyourhealth

Many asking what exercise need to do it to make flat belly, thinner legs, remove flabbiness in arms, “ears” on his and other.. Remember that locally we can’t remove fat from special areas, need to do all in complex: enough cardio, weights training for all body, proper nutrition, drinking enough water👌 This is full body workout with light weights, who want just tone up and burn some fat, 1 min on each move, minimum rest in between, 3-5 rounds👊💪💦
Некоторые спрашивают какие упражнения делать для плоского живота, для похудения бёдер, как избавится от «ушек» на бёдрах и т д.. Надо помнить, что локально жир с определенных мест сжечь не можем, нужно делать все в комплексе: достаточное количество кардио, силовые на все тело, ПП, пить воду! Это треня на все тело, если хотите подтянуть тело и сжечь жирок👊💦🙌 1 мин на каждое упражнение, минимум отдых между, 3-5 кругов!
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👋🏻 About us: We’re sisters who are fitness-obsessed and love telling people about it. All while working at our respective desk jobs in NYC and Chicago, we’ve always turned to exercise as a way to move, feel physically and mentally healthy, and get strong. After many dinners eating pizza at @rubirosa_nyc (get the supreme w vodka sauce 🤤) or drinking rosé at @somersetchicago with friends (cheers 🥂), we noticed our convos would always veer into thoughts and opinions on the latest fitness studios and classes. We wanted one space to chronicle the many fitness classes available- somewhere to learn about the formats and class experience before spending the $$. And with that- we founded Registration Required. We’re diving into the studios around the country, primarily in NYC and Chicago, to give you our candid opinions. We want you to go in knowing what to expect (hello-we’re control freaks 🤗) so that you can exercise to your max🏅Stay tuned in- we’ll consistently update our website and IG with the newest reviews. We can’t wait to get to know you! 💞 #registrationrequired

Excited for tonight’s class... let’s sweat and enjoy!
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Day 36/80: 🔥. My favorite day so far of Phase 2! It went by fast, I lifted heavy, broke a sweat, and feel aHmazing!!! Now if only I can sleep well tonight!!! 🙏🏻 PS- How cute is my workout buddy tonight?!!! 😍

It's that time again! #LetsSweat 💦

Hey Ricochet!! It’s time to SWEAT. RPM starts at 6:30 pm #lesmills #lesmillsrpm #letssweat

One last class with my teacher @hotyogiana before she heads off to her retreat in Egypt! ✈️🙏🧘‍♀️✨ Both @hotyogiana and Mother Nature brought the heat today 🔥🔥 feeling 🤩

🚨Free Fit S.W.E.A.T Class🚨 :

Saturday @10am :

All #Levels Welcomed 💚💙:

Remember we are more than fitness, we are @behealthconscious :

For more info please email 📧: info@Behealthconscious.org
Call ☎️: 1(866)745)0806

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