by Yun Dong Ju

Up where the seasons pass,
the sky is filled with autumn.
In this untroubled quietude
I could almost count these autumn-couched stars.

But why I cannot now enumerate
those one or two stars in my breast
is because the dawn is breaking soon,
and I have tomorrow night in store,
and because my youth is not yet done.

Memory for one star,
love for another star,
sorrow for another star,
longing for another star,
poetry for another star,
and oh! mother for another star.

Mother! I try to call each star by some such evocative word, names of school children with whom I shared desks, names of alien girls like Pai, Kyunh, Ok, names of maidens who have already become mothers, names of neighbors who lived in poverty, names of birds and beasts like pigeon, puppy, rabbit, donkey, deer,and names of poets like Francis, Jammes and Reiner Maria Rilke.

They are as far away
and intangible as the stars.

You too are in the distant land of the Manchus.

Because I have a secret yearning,
seated on this star-showered bank,
I have written my name thereon
and covered it with earth.
In truth, it is because the insects chirp
all night to grieve over my bashful name.

But spring shall come to my stars after winter's delay,
greening the turf over the graves,
so this bank that buries my name
shall proudly wear the grass again.
Another new book brought home by my lil bro 😍
After reading J.M.Lee's Investigation about the prison life of Yun Dong Ju, I became so fascinated with this Korean Bard who lived a short life of 28 years. I found his verse and prose beautifully written for its youthful spirit, simplicity and sincerity. So happy when I found out that his collected poems and proses "Sky, Wind, Star and Poetry" had been translated to Indonesian and published by @pustakaobor_id 💕
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Have you read The My Life As An Album Series yet? My Life As A Country Album and My Life As A Pop Album are both available for purchase on Amazon. Evans' third book My Life As A Rock Album releases soon so grab your copies of these soon and get all caught up runtime for her new release!
I downloaded this book on my kindle because @theloudlibrarylady loved it. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My Life As A Country Album by LJ Evans. This self published book has songs tied into it that relate to the story in the book and since I am a country music fan this made me feel better. I would not have classified this as a romance book but a book of love, loss, grief and rebuilding. As twenty year story of children three years apart that have no idea how to live without one another until fate hands them no other choice. Then support, love, understanding, and a great group of friends help rebuild Cami into a person she can be happy with again. Be ready to cry on more than one occasion and for oh so many reasons! I later purchased the actual book for my library shelf!
I purchased this book on Amazon to read. All opinions are my own. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 My Life As A Pop Album by L. J. Evans. After reading My Life As A Country Album, I was excited to know more! (See my previous review for details). In this book, we get to know Mia's story of Jake and Cam and life after from her point of view. I was excited and intrigued. In the first book we only got glimpses of Mia as the little sister. Now Mia is all grown up and on her way to the biggest adventure of her life. She is going across the country spelunking with a gorgeous musician and his band. Despite the beautiful scenery she enjoys, she begins to understand life and love and happiness. She rescues a kitty, herself, and most of all Derek, (The sexy musician she refuses to fall in love with). On her journey, reality hits her hard and she runs scared but hoping for more. This book contains passionate scenes between two people that will leave you feeling in awe and satisfied with life all in one moment. It is not an over the top romance but still a romance indeed.

Creativity is intelligence having fun. - Albert Einstein
We can’t wait to for this fun filled reading event!
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Eae Xuxucos, blzinha? O livro em destaque de hj tá tão em alta q ou está na lista de lidos ou na de próximas leituras da maioria dos leitores de fantasia. Por esse motivo, não vou falar dele, mas ele não vai passar batido por aki não. Selecionei alguns quotes dessa maravilha q é o Volume II das Crônicas de Amor e Ódio, da Mary E. Pearson e publicado pela caveirinha mais amada do Brasil @darksidebooks . Lia, foi um prazer participar dessa aventura com vc.
🔖“Havia apenas duas coisas q um homem na posição de Komizar esperava, desafio ou submissão, e eu estava certa de q nenhuma das duas melhoraria minha situação”. Pág. 21.
🔖“Fiquei encarando-o, tudo oq eu sempre quis e tudo de q sempre fugi trancado comigo no mesmo aposento”. Pág. 29.
🔖 “Uma vez q a thannis toma conta de um lugar, fica difícil impedi-la de espalhar-se. Thannis é uma sobrevivente, como um vendano”. Pág. 106.
🔖“Havia apenas uma coisa q alguém com grande poder desejava. Mais poder”. Pág. 114.
🔖“Desde o instante em q o conheci, vi sua calma, seus modos ternos. A própria Pauline me disse q vc tinha olhos bondosos. Isso é mais importante do q a cor deles”. Pág. 191.
🔖“As regras da razão constroem torres q vão além das copas das árvores. As regras da confiança constroem torres q alcançam além das estrelas”. Pág. 291.
🔖“(...) para falar a vdd, eu posso ser uma mentirosa mto boa, mas algumas mentiras requerem mais tempo para serem contadas”. Pág. 303.
🔖 “Todos os modos pertencem ao mundo. Oq é a magia senão oq ainda não entendemos?”. Pág. 341.
🔖“Eu desejava q o amor pudesse ser simples, q sempre fosse dado e retribuído na mesma medida, igualmente e ao mesmo tempo, q todos os planetas se alinhassem de uma forma perfeita para dispersar as dúvidas, q fosse fácil de entender e nunca doloroso”. Pág. 369.
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Currently reading...Any great books I should add to my list?

٢٣ ابريل .. هو اليوم العالمي للكتاب وحقوق المؤلف 😍📚
ما هو الكتاب؛ أو الكاتب الذي تقول له: كل عام وأنت بخير؟؟
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Warren Buffet adalah salah satu orang terkaya di dunia. Salah satu hal yang mendukung kesuksesannya adalah kebiasaan membaca.
Warren Buffet membaca 500 halaman buku setiap harinya, selain itu ia juga membaca koran, laporan, dan berita. Berkat kesenangannya dalam membaca ia dapat membuat keputusan yang tepat.
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The 6th book for 2018!
The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How Schools Should Teach by Howard Gardner.
——— Did you noticed the imperfection of printing on the book cover? Of course the quote : don’t judge the book by its cover is always true and valid for this one. 😆 .
I can’t stop myself from owning it!
The contents matter!Stop staring at the cover! 😅

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Just finished reading this phenomenal book by @angiethomas | It’s such an on time book and I recommend that everyone reads it| If you have read this book what did you think? .
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p.s @wellreadblackgirl always showcase amazing books by black authors | make sure to check them out

Literary experience heals the wound, without undermining the privilege, of individuality. There are mass emotions which heal the wound; but they destroy the privilege. In them our separate selves are pooled and we sink back into sub-individuality. But in reading great literature I become a thousand men and yet remain myself. Like a night sky in the Greek poem, I see with a myriad eyes, but it is still I who see. Here, as in worship, in love, in moral action, and in knowing, I transcend myself; and am never more myself than when I do.
-C.S Lewis
My morning energizer💕 the most anticipated bookmail of the month finally arrived!
Yang ditunggu-tunggu akhirnya sampai juga 😍 ini hasil perjuangan melototin (plus merefresh beberapa detik sekali 🙈) feed akun @unklgeorge kurang lebih 3 jam nonstop waktu unc upload di kloter kemarin 😂 Semua demi tidak melewatkan satu pun buku yang bagus 😆 dan hasilnya lumayan memuaskan, walaupun ada beberapa buku yang lepas dari cengkraman gara-gara koneksi yang lemot sejenak😢 well, it's okay, gini aja udah puas dan menguras kantong kok 😅 ditunggu kloter berikutnya ya @unklgeorge , semoga buku sastra berikutnya makin oke dan makin banyak yang disubsidi dan digretongin ya~ thank youu danke, Unc 💕
#Mbersatutakterkalahkan 😂😂 🌷
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