Taking A Cut. Photo by: @twolittlepiggieswent

"Because this city, this city is haunted
There's no hope left for these souls..."

A F O R E S T by M A R C M A R T I N • I feel like I've not been giving books enough love on here lately yet it's something we use/share/read every day and @explore.play.create has inspired me to share the love again! This book is dreamy. It has simple text telling a lovely story along with beautiful illustrations. I would definitely recommend adding it to your collection. We've been using it for some play so i'll post more about it later but for now SWIPE 👉🏻 to see a little of what's inside @marcmartinillo

Samut Sakhon 係泰國東北地區的一個城市,位於泰國灣的海岸線,人口大約56萬。因為地理位置很優越,有鹹水有淡水,海產非常豐富,當地居民大多數以養蝦、青口、生蠔同埋捉魷魚維生,另外生產海鹽也是一大產業。就帶你地浪一浪路上嘅風景先~🦐🐟 Samut Sakhon, a province by the Gulf of Thailand with a population of over 0.5 million. The locals are mainly fishermen, farmers and factory workers. This city is also a leading city for sea salt production too. Let us show you the tranquilness of Samut Sakhon~🦐🐟 #IWitness
#Samut Sakhon

Elliot became a toddler👦🏼!!!! #sims4 #letsplay #sims #supersimchallenge

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