So today was one of those days at work when I couldn't wait to leave, harried all the way through, and shit HIT THE FAN in the last 1/4 of my shift (doesn't it always though). And as I'm sitting there trying to finish charting on my patient, an hour past my shift, I get a call from my daughters daycare letting me know she has a fever. Because 1 month of fevers, ear infections and pneumonia in 1 girl wasn't enough, lets move on to the next kid🙄...... Then I get a call from my other girl, that she can't get in the house and it's pretty hot outside here (for May)🔥. I mean, I could sit here and feel sorry for myself, or stress about shut I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER, or I can pull up my big girl panties and handle this shit💯. So I did💪🏼. And now I'm here sitting beside a sleeping 10 yr old who refuses to take medicine because brewing hormones and a stubborn streak a mile wide are a bitch of a combo, while the teenager is hiding in her cave, and the 9 yr old is in front of the TV (because I literally have ZERO f***s to give about using it for entertainment tonight) probably devising her next plot for creativity that will destroy my living room. And you know what? That's OK!!!! Sometimes the days (or weeks, or months) are going to be full of hurdles and intense, but it's just moments and they will pass💯. Now. I haven't had much to drink today, or much to eat for that matter, but I'm not going to let a perfectly acceptable nutrition day (for what I did consume) go to pot just because nothing's going as planned👌🏼, so I'm just going to finish up this bizarre colored shake which is actually vanilla vegan with matcha, and carry on with setting this evening right😉#beachbodycoach #beachbody #shakeologyforthewin #2bmindset #tookthestressoutofsuppertonight #nutritionftw #momminglikeaboss #nursemommyonduty #wegotthiskiddo #letskicksomebutt #lovemybabies #medicinenursesrock

Who is ready to win this challenge #JoinMe #LetsKickSomeButt #JuneChallenge #LetsGetReadyForSummer

When you feel like quitting , look back and remember WHY you started 😏#letskicksomebutt #behappy #enjoylife #herbalife #wolfpakfit

I love my mum more than words can possibly express!
She is the strongest woman I know, she is a fighter & a warrior. She is a Queen ♕
I admire her so much, her character, her strength, her elegance. I love & adore everything about her 💖 Xoxo
Two weeks ago our family received, what would have to be the most heartbreaking news, our beautiful Mum has breast cancer.
Fortunately though, the cancer is small & very treatable. We are so grateful & thank God everyday for that.
Today is surgery day, now it's time to remove this sucker 👊 #letskicksomebutt

#pleasekeepusinyourprayers #breastcancersucks #lovemymum #mybestfriend #shesgotthis #shesamazing #shesafighter #shesawarrior #shesaqueen #motheranddaughter #forever #xoxo

Look who wanted to join his sister at karate. Catch me if you can Aunty Em

Oh hi good morning 🌞 Here's lookin' at you, Tuesday! #letskicksomebutt Thank you wonderful @bobbyquillard for the great shoot! 💄 @dillonpena 💇 @tonichavezhair you guys are amazing!

During June, I will be riding in hopes to raise money to help fight children’s cancer. Please help me out by going to www.greatcyclechallenge.com, look for Jeronimo Monzon and donate, anything counts. Our kids are our future, let’s give them an opportunity. #greatcyclechallenge
#letskicksomebutt #fightingcancer #letsraisesomemoney #nomorecancer #foraworldwithoutcancer

I haven’t really posted about this,so for those of you that know me and are close, know that I am about to enter a really rocky path in my life. I have cancer in one of my eyes and will be starting a really aggressive treatment next week. Today, as I was doing all my pre labs to get ready for next week, it all started to sink in. All of you know that I am a very positive person and I will fight this like any other thing. Today really hit me hard though “holy crap I have cancer!” I am coming in strong and healthy, but good thoughts/vibes are sure appreciated. 💪🏻💕🌺

The wait is finally over!!!⚾️👆🏽#letskicksomebutt #ouryear

I CANT WAIT FOR TONIGHT!! (UPDATE) After watching this amazing movie, I felt defeated #infinitywar #excited #letskicksomebutt

People always ask me “How do you do it?” How do you have a start up, have 3 kids, be a wife to a man that is also a CEO of a Start Up, and manage a social life?? Well it’s hard, my days are sometimes filled will guilt and no one is harder on me than me! But when you get a note like this from your fifteen yr old after a big pitch and right before another big biz trip to LA, it validates my decision to start this journey. See, the only way this work is if everyone is “all in”, GOD, Your Husband your kids and your mom. They are all right there with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you @savanahchauvin love you! #letskicksomebutt

Turbo fire!! 🔥🔥Crazy to know I accomplished my first day. 👏I'm excited even if it's the first day in! "A little step may be the beginning of a great journey!"💜🌍 I just started my journey, who's ready to join me?💪💪 Anybody can do it!! Just have faith in yourselfs and let's do this!❤❤
#awsome #shakeology #newadverture #nextchapter #lifestyle #healthybody #anybodycandoit #newcoach #loveyourself #letskicksomebutt #amazingworkout #turbofire #changeyourlife

Yay a class I can go to or maybe yay a class I want to go too...... that takes a lot 🤣🤣 moving, jumping, twisting, making shapes you didn’t know your body could make and learning some yoga fighting stances Mondays, 6.30pm @ Broadford Hall #icantwait #letskicksomebutt #satriafightingarts #mobility #handstands #backbends #yoga #movement #movewell #learntomove #improveyourhealth #sweat #skyestrengthandmovement #isleofskye #cometrainwithus

Day 1 of my 60 day program. I’m pretty pumped. I’ve got the tools to succeed.
I’m the type that needs structure to my workouts. I was successful with this program before. No reason why I can’t do this again.
It’s time to kick butt!! #letskicksomebutt #imreadytosucceed #sharingiscaring #fitover55 #almost59 #youcantoo #joinme

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