Вы заметили,что в Тайланде,практически нигде не висят часы,все кто живет в Тайланде,сами тайцы или русские ,у них можно поучиться,тому,как никуда не спешить) #Thailand #Phuket


After a week in a desert, these views of Ürümqi and the mountains are amazing! #china #urumqi #mountains

4 класс🐰 vs 11😎

Quale sarà il mio prossimo viaggio?🌎🛫
#Paris #Parigi #ThisIsParis #France

"From waves overgrown come the calmest of seas and all will be alright in time" - Leaves by Ben&Ben

metamorfosis 💕

We just love being by the sea! 🌊 Let us know where your favourite place to visit is 👣

... and then people started to plant flowers in their gardens and parks // Have started to plant some flowers on my terrace and I find it so peaceful! Getting my hands dirty is nice especially with my small tribe and it’s just so wonderful to see the result. This year I’ve been trying to make myself do more hobbies (I.e. planting flowers, cooking more) and I truly love it. Though this picture is not from my terrace! It’s from a garden centre I visited some days ago, beautiful isn’t it? #Lfmwai

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