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Я влюблён в это фото, мне кажется в нем идеально совершенно все.
Обрабатывал в приложении Glitché.

Vantage Point
🌎 Throwback to this magical place (aka @erikconover's roof). 🙌🏼💛 Such a crazy perspective from up there.

I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the support on my last two films. Ahh!! 😅☺️😁🤙🏼 I bloody love you guys!
I'm just starting the edit for London, the final part of this little world city trilogy. 😌✈️ Having struggles with music choices at the moment but I'm sure I'll sort that out soon enough.

Hope you're well.

Stay happy!!

& @citystones.
TGIF. Via @spencermarsh. ©
Selected by : @jeremi_ah
#mountainstones #mntnsportraits #citystones
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I need vitamin SEA! 🌊❤️ who else loves the sea too?

Going for a dip! | cc: @travisburkephotography  #ExploreMore

Deep in the Dolomites, above the clouds lies this cool little church. I think it would be ok to say "church in the wild" of this one!

🗻 Happy Friday Hikers! "No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up! 👊" - from @my_hearts_travels 📍 Glacier National Park #WereHikers

Ordinary but extraordinary... #jajaeuropesaga2017 #norway #ilovenorway


~Karşında manzaran yanında sevdiğin oldukça hayat hep sana güzel olacak 😄
~If you enjoy the view with someone that you love, your life will always be good for you 😄

Checking phones.

65° and sunny here in Michigan. That puts a giant smile on my face. I know my to do list today is editing, preparing cameras and cleaning the house. But I think I'll make the priority a walk, breathing real deep in the sun and making a meal for friends struggling while the windows are open! #comeonspring #icansmellit #spring #springiscoming #friday #friyay #motherhood #momsofig #motherhoodthroughinstagram #boymom #freshair #letsgosomewhere

3.18.2017 || Alpine, UT

One night in Bangkok makes the tough guys tumble 🎶🇹🇭

The best about working so close to home is having lunch and cuddles with this beautiful girl. 🐶 ❤️ #puppy #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #baby #cuddles #lunch #break #tgif #spring #march

GIVEAWAY UPDATE // gals, we’re so grateful for the overwhelming response to last week’s ‘festival’ giveaway. We had a minor issue with some “festivals” hence the radio silence on the giveaway this past week. But no bully is going to boss this girl gang around, we’ll be back with even more prizes and some surprises. More details soon! 😉😏🌺

Bulutların asfaltında. -Mart 24

Love my new OUTDOORSY sweatshirt. Thanks @the_adventure_project.

Where I want to be #TGIF 🎣

Mostly in groups of twos and threes, Bangkok’s holy men emerge from their temples to give blessings in exchange for food. The solemn daily ritual weaves its way through otherwise busy and bustling streets and markets filled with vendors hawking wares. Other than than the prayers they will chant upon receiving alms, the monks are silent as they walk the streets barefoot and in matching robes.

@passionpassport #PPSeeingDouble

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