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Once upon a time in a Van...
📸 by @the.horizon.is.calling
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#TheProjectVanLife inspiring VanLifers

On the summit of Vesper Peak, here’s @everchanginghorizon taking a moment to enjoy the beautiful mountain layers at sunrise.
This photo is from about the same spot as my last post, except this was shot on my telephoto lens and the other shot was on a wide angle lens.
#VesperPeak #Washington #PNW #PNWonderland

We started calling the mountains home 🗻🙏🏼

The traffic never stops here.

Unfailing Love! .

In the beginning, Jason wasn't on board with this wild Airstream idea. He's very much the calculated, analytical, realist of the two of us. I'm a dreamer. While I've brought him over to the dark side on a lot of things, the Airstream just didn't make sense to him. He took one look inside Mavis when we first showed up in Tampa last year to pick her up and said, "well...I trust you." She was a mess. Pea green shag carpeting, yellowed walls and all. When I looked inside, my eyes watered. I saw flashes in my mind of what she'd become. I've always been drawn to old buildings and houses because of the thought of all of the memories etched inside. I love that Mavis has a history and has been passed through many hands before she came to us. We felt as if we had an obligation to make her new again. To keep her spirit alive. In the end, Jason fell hard for Mavis. This Airstream feels more like home than anywhere we've ever lived. I guess it's because it's something we built with our own two hands. Something we poured our hearts into. And for us, this Airstream has redefined what a home is. 💜

It was in this moment Stan remembered we were still a helicopter ride away from a hot shower and a warm meal.
Would you jump in if you had the opportunity?
Shot on the @sonyalpha a9 w/ the 12-24 f4.


Om två dygn landar jag i värmen igen. Ska bli så gött! Men först en dag med jobb på kontoret.
Passar på att önska er en strålande tisdag! ☀️

A golden birch forest✨

🎵 I Will Follow You Into The Dark//Death Cab for Cutie🎵

The man who is blind to the beauties of Nature has missed half the pleasure of life.
#adventuretime #lake #tree #sunnyday #hikingadventures #hibbswashere #liveoutdoors #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #letsgosomewhere

Desperado (Nicaragua Edition) 🎶

Der Leopard lag neben seiner Beute und musste sich erst einmal erholen. 🐾 #Safari

started with a kiss

If you were going on a JUCY adventure, would you head to the snow or the sun? Our JUCY mini RVs have you covered either way. 🚐🇺🇸📸: @theadventurehandbook on an epic #JUCYUSA adventure!


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