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Home for the week ✌🏻

You can now become a Patron and support me a lot with it! In return you will get access to exclusive content like future tutorials around shooting and editing storm and landscape pictures, Skype sessions, posters, shirts and many more things in the future! Go to the link in my Bio and let me know what you think! I will also shout all my supporters out in my story, so everyone knows how amazing you all are! ❤️⚡️
#storm #lightning #sunset #patreon #venezuela

Currently playing a wonderful round of golf. Here's a cool road in Canada!

„Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind.“ - Marty Rubin
w/ @imperfec1ion

Be thankful for carrying the 🌎 in your heart ✨ Dame Traveler @lost_overseas 📍New Delhi, 🇮🇳 #dametravelerindia #dametraveler

Jordalsnuten looking majestic as ever


The Bank Man.

Esther asked for Uncle Amanda to carry her during the hike. Uncle Amanda obliged.
#hike #boise

▪ love our work 🤘▪ @soysheilasaura | @mareabaja_bcn |

hi Calder, my old friend! 👋🏼

Manchmal braucht es Verluste um Platz für Neues zu schaffen.

The storm never came....*sigh*. So instead I'm sharing this photo of Brixham harbour at dusk. I do love the pinky tones in it. Anyone got any wet-weather-friendly adventure ideas I can embark on? #delightfuldevon

Cabo San Lucas, #Baja, #mexico🇲🇽

Washington roads PT. 1 🤤

golden dusk 🌾🌤️
#sunset 🍃

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