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🌎 Broken Beach - Nusa Penida, Indonesia
📷@camille_trl "Nusa Penida is an island southeast of Bali island, Indonesia."
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"They who dream by day are cognizant of MANY things which escape those who dream only by night" 💙💙
PS put up a super-personal post related to dreamin' up on @bruisedpassports_bts - you following us there yet? 😊😍

🐚🙄💫 “Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously.” 🌴🐬 💦#LaunchingSoon #hellococonut #hellocapitano #hellogilis

🌅Sunset @chevalblancrandheli so happy 🙌🏻to be back for the 3rd time✨First time staying at the Island Villa! 🌴Check my insta-stories!!! 😊 #maldives #🌴#beautifulsky #sunsetbeach #loveislove

Back home after a long couple of days of transit from Iceland > London > Dubai > Brunei > Melbourne. So missing the city and all its secret corners like this wisteria covered brunch spot in Selfridges.. but for now, time to beat the jetlag and get up some travel posts soon. I especially can't wait to share with you our Iceland travels.. 🇮🇸 💫 wearing @rubytakessnaps @caringlasses_official #kisforkaniinlondon #aubaineselfridges

So a few days ago someone suggested I write an 'about me' type post including how I am able to afford my trips. So I decided to do a brief post on this. .
1⃣. My name is Glory (obviously😁) .
2⃣. I live in Dubai (Dubai is my favorite city😁)
3⃣.I have a BSc in Biochemistry (still not sure how that degree applies in real life🙄) . Like every other Nigerian child I was supposed to be a doctor but I conned my way out of that. .
4⃣. I own a business and I handle procurement and negotiations for companies I am vested in which is mainly how I found my passion for travel. It's a very random job, a friend recommended me to her company after I told her about a Chinese company I spent 18hours arguing with over 1usd🙈😅. In my defense 1usd on 10,000units of products is 10,000usd😜. Ps:You can ask me questions about doing business in China, I have a good idea about it, also, it would cost you. 😘
5⃣. I'm from Edo state and I understand the 3 main Nigerian languages (Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba), I was also able to speak all 3 a few years ago but now I just mix all the languages up when I try to speak😂. .
6⃣. Before I could afford to travel internationally I fulfilled my wanderlust void by traveling around Nigeria. I've been to 20 states and lived in 5 states. .
7⃣. Before I decided to share my travel journey online I traveled mainly for work. •
I actually thought my about me will be longer🤔. .
Well that's it, I hope the "What do you do for money" questions from the #pocketwatchers end now. 😁

• started the days for clean IG •
In the current two days I plan to clean my account from bots and inactive profiles. If you do not fundamentally put ❤ and do not write comments - the program will count your page as inactiv and will remove you like my followers. I'll explain why I'm doing this: bots and "dead" pages clog up the profile and instargam system consider it uninteresting and lower in the rating. Please do not be offended. ///
В текущие два дня я планирую чистить свой аккаунт от ботов и неактивных профилей. Если вы принципиально не ставите ❤ и не пишите комментарии - программа зачтет вашу страницу неактивной и удалит из подписчиков. Объясню, почему я это делаю: боты и "мертвые" страницы засоряют профиль и система instargam считают его неинтересным и понижают в рейтинге. Так что во всём есть свои плюсы, как говорится: чистый Instagram - чистые мысли)
Прошу не обижаться, если вдруг что ...🌹


Beauty comes in all sorts and shapes of wildlife, when in #Africa. Even if you get to see some animals more than others, your love for this #wilderness will make you stare at all of them, every time.
#WildLife #Puku #antelope #afrique #safari #zambia

Hayat bazen siyah beyazdır.. ⚫️⚪️

Ровно год назад я создала свой аккаунт в Инстаграме для того, чтобы рассказать вам о прекрасном и интересном регионе Италии, в котором я живу уже 4 года, а также о моих путешествиях
За этот год вас стало больше 4000😊Я вам очень благодарна, что вы на меня подписались и отдаёте свои лайки моим фотографиям и пишите комментарии
И у меня к вам - просьба. Поделитесь со мной, пожалуйста, в комментариях о чем бы вы хотели почитать в моем аккаунте.


День 4. Шкода було покидати теплий будиночок з м'якою постіллю) але треба вирушати далі.
Прямуємо до найбільшого льодовика в Ісландії - Vatnajökull та озера з крижинами 😍 сюди я напевно найбільше хотіла потрапити! Надіюсь ті крижини не розтанули))) бо на вулиці досить тепло, десь 11-14° і сонечко)

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Picture by @peppytravelgirl
Starting 2017 with travel on my mind ✈️🌅🏝🌇🏞
I've got some good plans for the year and hopefully, they'll all work out. Such excite! Any destination suggestions?? 😍💃🏽
#travel #wanderlust #darlingescapes #dametraveler #onelife #indiangirltravels #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #girlaroundworld #thetravelwomen #wearetravelgirls #girlswhotravel #instagood #watchthisinstagood #cntravelerindia #girlonthego #dontstopexploring #letsgosomewhere #letsgoeverywhere #sheisnotlost #worldtraveler #worldtravel #traveldreams #beautifulmatters #womenwhoexplore #passportready #globetrotter

And there he is....😍 🤗 not seen from our tuktuk but eey...a safari jeep is pretty cool too 😉😎

#ROindicaVINHOS | Clube Paladar - Nascido na fazenda de sua familia perto de Meaux, Xavier ajudou seus pais a fazerem queijos desde pequeno. De suas raízes agrícolas, ele herdou tanto o bom senso quanto o amor aos produtos locais. Depois de ganhar experiência em primeira mão com um fabricante local de queijos, ingressou no Grupo Lactalis em 1997 (Président @queijospresident). Em contato com os melhores especialistas da profissão, ele se tornou apaixonado por seu trabalho e ganhou grande reconhecimento na França e no mundo como mestre queijeiro. Um forte embaixador da cultura do queijo francês, Xavier cria placas de queijos gourmet e demonstrações tão magníficas quanto surpreendentes. Entusiasmado com seus produtos, ele gosta de compartilhar seu know-how e sua experiência no universo gastronômico e com o queijo francês e foi isso que ele fez em sua passagem pelo Estadão. Ele bateu um papo com a jornalista Solange Souza e Sommelier Daniella Romano para o @ClubePaladar | @estadao. Fiquem de olho nos canais Estadão e Clube Paladar para aprender um pouco mais do incrível mundo "De Fromage".
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