#throwbackthursday #tbt to the amazing Master class we had earlier this month at #Panipat.

My all time favourite song #hustler done in battle mode👊. What fun to see a full house of 60 people attending session and beating on one beat together 🤘. Thank you @crossabsfitness for hosting us.

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@poundfit One beat world tour.

People across the globe would be participating together and making one beat.

About me🤗


TOMORROW'S the day!! @poundfit is at it again and created our kick was Tour-to-Summer #onebeatworldtour
Starting tomorrow and running through June 19 we are challenging YOU and ourselves to "sweat, eat mindfully, defy your limits" all while connecting with and supporting each other!! #letsgetlouder the next 30 days and let's #getloudertogether
Sign up pounfit.com/tour-1 for all the recipes, workouts and other fun stuff to get you loud and keep you successful! Also be sure to join the POUND POSSE MN facebook group to join in on the local fun!! Might be so prizes from @prana 💚🤘💪🎶🤗

#Repost @victoryatl (@get_repost)
OneRace is a multi-church, multicultural movement focused on racial reconciliation and revival. And we’ve partnered with them to host a prayer and worship night at our Norcoss location tomorrow at 7:30pm.

We know that prayer changes things, and God is the only one with the power to mend the racial divide. So we’re gathering in unity to seek Him for healing in our city. #wearevictory

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