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🤓true story I've had this jacket since high school. Aka at least 7 years. Sheesh, time flies. Still gets the job done 👌🏾 #DryCleanersForTheW #LetsGetIt #LoveYou #MortalMan #Alphalete #BePardomas "LetsGetIt" #ForMoneyOffWatches

Sigo medio enfermo pero con la mejor cara posible he vuelto a editar! 🙌🏻😁
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NPC team universe and my first national show where I was blessed to make first call outs amongst a stacked lineup of competitors. (Guy in blue shorts in the middle won) Looking back at this I know that this year going into national I am going to blow this physique out of the water and come in 100 times better then ever before💯 I'm craving the stage more then ever and it's only a matter of time before I'm back up there doing what I love🙌🏽🙏🏽 Stay shredded friends✂️
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Won the 1RM deadlift challenge at 200kg (440lbs) but decided to have a crack at my personal goal of 5 reps and thankfully succeeded! 😁🙏🏽
They were impressed to see even 1 rep of 200 so you should have seen their faces when I got 5! 😜🙌🏽
Unfortunately it was on Snapchat so only recorded 3 reps 😩 also im a bit shaky but going from 160 back to 200 in 3 weeks. I really can't complain! 👌🏽
Thanks for all the amazing support from @jaxfitnessgym I really appreciate it 🙏🏽❤
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Day 3 of the 7 day challenge! I won't weigh myself til the end of the challenge. My starting weight was 329 at day 1. My goal is to lose 10 lbs by the end of the challenge. This hard work is gonna pay off!! Guaranteed!!! #healthy #teamhealthy #healthykick #workout #fitness #letsgetit #reachinggoals #swag #lehgo

Come check out our open house this Saturday from 1pm-4pm ! Cash prize for visiting and Free home assessments!!! 10328 SE 225TH PL KENT, WA !! Can't wait to see you all there !!! #seattlerealestate #DMD #letsgetit !!! @iamdavidmcdonald

Prichard, AL and surrounding areas IT'S GOING DOWN TONIGHT!! #letsgetit "Lotus Gentlemen's Club" Featuring @summermariebih Wednesday-Saturday 312 S. Wilson Avenue, Prichard, AL #adultentertainment #dancers #mobile #atlanta #miami #neworleans #gulfcoast #gulfport #pensacola #birmingham #poledance

Alright everyone come on out March 19th to the @atlcomedytheater as @learicaljonez presents the #SocialRejects Get your tickets now #iMAPU #LJEG #letsgetit #iWORK #actor #entertainer

Hey are you watching Black•ish tonight? #tunein 👀 @blackishabc #tonight 8:30/9:30 #youngdre #letsgetit 🙏🏾🎬🙏🏽💯😍