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1 year ago a night in Vegas!!!🖊🖍 #lasvegas#firsttattoo #tattoo #throwback #letsdothisshit

I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS TODAY!! Thank you for the moral support and brunch @mgntweed (future sister-in-law😱💓) #BHLDN #weddingdress #letsdothisshit #froglovesthedeals #75percentoff

3 de cada 5 personas que me conocen dirían que soy una completa $%... y lo era. Todo el mundo tiene un gremlin interior que cuando le cae agua destroza todo lo que esté a su paso, solo que el mío vivía en un vaso como esas figuritas que crecen cuando la pones en remojo, así tal cual, sentía que las paredes eran demasiado angostas y aunque podía ver la salida, simplemente no salía pero de no haber sido por eso no hubiese podido ver que era una completa zombie que en vez de comer cerebros solo hacía apestar el ambiente
No me arrepiento, esa fue una de la razones por las que hice mis maletas, me vestí con la actitud de Bridget Jones y salí de mi zona de confort, a partir de ese entonces mi vida han sido cambios, uno tras otro, literal una 🎢 de 60 millones de emociones y tengo que admitirlo muchas veces el miedo me paraliza por más tiempo del que quisiera, es decir, que tenga los ovarios de escribir lo que pienso y siento en las redes, no quiere decir que sea de hierro, aunque a veces quisiera ser la mujer maravilla
Tengo que recordarme todos los días que soy una F$%& estrella de rock, si bueno, soy medio arrogante por naturaleza pero soy muy buena empleada en el trabajo más importante de mi vida: YO.
Estoy a punto de vivir otro cambio y tengo las manos heladas pero gracias a Dios tengo el mejor partner del mundo @leonardogarher si yo tuviese que hacer un patronus sin duda pensaría en ti para lograrlo
Si leíste, llegaste hasta aquí y sigues pensando que soy un zombie, está bien pero no lo seas tu y si vas a sentir miedo que sea porque vas a salir de la fucking zona de confort y no por lo que tengan que decir los demás.

When the work week is only 3 days. #LetsDoThisShit

Stockholm Stockholm stockholm 👑
Hoppas alla har en underbar kväll! ❤
#takingtheworldbystorm #meetings #letsdothisshit #boywonderh

On the first day of work week, my true love gave to me: 3 ibuprofen, 2 Sudafed and a cup of hazelnut coffee... written to the tune of The 12 days of Christmas. #Monday #RiseandGrind #LetsDoThisShit Thank you @elizabethbarber

My beyond 'stoked worried af Cubs fan selfie' as I'm comin home to my people!! Worst flight time EVER but I've got faith!! #letsdothisshit #iwannaflythew #letsgocubbies #sweethomechicago

18:00 FINAL!!! Again on LAOLA1.tv #siamotuttipantere 🐯#LetsDoThisShit

Cozy Saturday afternoon 🤗 Feeling pretty good 11 days post spinal fusion surgery. Took the steri-strip bandage off today -- scar looks kinda weird so I'll be sure to complain to my surgeon on Tuesday when I see him 😈
Kinda feeling a lil bummed out about not sticking to my diet. I'm finding it so hard to lose these extra 14 lbs I packed on in the month leading up to my surgery. I'm definitely an emotional eater and stress definitely triggers my over eating habits. I thought it would be easy to drop the weight buts it's a challenge to eat right when I have so much shit going on. I did lose 4 lbs so far and Of course I'm still eating clean and mostly organic but the moderation part is fucking me up 🐷 I'm only bummed bc I have my consultation next week w @nycplasticsurg and I wanted to be in top shape so he could better determine what my results will be. At least I will have plenty of time before the surgery to lose weight but it's still kinda lame I couldn't get my shit together before then. I wanted to post this to show that everyone struggles sometimes. I'm always gaining and losing. I know I will get back on track so I'm not worried. But it's important to stay on track and not get distracted especially during the holidays! I'm thinking of starting a diet challenge in a few weeks -- anyone interested in joining me?! #letsdothisshit


Motivation Monday 😘 #quotes #monday #herewego #letsdothisshit 😂

Todays workout: POWER STRENGTH #21dayfixextreme TODAYS MOVE🙆🏼: ▶️GLUTE KICKS
🙌🏼 This is my FIRST TIME trying this WORKOUT and I must say! I 😍 LOVE IT!!
No weights but ALL the parts of my BODY is WORKING 💪🏼 super great workout😃 🍁
This are my favorite MOVES 🙌🏼 you all must try it 😊 🍁
ITS REALLY amazing that I CAN have this TONS of choices on my WORKOUT! YOU will never get BORED! And because of the TRAINER! You know you are doing the RIGHT THING! and PLUS you GET THE RESULT that YOU WANTED!

On the first day of work week, my true love gave to me: 3 ibuprofen, 2 Sudafed and a cup of hazelnut coffee... written to the tune of The 12 days of Christmas. #Monday #RiseandGrind #LetsDoThisShit Thank you @elizabethbarber

Yes Monday, the perfect day for a motivation post. I am feeling a little selfish today, a little sorry for myself.
First I need to get the negatives out so I can begin to absorb the positives.
Firstly I am majorly gutted I missed two more blogger events, damn you stupid allergies!
Two, said allergies have really knocked me for six, that’s why I have been MIA and away from the blog.
Three, my self-care has been minimal to say the least, time to get back on track; dehydrated skin is NOT attractive.
Ahh that’s better. But still, I can’t help that feel I am well and truly falling behind. I have fallen off the horse and it’s getting further out of my reach. But I refuse to let this happen, I was made to do this; I CAN DO THIS!
I do often worry that I am far to late to the blogging party, that I’ve missed the boat. But then I stop and think, people start out in something everyday. So why shouldn’t I or anyone else for that matter? It’s what you bring to the table that helps you to leave your mark, being consistent, keeping comparison to a minimum and being confident in your niche. Now I know it doesn’t happen overnight, that’s why it is always a work in progress.
So that’s just it. You HAVE got to carry on. I am not doing this for anyone but myself; and if I let all these external influences pressure me to take the easy route and give up when the ball isn’t in my court, then the only one I am letting down is myself. It is not supposed to be easy!
So, if like me you have been having a rough time with illness, motivation, personal feelings, and the like; just let yourself know YOU CAN DO THIS! And do it at your own pace and in your own way.
I am starting my Monday by getting this little rant out of my system, writing some lists and really focusing on where I want to take myself in life. Let’s get it together!

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