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Majority of us have a dominant side, compare this (my left) to my press up post from Saturday (my right) and there's definitely a difference! Using single side exercises in your program is a great way to highlight any imbalances to focus on and strengthen weaknesses.
This particular drill is awesome to progress not only the single arm press up, but also can be scaled to your standard press....
The focus is on controlling and strengthening the negative (lowering) phase and assisting on the concentric (pressing up) here with the opposite hand - in standard press ups perhaps using your knees. Lower yourself as slowly as possible maintaining as much tension through the body as you can. Pausing at various stages can also help...give it a try and let me know how you go! #TrainwithMich #Calisthenics #Pressups #LetsDoSomePressUps

Added some explosive power to this weeks press ups @sayfitnesspt! 💥💥💥 Joined by Duracell bunnies @janwaryknight & @ryan_p_l_a_n to keep me on my toes during yesterday's training - I need to work on these 😂 form needs some work 💪🏻🙌🏻
Happy Friday peeps...2 sleeps till hols ☀️⛱👙
#letsdosomepressups #pressup #pushup #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #weeklypressupchallenge #trainwithmich #personaltrainer #femalept #londonpt #lovefitness #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #fitfriends #holidaycountdown #cardio #strength #workout #justmove #needyoworkonmyexplosiveness!

Let's do some press ups @sayfitnesspt! The pike press-up...definitely not one for your shoulder at the moment, but at this point I'm simply loving throwing ideas back and forth! 💥💥💥
Maybe it's time for me to try the wall Handstand press-up?! 😬😀 Show me what you've got lovely 😘 #letsdosomepressups #trainwithmich

Just like a lil lizard! 🦎 Working on a some technical tightening with the iguana press-up...ALL the balance required, with ALL the happiness at the end 😂😍 This weeks variation for you @sayfitnesspt - enjoy! #letsdosomepressups #iguanapressup #trainwithMich

Not ALL, but a few of the presses! Hey there @sayfitnesspt here's your Blast Off Press Ups, backed up with a couple of Hindu's...Hindu similar to the Dive Bomber that has the reverse return rather than straight arm return (I'll save those for another post!!). Love this variation, it feels lovely on my spine...although I can see I'm a little stiffer than usual today! Looking forward to seeing yours, and hearing what's up next!
The rest of my sesh included some of my fav movements of the moment in a simple circuit:
▪️Single leg crawl out to press up to shrimp squat x5 each side
▪️Half handstands x10 ▪️Step through to scorpion alt sides x2
Repeat ALL x5
Some of these are on the menu for my 1-2-1 clients very soon...you're going to LOVE them! The rest of you, give it a try and let me know your thoughts! #TrainwithMich #letsdosomepressups

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know!
Today's first attempt at the iguana press-up 🦎😂 It's a work in progress, but as you can see from my face I'm pretty happy with my attempt!
📸 skills thanks to @ollie_msl #PerfectProgress #LetsDoSomePressUps #PressUps #PushUps #Calisthenics #IguanaPressup #Bodyweight #BodyweightTraining #personalTrainer #FemaleFitness #FemmeFitness #FemaleCalisthenics #TrainwithMich #Strongwoman #BeStronger #PrimroseHill #Balance #Progression

No mater what your fitness level, there is always an adaptation of an exercise to suit your ability and/or strengths.
Think of your exercises as levels of a video game, needing to pass each level to unlock the next stage! There's definitely a progression of stages throughout calisthenics - beginner, intermediate & advanced with limitless stages in between which really do differ between individuals. Try not to get caught up focusing on what you can't do, and work at perfecting what you can do so you're able to progress. Master the basics first!
@sayfitnesspt & I have started a little press-up insta play...focussing on different variations each week (check out her wicked archer progress!!). A super simple regression of a press up is to add an incline, the higher the incline the easier the movement - play around with it! Then the simplest progression to add that decline, again play with the lever to make it more difficult...advancing to the Handstand press up! Yasmin will be sharing the next variation very soon....looking forward to playing, feel free to join peeps #letsdosomepressups #trainwithmich #pressups #pushups

When @silverbackblair reminded me that I once busted out 100 consecutive press ups...I just had to check where my numbers were at 😬 it wasn't 💯! Sitting back down at 32....another project for the month 💥💥💥 #pressups #goals

It's taken me years to get my #pressups to where they are now! Years of practice, poor form, learning, failure and repetition - I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a long road!
Recently I'm being asked by many of the troops @bestsbootcamp & Instagram for tips on how to improve range and volume...the answer is simply the same as with most things, practice and practice consistently with good form. There's really no secret to it.
Swipe right to check out two basic variations, and a couple of drills to improve your strength in the movement.
1. Strict Form: starting in hard style plank with hands slightly wider than shoulders, feet together creating FULL body tension. Hinging at the ankle, elbow pointing to toes ending chest a fist width from floor. (Note my cap makes me throw my head up - whoopsie, my bad)
2. Kneeling: exactly the same as above except hinging from knees rather than toes. A great regression if your not ready for the full movement. Shortening the lever (your body) lightens the load to make it easier.
3. The No No: hips in air. Elbow flaring. Core not engaged. Simply not working the muscles as you should!
4. Negatives: the eccentric/lowering phase. Start in that same plank but this time lowering yourself as slowly as possible to reach the floor under tension, coming up how ever you can.
5. Concentric: raising from the floor to plank. Notice my hips are the first to move as I engage my core?! There's something to be learnt in that!
Note: both negatives & concentric can be done on toes or knees depending on your ability...start with knees until you build the range then progress.
Where to now?! Everyone is deferent, perhaps intermediates start with 5x5 of negatives & concentric (on knees or toes depending on your level) and take it from there practicing for a month or three. I'd love to see progress vids posted - tag me and #TrainwithMich to bring them to my attention so I can give tips & words of encouragement! #letsdosomepressups

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