Yesterday was spent at Cyn's with @marieleaco leading our community kitchen! Here, were checking out how to make a simple curry paste out of a few chilis and turmeric from the CSA baskets.
Photos of what weve learned still to come! #CSAhooray #letschangetheworldwithfood #goodfoodcommunity #communitykitchen

My green juice preparation🍍🥒🍋🌱, I really like the ginger on it but I didn’t have it 😫😫😫still a delicious way to start my day☀️💪🤗after the usual matcha tea from the morning rush 🍵🏃‍♀️💨#healthychoices #healthylifestyle #healthymorning #mymorningmotivation #greenjuice #govegan🌱 #vegan #youarewhatyoueat #letsbethankful #letsspreadhappy #letschangetheworldwithfood

The summer brings its own treats: multitude of mangoes, a sunburst of cherry tomatoes and native garlic packed with flavor (once a year)! Add more to your weekly produce basket or catch us at @goodfoodsundays!


Scrolling through past photos, we cant help but feel pride over what we can do with so little. At the same time, there's a sadness that we truly need more resources to not only teach farmers of organic or ecological practices but also help build a community in working together and making new practices stick.

Here's to hoping that one day, we can go back and restart the work that we do for the community in Zambales Mountain Range and the beautiful forests that are still present there. 💔


Pasta🍝🍅🥦🌶🥕garlic, green onions, carrots, mushrooms, black olives, pink salt, pepper, tomato/basil organic sauce and in the side broccoli with #daiyacheezesauce, for a final touch some red pepper flakes #soyummy😋 #mysundaylunch #healthychoices #vegan #veganfood #healthylifestyle #animalsarenotfood #healthyfood #healthyeating #youarewhatyoueat #letsbethankful #letschangetheworldwithfood #tomorrowwillbeabetterday

Bringing good food to the workplace with @meandmyvegmouth !


One of my absolute favorite things to make, Philly Cheeze Steakz! It’s delicious, alot simpler than you’d think, and I use something called #Seitan (aka wheat meat) which I highly recommend if you haven’t heard of it! The #veganlife is gOooOOood

#getonmylevel #letscooktogether #amazeballs #letschangetheworldwithfood

@Regrann from @goodfoodcommunity - Such a beautiful photo from @mabidavid of our partner farmers' heirloom rice! Thanks so much for hanging out with us at yesterday's @muni_ph market!


We're developing a few bottled goods from our farmer's produce. An exciting one is the Peanut Better ni Ate Del. Better because it's sugar free but also because Ate Del is the best cook in our Capas farmer group! 💚💚💚 Get your own bottle (or two) at our web store or @goodfoodsundays!
#meetyourfarmer #womenwhofarm #sugarfree #peanutbutter #peanutbetter

We've a colorful Easter basket waiting for you all today. 💚 Tag us with all the yummy things you'll make using #CSAhooray!


Such a beautiful photo from @mabidavid of our partner farmers' heirloom rice! Thanks so much for hanging out with us at yesterday's @muni_ph market!


Gulay shares have landed! Make sure you're well-stocked for the Holy week break next week. If you haven't a chance to subscribe, you can visit our table at @goodfoodsundays at @mandalaparkph this Palm Sunday :) Thanks @iamsamoh for the great shot of our small tampipi last week. There's a farmshare size for everyone!


How does food bring about peace? Something about the encounter with nature, with generosity and beauty. Something about meeting sisters and brothers in a shared watershed which none of us own but we are all called to protect. Something about walking together, sharing meals and helping one another along the way. Something about it is very good and we are grateful to all who join us :) #letschangetheworldwithfood #foodforpeace

Loving the embroidery on Tatay Ingra's shirt. Owning up to stress and wearing it in style yo. 😄

The oldest @goodfoodcommunity - @sierras.table farmer partner of the Dumagat Remontado.

#goodfoodcommunity #letschangetheworldwithfood #farmerpride

Equipped to eat seasonally in Ayala Alabang? We're getting to critical mass! Thanks @marieleaco and Cyn for hosting such an engaged community kitchen yesterday :) So heartwarming and hopeful to meet friends choosing gulay for their families, farmers and our shared future.
If you've been wanting our gulay in the South, send us a DM. If we have enough signups, we'll begin next week!


Working with women ultimately leads to teaching our children the wonders of and the reciprocal relationship we must forge with Mother Nature.
#goodfoodcommunity #letschangetheworldwithfood #womenwhofarm #womensmonth
#seedsaving #globalseedsavers

It's a great day for gulay! Cool down with a refreshing juicing pack, a nice crispy salad or hearty grilled ensalada from the gulay pambahay!

#goodfoodcommunity #organic #vegetables #letschangetheworldwithfood #communitysharedagriculture #CSAHooray #philippines

Thanks to everyone who participated in our community kitchen! Especially @marieleaco for your incredible hospitality and kitchen tenacity. Thank you for showing us how to harness seasonal flavors within the practicality of everyday crazy. We've never eaten more gulay with gusto in one afternoon.
Our next community kitchen is in Ayala Alabang on March 12, Monday. Hoping to build a critical mass for Community Shared Agriculture pickups in the very near future!! Send us a private message if you're gulay-curious :) #letschangetheworldwithfood

Eating organic for your health, your family, or for the farmers also means you get to contribute a safe space for little friends like this one.
#letschangetheworldwithfood #goodfoodcommunity #CSAhooray #savethebees #organic

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