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One of our girls passed away in the night last week. She hadn't been laying for a while, but she just changed her plume and was eating and drinking well, taking dust baths and generally doing chicken things, seemingly happy and healthy. Totally unexpected, and there is nothing worse than finding a dead animal that's in your care. She was in her nesting box with fresh hay and looked peaceful, when I go, I'd like to go like that, at least.
Chickens are social animals, so we've decided to let her be free in the garden, have a rummage and not be so alone. At least until we can find her some buddies. The dogs and Frida have spent time in her pen and they're respectful of one another. #unity #letsallgetalong #coexist #staytarsi #backyardchickens

I don't mean to brag (yes I do, this is all brag), I taught Kyle (lower left Millenial) everything he knows about Air Drop. #squad #skol #vikings #letsallgetalong

An important message with my morning chai tea latte... Happy Thanksgiving, pals! @thombargen #letsallgetalong #finditdowntown

The truth can cure, I HOPE 😜😂😂 - thanks @goodgodabove #resistence #letsallgetalong #dontspeakforGod

Charlie. The Quiet Man and ladies magnet. ❤️❤️ #everybodylovesCharlie #rescuedarethebest #letsallgetalong

sf dogwalker spreading the wisdom #letsallgetalong

This post is written with a heavy heart to hear that someone is out their trying to ruin my reputation amongst my clients and mums. Please know I have never said anything to discourage anyone, nor have I ever said anything to seem like I do not wish to work with particular people. It's so sad to hear that rumours go around, and in turn drag other people into it for no particular reason. I am passionate about what I do and love meeting all the mums and kids I have worked with. I know the industry has these things happen but never did I think I would be bought into it. Let's all learn to love one another, and realise that rumours ruin reputations. If anyone has any questions feel free to dm and we can get to the bottom of this all 💜💙💚 #letsallgetalong #lovenothate

Car rides with these ones... The one thing I don't miss we've only been in the car for 30mins ! @kaitlyn_k_doll @bean_baby523 @kennedi_rae #LittleSisters #BlindSideFamily #AllTheyDoIsFight #LetsAllGetAlong

Y I K E S !!!! This is getting far beyond ugly 😩😩😩!! #LetsAllGetAlong!! #TroyAve #JoeyBadass #ClapBackSeason !! (View previous post)


Oh my...... I’ve joined them on the bed (note my foot on his tail) 🤣🤣#movieday🎬 with StudandSassi❤️💖#relaxingathome#letsallgetalong#familytime❤️ #noworries#loveisintheair#peaceandlove✌️️❤️

You get to choose to be the light or the darkness this week. Choose wisely. ☀️ #livesimpleshop #lovegodlovepeoplelivesimple

I don't mean to brag (yes I do, this is all brag), I taught Kyle (lower left Millenial) everything he knows about Air Drop. #squad #skol #vikings #letsallgetalong

Meet Frieda, a casual acquaintance #interspecialrelations #letsallgetalong #love

sf dogwalker spreading the wisdom #letsallgetalong

We choose to raise our children vegan and a lot of people seem to have opinions about it. They still eat all the typical kid foods like macaroni and “cheese”, veggie hot dogs, grilled “cheese”, nuggets (quinoa). Their foods might be different than there friends but it’s the healthiest thing for them and no animals had to die or be harmed so they could eat. I don’t judge what your children have on their plates or make rude comments so please have the same respect ✌🏻✨ #vegan #vegankids #letsallgetalong #peta #petakids

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