I gotta a whole lot going on right now... some #bigdreams are about to happen for me! I'm not gonna say much more right now but as soon as it's for sure I'll fill y'all in 😉

I can tell you that consistency with these products and this little #PinkDrink has really helped me stay focused and on task. It's amazing what can happen to your mindset when you are not fighting your health and feeling well!
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🏡#JUSTLISTED Located in a desirable family oriented neighborhood, close to great schools and parks, this home is well equipped for any northern family, offering a triple car garage with enough space to park 3 oversized trucks. Beautiful open concept family home with 4/beds & 2/baths and the possibility for a 5th bedroom! All of the finishing touches are in place and ready for you to call this space "Home Sweet Home"
Call today📱for your personal viewing (250) 262-6441

11424 88 Street ⎮ MLS R2314579 ⎮ $439,900.00

For more info👉🏻 DM me or click the link in my bio

The beginning of a new week is the perfect time to roll out new goals & Insta branding!!

A huge congratulations to my wonderful clients in the sale of their home! It’s been a pleasure working with everyone involved!🙂

~ always believe in yourself, be positive, be kind, be happy 😊 when you change your attitude you change your life!!! ❤️🌈

👃🏼💨 🙉 👣

WHO NEEDS RELIEF FROM SNORERS!?🗣 Whether it's your husband, yourself, your wife, your kids... this is something you NEED!

Now, we have the roller available, so it's DOUBLE the product for only $10 more!!!💰 I'm putting in an order on the 19th! Let me know if you want me to order you some to try. You apply to the bottom of each big toe before bed for the best sleep you've had in a loooonnngggg time! #youngliving #nomoresnore #letmehelpyou

》Check Out This 2007 G500 《
Low Mileage 👍
Great Vehicle All Around
Come see me @ Wesley Chapel Nissan .
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we all have that one food that we wish we could eat a endless amount of & not get the negative side effects
(acne & chronic disease, mostly) 😆
mines #CHEESE 🙋🏼‍♀️
I fortunately when I consume dairy, I get the worst breakouts...then when I add gluten into the mix & more acne & a arm rashes usually appears!
fascinating what foods are responsible for! 🤦🏼‍♀️
take note, draw conclusions & find what works for you! 👍🏼

Don’t lose sight of your goals by giving energy to the past or current situations that have hindered you. It all has a purpose, and as long as you’re keeping the focus, there will be progress and goal achievement. Believe in yourself and the reasons you started the journey. .
#Focus #Goals #YouCanDoIt #TuesdayMotivation #RhondaRealtyAZ #RhondaCarstensen #Phoenix #AZrealtor

⚠️READ! READ! READ!⚠️ This #journey hasn't been easy. I get a lot of people telling me..."you have the energy because you're young" or "you make it seem very easy" ect...
HELL NO! Don't give me that sh*t! Only difference is that I've put my #excuses to the side.
Behind all my pictures there has been doubt, failure thoughts, tears, sweat and much much hard work. Before I started I felt lost...If this is you, you're not alone! Just know we all start off somewhere & the moment you feel like quitting is the moment you NEED to keep PUSHING.
#letsgrind #letmehelpyou #letschangetogether

Transphormation tuesday
I know these arnt the typical before and after pics. But this is where i stand right now. .
I enjoy being lean, howver with hybernation weather approaching i am going to try to put on some muscle. These are my beginning pictures. I will be updating along my journey for those who want to follow. .
Contrary to what most females think, gaining muscle is hard. It takes just as much effort as trying to lose weight. I have to be eating more calories then im burning. Which can be hard MENTALLY. .
Ill be taking in a tad more protein then normal, and doubling up on my carbs. My muscles are saying feed me, or im not going anywhere! .
My goal is to do one more competition in the "masters" category since im turning 35 this year 😭
I am challenging myself along with my transphormation group to better myself especially through the holidays. We are starting an 8 week stretch of self improvement  to help better ourselves one day at a time, during one of the most stressful times of the year. .
If your interested, id love for you to join too! Whether its gaining muscle, losing weight, or just mentally pytting yourself in a better place to improve yourself for whats next. Life doesnt wait, nor should you! Dm me if youd like more info! .
Lets change the I WANT, to I WILL!

Yes!! Our Holiday Collection is here🎁. 19, beautifully packaged,gift sets for everyone on your list. Get started now, before you know it, the Holidays will sneak up on all of us!! Hey Fella’s🙋‍♀️. Listen closely....🎤. “Is this thing on???”...........................................................SHE WILL LOVE THESE❤️ and you will be a HERO🤩................. Let me help you!! It’s so easy.. ......
go to my website📲. Click on Holiday 🎄
Start Shopping 🛒

If you need suggestions, message me😀 Let me be your personal shopper 🛒. You are welcome to give me a list and a budget and I will do the rest💄🎁💄
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Let's #switchitup and not make this #postaboutme
Let's #focusonyou and how I'm sitting here wondering when you're going to make your transformation?! I've heard the excuse...
- “Let me get back to you...”
- “I have to check with my husband.”
- “When the kids go back to school."
- “I just can't fit it into my budget."
- “I’ll message you after my vacation!”
Hmmm, I get you! I was just like you! #letmehelpyou get going! We all need #alittlemotivation to get us started. There's always time to get started! Everyday is a great day to start. You don't need a Monday or a new month, you #justneedyou!
Message me, i'm here for you sister!

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