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Superflow... känns som jag har månader eller år att ta igen... har gjort så många sketcher.. kolla stories om du är nyfiken.. provar olika tekniker.. färger.. njuter.. musiken pumpar och pennan glöder.. förr droppade jag tags på röda linjen.. nu hamnar det på finpapper.. oavsett hur så måste det komma ut..vissa saker förändras andra består..✍🏻barnsligt glad.. är tonåring igen.. skapa utan regler,, bara vilt, galet och uttrycksfullt🖐🏼😎

|| Real love is unstoppable... #LETITOUT video drops tomorrow ❤️ 💦

Happy Friday guys! On our flight to Chicago yesterday Clay and I co-wrote our first article together about what is really going on in the world of social media marketing and online advertising. Clay spills the facts and I spill my feelings about how big marketing agencies are robbing our clients and what we are doing to fix it. Link is in my bio!! Please read, like, share, etc. ✌🏼

Lol, Sorry I had too 😂
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How could I forget to post this glorious photo of me and becky? I can't even remember what we were saying, but something along the lines of letting it out. #sisterinlaw #letitout #weddingseason #wealmostworethesamedress

@katiedalebout in the house. Like a long lost sister from a previous lifetime, ❤️ hanging with this wise soul. Can't wait for our chat on how breathing, movement, and stability is different for women than men. Comes out on her podcast #letitout in a couple weeks. Stay tuned. #girlboss #health #wellness #naturalbeauty

There's the You👩‍🎓when you're at home with your family 😇 And then there's (swipe⬅️) the other You 😈😜 #theotheryou #305fitness #letitout #sheswaiting #makesweatsexy

Finally connected these two moves! Thanks @yogabullshit for putting me onto this stunning track 🎶Catch and Release - Matt Simons #aerialhammock #aerialismycanvas #letitout #letitin


Let it out.
(A work in progress)
#lungs #ribs #cage #water #steps #bones #pencil #drawing #letitout

Sometimes you just gotta let it out...let it go...and hang loose 🤙🏼 .
For the past week or so I have been feeling a lot of mixed thoughts and feelings. All training me to become a better person in some shape of form. Today marks the start for many people and on the contrary, the struggle for many as well. Something that I have recognized throughout my years walking, talking and breathing on this planet is that those struggles are more like speed bumps, and everyone goes through them...over quite literally rolls right through them. Remember, in some way or another, the grass is greener on the other side. Whether that be climbing a peak, showing your full moon (like I am here) or simply waking up to conquer your day it's a accomplishment. .
Keep it going.
Keep living.
Keep rockin it at what you do 👊🏼
& take it easy .
#naturehippys #letitout #letitgo #exploremore #hikingadventures #hiking #takeiteasy #natureistherapy #sunsoutbunsout #fullmoon #lovenature #lifeelevated #utah #flash #menwhohike #growthroughwhatyougothrough #buttreally

"The best thing you can do is master the chaos within you. You are not thrown into the fire, you ARE the fire" 🔥

Another one from the mural. A lot of the time I feel like a little bubble of chaos that will burst at any moment, but there's beauty in there too! Time to set all that passion free and see what happens! Lots of exciting things coming soon...😉😁

Yessssssssss.....Brand new song from that white guy we luvvvv💃🏽 @kyledenmead "Let It Out" video out now! Go watch it, link in his bio 👉🏾 #448MUSICGROUP #BADLOVE #LETITOUT @kyledenmead

Do you ever have one of those moments where you just break down? I did last night. I had a great dinner with my super awesome and supportive aunt - she's a great sounding board for me and we talked through a lot of what has been weighing on me with family, person stuff and my upcoming wedding. It was so great - but when I got home and was taking a shower to wash away the day, I just started crying. I realized how much I missed my grandpa, and the emotions of this phase in life caught up with me - stress tears, tears of missing someone who has passed. I let myself shed those tears, and afterward I applied Console to the bottoms of my feet and over my heart. I felt better instantly and had a good nights sleep. Sometimes you need to just let it out- and I was so thankful to have this beautiful oil to help me emotionally. Woke up ready to seize the weekend!

"Let it out", indian ink on paper,

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