The False DISSOLVES when it is discovered !!!!!!

How do you tap in the calm?
In my mind I am this ultra zen momma, ...not.so.much.
It is my intention to fully embody that flow tho 🧘‍♀️✨
It just takes work. 👌🏻
When I set my intentions, appreciate my breath, + feel grateful for exactly how far I've come, it all falls away. 💫
All the angst, all the discomfort, it dissipates. And in that instant, I am hOMe. ✌🏻
Some of the fanciest tools I turn to for enhancing my calm mood are roman chamomile, lavender, patchouli, petitgrain, + sandalwood oils 🌿✨ #YoureWelcome 😘
Do you have any personal favorites ⤵️


As the #navaratri2k18 is half way, it's time to look within and plan for the New Year. What are you going to Let Go this Navaratri ? Only when you let go, you will be able to Invite New in Life. It's time to Let go of People, Things , Habits, Patterns which don't serve you any purpose in Life. Even if it is difficult, you need to take that step to Let go. What you invite in Life will become part of your Life . Let them enrich your life and not take away your energy and focus away from your Inner Path and Inner Voice. So make a list of what you are going to let go this Navaratri for the coming year to Manifest .

ببین درختا چطوری خودشون رو از وابستگی به برگ هاشون رها میکنن.
پاییز یعنی خودت رو از بندِ چیزای قدیمی رها کنی تا جا برای چیزای جدید تر باز بشه. 👌👌👌👌 🍂🌹 🌹🍂
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NANDI is a symbolism of eternal waiting, because waiting is considered the greatest virtue in Indian culture. .
One who knows how to simply sit and wait is naturally meditative. Nandi is not expecting Shiva to come out tomorrow. He is not anticipating or expecting anything. He is just waiting. He will wait forever. That quality is the essence of receptivity. .
Before you go into a temple, you must have the quality of Nandi – to simply sit. You are not trying to go to heaven, you are not trying to get this or that – you simply sit.
People have always misunderstood meditation as some kind of activity. No – it is a quality. That is the fundamental difference. Prayer means you are trying to talk to God. Meditation means you are willing to listen to God. .
You are willing to just listen to existence, to the ultimate nature of creation. You have nothing to say, you simply listen. That is the quality of Nandi – he just sits, alert. .
This is very important – he is alert, not sleepy. He is not sitting in a passive way. He is sitting, very active, full of alertness, full of life, but just sitting – that is meditation. .
~ Sadhguru

Saturday morning flowing after about 45 minutes of slow stretching! This felt delicious on my very sore muscles! 4Xs speedy! Now headed to CT with my hubs for applefest with our family 🍎 🍏 ✌🏻
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Meditation doesn't have to be a challenge. Lay the fuck down and breathe. #itiseasy #letgoandfreeflow #hellothere #iamhere 😎 #staytuned

“OTHERS” give us an understanding about OUR OWN SELVES !!!!
When we are with the “OTHERS”. . . We get entangled with the others
Noooooooo . . THAT is the time to OBSERVE the Self -
What we are thinking,
What is our attitude,
What are we feeling inside,
How we are reacting,
What words are we using,
What are our subtle intentions,
How are we dealing with the Other !!!!
The OTHER is just a MEDIUM for us to understand and diagnose the problems WITHIN 😇

If this is the Space I’m always in then how will the SELF progress ? 🤔

It’s actually NOBODY’S fault . . What happened . . Happened . . What is important is what I LEARNT out of that situation. 🙄

The purpose of EVERYTHING that happens is to GROW !!!!!

Ecstatic 🙌 - despite my resting bitch face I am so happy 😁- just did my first hoop flow class with @deannelovexo online yesterday! I have signed up to all flow sessions since May though have just started my hoopflow binge and am in ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🎧 Deconstructed by Nelue 🖤🖤 #hoopflow #hoopdance #hooplove #hoop #dance #play #movementmeditation #yogalife #hooplife #letgoandfreeflow #playrevolveevolve #rubikshoops

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