Waking up feeling blessed and thankful to be able to thrive another day!! You have the choice to thrive in your life to! •


From this amazing artist's lips tonight: "These are times when you need to be strong. Strong in your heart. Speak truth to everyone, everywhere. Most importantly, speak truth to yourself. And when you wonder, 'what can I do? I'll tell you. You can love yourself. Love yourself and that love will be a beacon of light shining out to the world."
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Dirty feet, toe taps and yoga flows outside are pretty much life.
Hope you had an awesome day too ✌🏽
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I’ve felt so heavy lately, tonight I gave in and hopped on my mat. My heart started to open and lighten as I freely flowed. Though I felt clumsy and clunky as I moved, it was still freeing. And how could I not start to break down the hardness with this view right here 😍 my sweet pup dozing next to me and my diffuser and salt lamp lighting the room. It was like a beautiful hug from God and a reminder that He is always near. I just need to recognize that, and welcome Him into my everyday moments.

Backyard flowin. Landlord is on a waitlist for some landscaping. Can’t wait to see what our little backyard will look like. For now, I’ll use these 2 pieces of cement for playing 🤗☺️
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Learning to let go. Easier said than done.
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Today’s cards are the Four of Pentacles and The Fool . The Four of Pentacles is ruled by the Sun and Capricorn and is related to the material world such as work , money , practical matters , security , responsibilities , financial stability property and the physical body . I also relate to hanging on or holding on to things , greed and fear of losing everything . It could be a time when you are so focused on the material things you have in your life . If you have accumulated wealth you could be holding on to it tightly rather than sharing with others . This will always prevent the flow of more coming your way . If in the past you have e experienced poverty and deprivation you could have a deep fear of losing everything. There is a need to change your blueprint and have a better understanding of your relationship with money and the material world . The Fool is zero of the Major Arcana and will appear when a new beginning is about to occur or when you are feeling restless and you have sudden urges for change . It is a card of risk and associated with taking a leap of faith . Together you could find you need to change your attitude or behaviour if you want to move forward in life you cannot stand still in your comfort zone and hanging on to security out of fear of losing or lacking things . Be courageous take some risks and follow your intuition and heart . There is no certainty if you will succeed or fail but it really doesn’t matter in taking action you will learn powerful lessons. Every single successful person has failed and they use those failures as stepping stones for new ventures . Be brave and let go of controlling every little thing and see what the Universe has in store for you . #tarot #newbentures #trustyourjourmey #takearisk

Sometimes I worry that I work too much or not paying enough attention to my daughter. I’m hard on myself in making sure she has the best life I can give her so I push as much as I can to make sure she has the best. There are certain things i don’t do if it freezes up too much time. I even leave certain places early so that she can make it to her one on one time with me and bedtime. This week I had to make a decision to miss those times and do God’s work. I didn’t get much time with my daughter @momoblessings but I know she had the best time this week. She was surrounded by soooo much love and she was excited every day ! God knew exactly what the both of us need. Freedom. Freedom from the daily routines and constant motion of Mommy on the grind. Spiritual lifting and laughing for no reason. A moment to not worry about bedtime or blogging. Sometimes a little time of unorganized life events can release some things. We bonded on a different level. I even learned some new things about her. If you feel like God is speaking to you and he wants you to do something a little different that will cause some temporary changes, trust him. There is a reason for it all! It was such a great time teaching step at vacation bible school!! God has been working on me for a long time so when it’s time to do work for him I have to do it! #unpackedbags #godsplan #trustgod #blessings #blessed #goodlife #mommyblogger #mommymoments #childofgod #understanding #connection #mylife #giveittogod #letgoandfreeflow

Let go of what hurts your soul, even if it hurts to let go 🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼 #freesoul 🦋#letgoandfreeflow 🦋#fridayquotes 🦋

Coming into the weekend like 💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕💜💕 - 📷 @hulahoopinghannah 💞🙏💞 #sharethelove #sharedexperience #hoop #hooplife #letgoandfreeflow #dancethewayyoufeel #spinyourway #hoopflow #playrevolveevolve #rubikshoops

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