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M.: There is no other way to succeed than to draw
the mind back every time it turns outwards and fix it in the Self.

There is no need for meditation or mantra
or japa or dhyana or anything of the sort,
because these are our real nature.

All that is needed is to give up thinking of objects other than the Self.

Meditation is not so much thinking of the Self
as giving up thinking of the not-Self.

When you give up thinking of outward objects
and prevent your mind from going outwards
and turn it inward and fix it in the Self,
the Self alone will remain.

Q.:What should I do to overcome the pull of
these thoughts and desires?
How should I regulate my life so
as to attain control over my thoughts?

M.: The more you get fixed in the Self,
the more other thoughts will drop off by themselves.

The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts,
and the I-thought is the root of all of them.

When you see who this ‘I’ is and whence it proceeds
all thoughts get merged in the Self.

Regulation of life,
such as getting up at a fixed hour,
bathing, doing mantra, japa, etc.,
observing ritual,
all this is for people who do not feel drawn
to Self-enquiry or are not capable of it.

But for those who can practise this method
all rules and discipline are unnecessary.
~sri ramana maharshi
Beloved masters:
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It was destiny. Me. Pen. Paper. From the time I could scribble illegible words, I felt I NEEDED to write down my thoughts and feelings. "Dear Diary…" Diary was always there. Always listening. The blank pages open to whatever I needed to say without judgment or criticism launching back at me as I wrote down my raw thoughts. It was my safe place. The creative part came much later, but why I continue this ‘hobby’ is because of the words. The words I need to say. What keeps you journaling?

➡ Let go! And focus on the present moment. 🙏💫💙

Dear Alex,
Life doesn’t always go as planned but please restrain from whining. Don’t you dare to feel sorry for yourself.
Past cannot be changed, edited, erased, forgotten... it can only be accepted. 
You can ruin your present and future if you don't find the courage to let go.
Always focus on what you can do and change now, focus on what's best for you and your children.
We can’t change people, either we accept who they are or start living life without them. 
The only person you can change in this life is you. I am so proud of who you are, of what you have achieved, and of who you have become -specially in these last two years.
If you hear people talking about your past, keep in mind they are talking from a person they don't even know anymore, from a person that doesn't exist anymore.
You have evolve, you are a new and better version of her. Most people are stuck in a perpetual identity crisis.
Some people come into your life as blessings, others as lessons. Understand that and move on.
Nobody is responsible for your happiness. You are. Only you. Stop giving people power they don’t deserve.
You know that you are very lucky person? You have much more than others. Just look around... If you have chosen the wrong way, just turn around. But I can see that you are already in the right path. So just keep walking with that smile in your face, proud chest, core tight and holding in each hand Emi and Andres.
Whatever your story is, it doesn't define you.
You are you, not because life or people made you that way, it is because you choose everyday day to be you. You choose to love, and never give in to hate. You choose to be grateful for all blessings. You choose to forgive because you know you deserve peace and freedom. You choose to see beauty in everything and everybody. You choose to be loving and kind first. You choose to be better than yesterday. You choose people who choose you.
The overflow of your life directly impacts on your child’s world view. Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.
You have all you need. You are only lucky mom. Love, you.

FunDay with Team ⛵🌊👍


Sometimes your whole life can change in a day 🤔 but what we do with that change is what counts #change #acceptance #iskey #life #lifequotes #letgo #nofear #wednesday #wisdom #wisewords #changeofplan #whatsnext #whoknows #feelingblessed #lifeisgood #embrace #enjoy #it #love #peace #mindfulness #chasingthedream #muchlove ✌🏼❤️

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As you ascend, awaken and become conscious you go on such an amazing journey of remembrance. You remember who you truly are.
We often think of energy as high and low. We think we are vibrating higher and others lower. Yet high & low is relative. There is NO high or low to supreme consciousness. There just IS.
Once you completely surrender to supreme consciousness you allow yourself to transcend the relativity of this world & that's where instant manifestations and miracles take place. You can ask for something seemingly 1 in a billion & have it happen within days, weeks even hours.
Because you are I AM. You are eternal. You are living in your eternity that transcends all time and relativity.
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I Put The Real In Reality 💙

Sometimes You Gotta Let Go Of Certain People To Grow #4

Your future is not written, you can do whatever you want, happiness can be found in many things in life not only with money.Live in the moment, forget yesterday and stop worrying about the future, I know easier said than done, go ahead and try it, it's liberating. Stop it right now, stop surrounding yourself with negativity and negative thinking. Let go of control, I know it's not easy, but you owe it to yourself, try it harder❤ #quoteoftheday #mentortopositivity #kindness #motivationalquotes #mindset #smile #happiness #positivityquotes #grateful #love #cute #mindful #lifestyle #compassion #psychology #letgo #affirmations #art #tuesday #loveyourself #chakras #dreambig #business #successquotes #workhard #entrepreneur #dreams #fear #yoga #happytuesday

I danced last night
by the light of this fire
While thunder roared nearby
After watching the sun
Melt from the Florida sky
And lightning put on a spectacular show
My wild hair blew free
As the wind began to blow
My body swayed to music coming from the stereo
There's nothing to be tamed
When you move to the rhythm of your soul
This morning I woke up
To the humming of the fans
That barely cool our bodies
But just enough to help us sleep
I sunk my naked body
Into a big arm chair
Pulled out my journal
And doodled my feelings
Into pictures instead of words
And the faint sound of a breath
That isn't mine
Soothed my racing mind
I walked to the gulf
And floated in the salt
Laid on the sand
And let the waves have their way with me
Ever so gently
They washed away
All the worry, all the fear, all the confusion
And my heart began
Reciting gratitude
For every single thing
This life has given me
so many things
I had forgotten to be grateful for
You forget what matters
When you're living in fast forward
Time stopped for me today
As my body lay
In the waves that gently played with my hair
And polished my soul. ✨

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