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ಅಮ್ಮ - She is an emotion to me.
I never post her pics becoz she does not like to be clicked. Few things about us - * We agree to disagree that's special.
* we love pizzas and travel shows.
* we both like dressing up.
She taught me to be THE BEST in whatever I choose to do, even today she feels I have a long way to go 😊 No matter what or how I feel about her, I have learnt LIFE thru her 😍 #momdaughter #lessonsoflove #mommyandme #overwhelmedwithgratitude

😃 I don't know who I was more excited to meet @tnorman23 or @rosalynd_nicole , so great meeting you both!! Thank you for all the amazing things you do and for teaching us the importance of giving back!! #Community #Humanity #OfficerNorman #HoustonGalleria #Inspire #RoleModels #BeKindToOneAnother #GiveBack #Inspiring #LessonsOfLove

It's been 12 or so years but 7 years legally today! I'm Blessed! #LessonsOfLove

FINDING JOY!!! There is nothinh more healing to anyone than an amazing friend when you need them most! (Especially when they being you Panda Express!)
Our hearts have been so touched today!! So greatful for the joy we have in our lives!

Grow your garden 🙏

#burningman #lessonsoflove #selflove

Simple reminders of how Delicate & Sweet life can be, LOVE reminds you what really matters. #lessonsoflove #classic

Only the start 😉#altezza #rip #rebirth #lessonsoflove

Fight for your love or ended up regretting for the rest of your life. Credits @jadine.lovejourney . #lessonsoflove #Jadine

Live Love always puts me back in the right state of mind. This little project has an energy all to itself. A constant reminder to focus on the 1% of oxygen and emotions that lift you to try to be the best version of you. @livelovebeirut my 2016 #lessonsoflove


😃 I don't know who I was more excited to meet @tnorman23 or @rosalynd_nicole , so great meeting you both!! Thank you for all the amazing things you do and for teaching us the importance of giving back!! #Community #Humanity #OfficerNorman #HoustonGalleria #Inspire #RoleModels #BeKindToOneAnother #GiveBack #Inspiring #LessonsOfLove

#LOL #LessonsOfLove ...This project will be crazy

Bagimli sevgi der ki; beni mutlu etmeni istiyorum. Kendimi seninle doldurdugum icin seni kaybetmekten korkuyorum.
Bagimli sevgi der ki; ben 'seninle' ozgurum. Ben kendimi sana zincirlersem kendimi guvende hissederim.
Bagimli sevgi der ki; ben mutsuz oldugumda sen de mutsuz ol, sevildigimi ancak oyle anlarim.
Bagimli sevgi der ki; ancak ve sadece 'iliski'miz varsa beraberizdir.
Ozgurlugun beni rahatsiz eder cunku kendimi dislanmis, reddedilmis, bir kenara atilmis, sevilmemis hissederim.
Bagimli sevgi der ki; ben 1 numara olayim, ne gecmis ne gelecek sadece beni sev, beni, beni, beni... Boylece sevgiyi kuculturuz, gun gectikce azaliriz. ••• Gercek sevgi der ki; seni 'sen olmaksizin' severim. Ne benle ne de bensiz, kendin ile mutlu ol isterim.
Ben bu sevginin icinde isem dunyalar benimdir, yoksam da eyvallah dunya yine benimdir.
Sen mutluysan ben de mutluyumdur. Sen ozgursen ben de ozgurumdur.
Ozgurlugumuzun icinde sevgimizin birbirimize O'ndan gelen bir 'armagan' oldugunu daima hatirlayalim isterim.
Gercek sevgi der ki, iliski degil 'beraber' olusumuzu paylasalim.
Ben kendime guvendigim icin sana da guvenirim.
Ben kendime 'soz' verdigim icin sana da 'soz' verebilirim.
Ben kendime yettigim icin senin de kendine yettigini bilirim.
Gercek sevgi der ki; mutsuz isen seni dinlerim, mutsuzlugunu paylasirim, sana destek olurum fakat mutsuzlugunu beslemem.
Gercek sevgi der ki; ben kendimi seninle degil, ilahi olan ile doldururum.
Ne senin beni, ne de benim seni doldurmaya ihtiyacimiz yoktur, biz zaten 'O'nunla doluyuzdur.
Biz birbirimizi 'O'nun huzurunda paylasiriz, sevgiyi buyuturuz ve boylece gun gectikce cogaliriz.
Gercek sevgilere hurmet ile.. Bilge Inal

Photo Credit @melimelomelimel , Datca, Turkey
#disibilgelik #bilgeinal #truelove #genuinelove #sacredrelationship #divinepartnership #lessonsoflove

A chance and frank conversation and meeting of minds today with a dear Indigenous man from Brazil. A Soul connection on the plight of our most precious and loved companions, our dearest friends and greatest protectors - our Earth, our Wild, our Forest, our Ocean, our People, our all-surrounding sentient Beings. He gifted me with an Ara macao feather found from the forest floor of his homeland that he carried with him. A gift I am so honoured to receive. Thank you marvellous Scarlet Macaw, your grace, your beauty, your lessons and your gifts 🌳🌱🌿#aramacao #evergreenforest #forestfloorfinds #giftsfromstrangers #lessonsoflove #scarletmacaw #conservation #biodiversity #befree #amazon #gratitude 🙏🏾

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