“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Trying to remember Emerson today as I work on exuding positivity and manifesting inward growth #lessonsfromliterature

learning from my students today #lessonsfromliterature #teacherlife #bestjob

Small wins lead to big successes 💪🏼💪🏼

Trying something new with today’s post! Lessons from books can be so valuable, when we actually put them into practice. Here are a few questions (and examples) to help you get started with today’s lesson. Let me know what you think & if it resonates with you! #lessonsfromliterature

Fail fast so you can succeed swiftly @gretchenrubin 👏🏼


- in spite of all her troubles the maiden laughed -

#blackoutpoetry #perserverance #lessonsfromliterature #lornadoone

In which Gollum is a cautionary tale about eating disorders. Get a Gandalf and a Samwise and destroy it, silly hobbit. #lessonsfromliterature #edrecovery #lotr #reasonstorecover

The calm in the chaos.

“Can you see every patient as an individual?”

“The conclusion I came to in writing this book is that the reason such collaborations seem impossible is that we misunderstand collaboration.” - Adam Kahane

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