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My babies *often* sleep in my bed. I’m not ashamed, I don’t feel guilty (just as parents who choose to put their babies to sleep somewhere besides their own bed shouldn’t feel either). I’m tired, but they feel safe and I like having them close. #cosleeping #youdoyou #lessjudgementmoresupport

What she said!

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At whatever age, weight, skin complexion.... it’s your life and the only one that has to live it is you. Be happy ☺️#behappy❤️ #wearwhatyouwant #itsyourlife #lessjudgementmorelove #lessjudgementmoresupport #womenwhoupliftwomen #allgoodvibes

At whatever age, weight, skin complexion.... it’s your life and the only one that has to live it is you. Be happy ☺️#behappy❤️ #wearwhatyouwant #itsyourlife #lessjudgementmorelove #lessjudgementmoresupport #womenwhoupliftwomen #allgoodvibes

THIS is why have followed him for so long, we have seen him twice and met him, believed in him and his talent. Not for his looks but because we believe in him and his talent. His story is inspiring. Looks are NOT everything. Stereotyping isn’t ok. You don’t have to look a certain way to be country. You can dress like him, be tatted up and wear sneakers and leather jackets and still be incredibly talented. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like. Let’s break through these barriers. Less judgement and More love and acceptance.
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What have I learned?A lot one is to stop pleasing others and to embrace who I am the person I have become and to allow myself to grow from my pain and suffering.To listen to others to love unconditionally and to see that every single person has something to bring on the plate we learn from our own mistakes and observing others and even being a victim to the perpetrators acts.If we don't learn anything from our experiences then what is the point to life?Whats the point to merely existing we all need to feel pain to understand ourselves and acknowledge others.If we don't we walk through this life blind to our surroundings and it's part of the reason why there is so much dysfunction in this world 🌎.There are some people who choose to ignore what they have endured instead of actually feeling it there are some who have experienced a great life hands up to those people!!But that's not reality for many!!Embrace what life is teaching you it has meaning to it as hard and shocking as it may seem.It may be something is teaching you to love others a bit in a less judgemental way or to not be so self obsessed with the way you look at yourself or others It may be you need to look inside someone heart instead of their exterior It may be the reason why you have not found the love of your life because you are to fixated on looks ??whatever it is look deeper inside your heat and learn from the lessons life is teaching you#lessons#life#circumstanceschange#lifechangesforthebetter#wedontstaythesame#welovewelose#lookinside#lessjudgementmoresupport#havegratitudeinlife#forgoodandbadtimes#defeatingtheodds#openyourhearts#totheunknown#everytrialhasapurpose#teachesussomething#aboutourselves

When you go out all morning and the kids fall asleep in the pram....it's only fair to stop and have a cheeky ale before school pickup! #lessjudgementmoresupport

I'll be honest, I struggled a bit (quite a bit honestly) with whether or not I should post this. Why? Because unfortunately it appears we live in a society where it's easier for some to judge, criticize, etc than it is to support. Do I get irritated at times with people at the gym? Yes, I do. But then I remind myself that "they're there" also, trying their best. For some it could be the simple act of walking thru the door that feels like a success. I've never struggled with diet or exercise so I consider myself fortunate in that regard. Lately I've thought quite a bit about a picture such as this. Regardless of what I say or do, someone will have an opinion but honestly...I'm PROUD. I work at being healthy and fit, some days more than others but it's a passion, something I crave. Be proud of who you are, what you accomplish, celebrate the small wins right along with the big...take the first step and set goals along the way. All things are possible...go get it my friends! (This photo was taken today, after unfortunately 2 consecutive rest days due to road trip travel and poor hotel gyms/time constraints...the struggle CAN be real!) #iamproud #fitness #fit #ilovefitness #yesilift #lifting #liftweights #hotelgymselfie #gardenpalacehotel #buffalony #wnyinstagram #idonttakegymselfies #lifetimefitnessismygym #lifetimefitness #westcountylifetime #stlouismo #stlouis #stl #stlinstagram #instagramfitness #mjd #startsomewhere #lessjudgementmoresupport #40sandproud #arms #ihavegoodshoulders #missmyroutine #withdrawals

Let's not forget this truth. Please don't be quick to judge. #addiction #recovery #sobriety #lessjudgementmoresupport #aa #na #soberlife

Time is going too quickly for my liking! I've been scrolling through photos and this one of Will and I from hospital made me cry. As we celebrate milestones, remember to live in the moment. Don't be chasing the next next next things, appreciate the now now now things. When your kids hug you, let them be the ones to let go first. When your kids have something to tell you, drop everything and listen. I am guilty of not doing either some of the time. I'm reminding myself now that nothing is more important then the little people we have created and they deserve our full attention. In a day and age where our lives are getting busier and busier, remember sometimes to just stop and take in the moment xx #feelingemotional

Today I played the role of 'cool Mum'. I've been really tired lately (Will unwell and not sleeping) so I've been quite the grumpster. Today I chose to do school pickup armed with treats, get take away for dinner (Zacs choice) and sit down and watch a movie before bed! It might mean a double up of homework tomorrow.. but who cares! Sometimes it's nice to go against the norm and not be naggy Mum! #feellikewearebreakingtherules

One of those days! Contemplating swigging from the bottle 😳😂 #mumlifecansucksometimes

I'm just a Mum

I am trying my best,
But I have made mistakes along with all the rest,
I'm expected to get everything right,
But sometimes I fail and can't sleep at night,
I've been brave, I've been scared,
I've been wrong, I've been right,
Those are all true confessions and I'd have many more to cite,
Even though I can be stubborn,
I'm not too proud to say,
That I'm learning how to be a mum every single day,
I always have my child's best interests at heart,
A strong bond is created from the very start,
A fierce protective love like no other,
Is certainly known by a mother,
It's with this love that I will teach my child kindness and compassion,
I'm a mum who has suffered anxiety and depression,
It's from these life experiences that I'll teach my child the importance to forgive,
Because we may never understand what another has been through and the life they have so far lived,
I play games with my child and read books along the way,
We dance and sing and have lots of fun making memories that will stay,
I fulfil any role that's needed of me,
A superhero to some that might seem,
But to me I'm just a mum,
And the greatest thing in life for me is raising a caring son!

Love wins ❤️ Link in bio ☝🏼 #lessjudgementmoresupport

OMG I'm That Mum

I've given birth vaginally, no drugs.
I've given birth via c-sec.
I've breastfed in public.
I've expressed & bottle fed.
I've given my kids healthy food.
I've given my kids junk food.
I've let my kids play.
I've given my kids boundaries.
I've lost my shit.
I've yelled at my kids.
I've nurtured my kids when they are sick.
I've encouraged them to do homework.
I've told them to screw their homework & play.
I've lied beside them and read books.
I've snored beside them while they read their own books.
I've sent them off to school.
I've let them stay at home from school.
I've used Daycare.
I haven't used Daycare.
I've been a working mum.
I've been a not working mum.
I've encouraged activities.
I've rolled my eyes at activities.
I've whinged that they talk too much.
I've whinged that they won't talk to me.
I've gone without so I can buy the cool toy.
I've said no because we couldn't afford the cool toy.
I've bought expensive clothes for the kids.
I've accepted hand me downs for the kids.
I've been the cool Mum.
I've been the cranky Mum.
I've let them have maccas for breakfast.
I've given them cereal for dinner.
I've cried behind the doors.
I've lost sleep.
I've taken daytime naps.

Through all the 'I haves' the one thing that sticks out above the rest?
"I've always loved the absolutely crap out of my kids". Share this if you are an "OMG I'm That Mum" who is riding this parenting train doing the god damned best job you can 👊🏼
Kell x

That is all. ❤

I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids.
But I really, really love it when they rest their tired little bodies before they turn into little monsters. So Mummy can enjoy a freshly made sandwich and hot coffee for lunch. So I can watch TV for half an hour and not think about anything. So I can recharge my batteries to be a better Mummy to you when you wake up.

Thank you for listening when I said 'go the f$&k to sleep'. Today, I needed this recharge. #lessjudgementmoresupport

More and more people need to read this and let it soak in ... what the world could be like if more believed in this .... #stopbeinghypocritical #unconditionalmeansunconditional #nooneisperfect #alwaysgrowandlearn #lessjudgementmoresupport

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