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This Lip Nautic-Ski Automatic 671504
Double Anniversary re-edition model celebrates 150 years of Lip watches and 50 years of their best-selling Nautic-Ski.
It comes in a 38 mm 316L steel case with domed mineral glass crystal, and is water resistant to 200 m.
Special dress code is blue, white and red on the dial, for the French flag.
On the dial the hands and indexes are luminescent. And there is a date because it's so gorgeous you won't ALWAYS be under the water when you wear this.
Safety features include bi-directional internal rotating bezel, screwed crowns, and screwed case back -- transparent to reveal the oscillating weight.
Special effects: From 50 to 10, the bezel works like a countdown!
With a black or blue dial, it comes in a gift box with 2 straps: black silicon and blue perlon.
Priced at EUR499, exclusively on www.ocarat.com
(Apologies for the glare and phone reflection). Thanks to @les.rp for private viewing and patient poses!
#lipwatches #lipnauticski #ocarat #lesrp

comment for a tbh+rate.

( I LIKED THE WARPAINT PHOTO, DON'T juDGE me). Anyways, I'm doing Luna's tomorrow because you did technically asked. Moving on. Dear angel, even though you're changing your name I'm still gonna call you angel because that's what I've known you as. I'm sorry that this hasn't been you best week. I'm incredibly sorry that you were upset and sad. Because you're actually a good person, and good people deserve to be happy and loved. You're actually a nice person when you want to be; which is why I wanted to say thank you since I wouldn't have met Luna through you. You know part of me thinks that I'm supposed to hate you, but I do genuinely care about you. Even if you can be pain in the ass. You are kind hearted, incredibly smart and not that bad looking either. This is making me cheesy on a whole nother level. There's true love out there for everyone, including you. So don't give up on it, there's going to be that perfect person that'll make you believe in the idea of true love and soulmates. Who'll love you for your flaws and imperfections. Angel, even though you're going to change your name god knows how many times. You are a good person that deserves to be loved, cherished and treated by a queen. Love, the sweetest person in the world Alexandria V King. 💋 ( #openrp #birp #lesrp #daddyrp🌸 #openroleplay ).

I wanna play 😘 #kinkyrp🙈 #lesrp #rpforgirls

nariah !! a bi little brat . doesnt bite so say hi for a tbh !!💫#openrp #lesrp

kinda bored and horny, someone hmu! even though i do bite.

I'm Noel and I'm one naughty girl ;)
#lesrp #lesbianroleplay #openrp #dirtyrp

I have my final interview for college today where if I'm finally accepted I'll get my timetable I'm shaking I'm so nervous

ashleigh | 18 | single | funny but socially awkward | in need of friends | lover of all | music is my life | cmt for a tbh 🗣


I have to wait until December to have thanksgiving bc my sister is moving in with us around that time I’m so pissed I don’t even want to be around my family I just want the damn mashed potatoes and pie

it’s been a long day.

comment for a dm.


I have different music taste, I can go from listening to metal 80s/90s, bloodbath “let me cut your throat half way and finger fuck it baby” ass lyrics to soothing bands/artist that aren't known as too popular to 60s/70s rock to 40s/50s swing rock...

born may 19, 1995 / single / human kisser / dog mom / obsessed with her dog, joey / friends & the office enthusiast / coffee obsessed / lover of poetry and music / spam texter / kinky princess / in need of friends / dtf
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im changing my model butttttt not yet #openrp #mommyrp #daddyrp🌸 #kinkyrp #lesrp #newopenrp #straightrp #anyrp

who’s tryna get cuffed

cleo v. nygård.
twenty-one. norwegian. musician. a little gay, a little straight. masochist. innocent eyes, pouty lips. blood infatuation. little. scraped knees, bruised body. spit brat. enjoys classic rock very much. a little disobediant. can be found dancing around in her panties. mouthy. loves her friends, could use a few more.
say hello, angels.

i have no idea why i can't sleep (: someone please chat with me. i'm dying of boredom.


No one seems to want to roleplay unless smut is involved.

20 years old//Kinda gay Kinda straight //Blackbear enthusiasts//dog lover//loves to be dominated//has no friends// pretty damn sexual// makes the best Mac and cheese// wants to be famous// Modeling & traveling// from New York but lives in Texas// smokes a lot of weed// comment a pink emoji for a date or pass and rate.
#newopenrp #anyrp #lesrp #birp #straightrp #friendrp #literaterp

someone come smoke a blunt & cuddle me😴

Have got NO Theme cause I'm the Theme.

When I love someone I put all of my heart and soul into their hands and maybe that's my problem oof

Aria Fontaine🥀 - heartbroken & trying 2 recover. 21. Will kiss literally anyone. A bit of a hoe. Easily attached. Loves her cat Noodle. Would make out with Kylo Ren AND Rey.
#openrp #darkrp #bandrp #singlerp #straightrp #lesrp #subrp #domrp

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