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Vulnerability, Love, and Fear. A woman that's afraid to love. A woman that's afraid to feel. A woman that's afraid to feel vulnerable. Because she was taught that it makes her weak. She was taught that a queen does not cry, she does not show the world what makes her weak. But as she grew older, as life changed the truth was revealed. It is okay to love, to fall in love, love makes you strong not weak. It is okay to be vulnerable in front of others; they'll love you no matter what even in dark times. And it is okay to fear. Because fear is what makes us human. Be proud of who you are; no matter what the world thinks. ( look at me being all deep and inspirational #openrp #birp #lesrp the pictures tell a whole different story though.).

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heyyy, I'm jen, 19 les & taken❤️ I need some good friends so hmu! I live with all my baby! & my puppies jax and diamond but that's it & im a mess as you can see. I enjoy cuddles, going to the beach, and laying anywhere outside at night to look at the stars. I love pizza! ice cream and nuggets!!!..chocolate milk too! I'm clingy and jealous as fuck, just know that before you get close to me!

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Mais quelle equipe genialissime sur @eurosportfrance avec cette bande #lesRP . Une aventure, des rencontres, des émotions... bref, un @letourdefrance fantastique. Merci à tous pour vos messages sur l'ensemble des réseaux sociaux, cest un plaisir de vous faire partager chaque jours ma passion du velo. 👍

she's slayin holy 😭💍💍💍💍

Pas le résultat espéré aujourd'hui mais on retentera le coup les prochains jours. #LesRP #lavuelta2017

hi i love you. ( #openrp #birp #lesrp #l4l ).

I don't know you,
But you know my name.
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i am so sleepy but i don’t wanna sleep

I love kisses wow

Callie is my babygirl and I love her.

emily//15//Bi//single//horny//boy and girl kisser//sexual// shook//hungry//cuddles//neck kisses//🤤❤️

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Why is it that every bio I read these days the girl is 4'11 or shorter? Do you midgets need to help grab stuff on the top shelf for you?

If you post or like porn I will unfollow you and will pray for you.

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14. Nobody's girl. Boys and girls. Loves ice cream. Sagittarius. Shy. Walks on the beach. Star gazing -
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dear friends hi i love you and i want to appreciate you so comment for an appreciation post <3

I worked out a hard sweat and feel good and now I'm about to eat a big dinner, shame on me.

Okai tiny lil me does not have a gf but to whoever earns me next Tuh!? I hope you're ready to be taken care of loved on and supported day in and day out cause girl let me tell you! Tuh I got your baq bbymomma💓
#beyourbabysbiggestfan (;
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so i'm single again my relationship lasted like 5 minutes he's dumb

anya v. makarova! comment an animal for a tbh.
eighteen year old baby. taurus. crybaby. little! sub! ballet instructor. dog mom. hopeless romantic. adores disney movies. collects stuffies + pictures of puppies. will probably cover you in stickers! has a bad habit of sucking her thumb. wants to either hold your hand or sit in your lap. adores being called little one or princess. snuggle bug + hoodie / shirt stealer! gets teased for her height. kinky lil baby. in need of more friends + someone to snuggle!

cameron reid.
16, 5'11, california. adores short girls. tagged is my cute lil strawberry lookin girl. fan of 6lack and lany. overthinker. sleeps till 1 pm. takes too many naps. has an album of kermit memes. puts friends bfore himself. a1 reply game. gets too excited over dogs. hit the dms for a litty friendship :)
be prepared for the messiest theme ever bc im too lazy to make a proper one

" i love your name and never want to cheat myself out of a single syllable "

everytime i listen to tongue tied i just want to to dance lmao

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