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16 JUILLET 2018
IG FRANCE COUP DE CŒUR - Le jour d’après ⭐️⭐️Session 2 ! from Guyane !
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Raise your hand if you find being yourself is hard sometimes... As easy as those words come out of our mouths and seem evident, it isn’t always applicable.
I’ve often had to argue to be who I am. I dont think I ever pretended to be someone else to gain access to anything special, or appeal to someone. It’s not to say hay my personality hasn’t changed over the years and I’ve shifted from one mentality to the other...but whatever mental state I was in, I always expressed it and displayed it. I wear my heart on my sleeves. Whilst not always bejng forthcoming about what I want, I didn’t hide who I am or how I’m feeling.
Most of my life, around certain people, I’ve been asked to change my perspective. While I may have sometimes agreed with their logic, understood their point of view, and respected their opinion, I didn’t think it was fair to ask me to be something I’m not because it may be better for me. Like I said, it may have been better for me to follow through with their advice, but I couldn’t see myself be that person that im not just to say I did the thing that was most logical, suitable and appropriate for the circumstance.

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Sur la plage abandonnée, coquillages et crustacés 🐚🌴

Tape m'en cinq 👋 @aka.koja

Love it even without the sand

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