Me when I sneak into the kitchen to get pineapples... Q: who’s your favorite? Leo or Daniel?

M: Leo all the way... but I still like Daniel a lot..

لان وصفك صعب ياروحي ومالي 💔
#زوري_اشكناني | @zori_ashkanani

Sorry for not posting for so long but last week I was in Romania for a project and yesterday was my birthday so a lot has been going on. Please forgive me!

Someone said I should do a Hayley edit, so here it is! Who’s your favorite Hayley?💛
Mine is probably happy or sassy Hayley!💛

I’m trying to post as often as I can, I promise! Who should I edit next?

‏"تجرح وينبت من دفا طعنتك ورد
‏باقي ثلاث جروح و أصير بُستان".

Who is it behind the door?
Comment down below!💛

She’s one of my favorite female characters on the show! She’s so strong, beautiful and smart, all I should say about her is, GIRL POWER!💛

A really simple, but yet really, really cute edit.💛

The look of planning to get your friends crush and her together... (she obviously ships them)
I did this edit at my lunch break and I’m really happy about it! Comment if you like the edit!

So I did this edit late last night and I am completely obsessed! I mean, Max is adorable here💛

My first real edit! I really like this style of edit and I hope you all do that too! #brex

Did you ever ship #emmax? Or were you always a #jax shipper?
I’ve always been a true Jackie and Max shipper by heart💛

All my favorite couples on the show💛

Good morning to the eight people that follows this fan page!💛 (and two of the accounts is actually mine....)

They’re definitely siblings goals! I love how their relationship develops through the series💛

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