With spring just two weeks away I have already crowned Paris - Deauville my favourite Les Eaux de Chanel. That said, I look forward to wearing them all on heavier rotation as the weather warms. Have you a favourite from the collection?

Презентация новых ароматов #Chanel угощали мороженным 🍦с фруктами🍋, которые использовали в создании композиций этих духов. Их, кстати, можно купить только во Франции #chanel #nice #leseauxdechanel #france #icecream #yummy #cotedazur

Who am I kidding, they're all excellent!

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She loves the feeling of the sun on her skin. The sound of crashing waves. She dreams of the countryside. She knows she’ll go far. A light scent lingers. Finally she is free. Our new short film inspired by what inspired Gabrielle Chanel. Watch it in full, link in bio 💞
Director: @iammucci
Make-Up: @victoriabaron
Hair: @michmquillan
Styling: @nichhiawippell
Photographer: @ellajanee
Flowers: @mivioleta
Talent: @sssseamus
Written by: @iammucci & @garypeppergirl
For @chanelofficial #LESEAUXDECHANEL

LES EAUX DE CHANEL PARIS-VENISE #exclusive #souvenir from #venice 🇮🇹 😘💋💕 and I got a #cute #chanelpouch as a gift from #chanelboutique 😍 A fresh oriental trail inspired by the exotic and enchanting city of Venice, one of Gabrielle Chanel's favorite places. A fragrance of shadow and light, between freshness and sensuality. I just love love this #chanelperfume #chanel #chanelleseaux #leseauxdechanel #chanelbeauty #perfume

When you get a request for a special flower crown from @garypeppergirl for a shoot with @chanelofficial .... #myviolet#leseauxdechanel

A four day shoot in the middle of winter, including floating in a freezing lake at 7:30am just to get the shot or filming for an hour only to use two seconds of the footage for this labor of love. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a project in a while and reminded me of my origins, when I would experiment and create for the love of creating. Thank you to my dream team for all of your hard work on this, and to Muc, who made me feel like we were creating this for ourselves rather than for anyone else. I’m sorry I kidnapped you for 5 days but what fun we had. Can’t wait to share this short film with you all tonight, 9PM AEST 🌻 @chanelofficial #LESEAUXDECHANEL

After spending more time with the Les Eaux De Chanel line, I simply can't narrow it down to one favourite. Biarritz was the location of Gabrielle Chanels first couture house. It's s beautiful floral citrus scent that is working beautifully in the current British summer. Of course I want to spend more time with it before giving my full thoughts. How's your Tuesday been?

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CHANEL Les Eaux淡香水系列 - Miss K 的第一瓶 Chanel 香水!

繼人生第一支Chanel 唇膏之後,今次就到人生第一支Chanel 香水,很敗家﹗﹗
事緣係我同朋友去咗7月尾嘅香水盛夏之旅,之後就俾Chanel Les Eaux淡香水系列嘅第三部曲 - Paris-Venise深深吸引住……但講起呢個系列香水係有啲特別,佢唔同平時Chanel 香水係100ml,呢個系列香水都係125ml, 變相好似抵咗咁。(自我安慰中......) .
💡同大家分享Miss K嘅噴香水心得:
3️⃣最後就噴喺頭頂上嘅空氣、或者向上噴完再走入散落嘅香水之中,咁香味就可以唔刻意得嚟自己亦嗅得到。 .

你都快啲搵一支命定香水俾自己啦﹗ . 🔍想睇詳細試用?快啲去我blog 睇啦! .
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