Here's a little lesson about double standards.
These 4 beautiful women inspired me and a story came to mind. So I began jotting down my story in script form. Midway through I wanted to get a feel for what some peeps thought about it and THAT IS WHEN THE BULLSHIT BEGAN!!
untitled movie (as of yet)

cast (as of yet)
alia Starr(saima benton)
lorena garcia ( Elena gomez)
Lily Carter( Helena Finley)
lizz tayler (Victoria Aldridge)

Lizz(@lizztayler) as a bounty hunter.
Lily (@lilcarterxx) as a ranch owner .
Alia as Lizz's boss .
LORENA as a rival ranch owner that wants lilys ranch at all costs because she blames lilys father for her mother's suicide.Lilys dad built the ranch with money he skimmed from lorenas mom
That's what drove her to suicide.
Lilys father is a con man and after abandoning Lily and HER mom .he gets involved with a nefarious group That use a clothes manufacturing plant as a front for a sex slavery ring.He skimms money off the top and amasses a small fortune at their expense for a while he continues his plans with indifferent disregard towards the people whose lives are being destroyed for the sake of his amassed fortune. that is until the day he finds that his days are numbered and now he has only a short time to set things right with Lily. I wrote this out (WITHOUT) the ladies real names. I used their characters names . When I did that people were into it. As soon as I said their actual names that's when I was asked why them? Why not come up with mainstream actresses? To which I replied: Well because these are beautiful and talented young women who inspired the story in the first place. Secondly their day jobs should not define them as people nor limit them in other pursuits!! my 2cents in the matter
On a side note: Lily & Lizz may wanna kick my ass for wanting to pair them together but they got chemistry and it ain't my fault it's obvious
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