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#itTakesTuesday : Leroi and Diane.

Old friends. New lessons #bookworm #leroijones #amiribaraka

Revisiting some images from #GlennLigon's A People on the Cover today. #LeRoiJones

LeRoi Jones - Preface To A Twenty Volume Suicide Note. #LeRoiJones #AmiriBaraka

Taking off to the woods with a little reading material #sonhouse #leroijones #amiribaraka

"The use of African drums was soon prevented too, as the white man learned that drums could be used to incite revolt as well as to accompany dancers."
#LeRoiJones #AmiriBaraka #BluesPeople

Blues People in Belgium #sidemen #leroijones #bluespeople


Magic. Tarot. All dat shit 2nite. #thatkindanight #blackmagic✊🏿 #leroijones

Poets rise up, just like the griots in old-world Africa, to tell stories and sing the praises of the dead and wounded, using words like lasers to focus anger and to rally the disillusioned, to write into existence new terms of being Black, being men and women, being American. LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, and Nikki Giovanni spearhead the '60s-spawned Black Arts Movement, throwing grenades at the literary establishment, experimenting with new ways to write poems, plays, novels, and rants that delineate frontline battles, political strategies, and the shifting foundations of Hip Hop. Even now, we can hear the echoes of, and blatant references to, their work throughout the Hip Hop cipher, from spoken-word artists to rap lyrics. #blackhistory #blackartsmovement #hiphop #hiphopculture #hiphophead #hiphopscholar #hiphoppa #griot #leroijones #amiribaraka #soniasanchez #nikkigiovanni

Amiri Baraka's "Black Art." Baraka was a wordsmith breaking and creating and incorporating an Afrocentric artistic cultural movement known as the Black Arts movement. Marvel at his stark and beautiful lyrical realism. ✨

Blues People in Belgium #sidemen #leroijones #bluespeople

Dos libros que merecen ser leídos y releidos de uno de los mejores apreciadores y críticos de la evolución de la música afroamericana, su contracultura y sus ideales. Respeto máximo a Leroi Jones aka Amiri Baraka ✊❤✏🙏📗📕 #LeroiJones #AmiriBaraka #BluesPeople #BlackMusic #Book #Books #Read #MustRead #Libros #Libro #Music #Music #Black #Blues #Jazz #Roots #Raices #Critic #Journalist #Journalism #Poet

Thelonious Monk learns the piano.... #amiribaraka #leroijones

Happy Black History Month. Amiri Baraka, 1934-2014. I've never before cried at a "celebrity" passing. But you were not a stranger to me. First of all you always looked like family to me. Those big round eyes, which you said caused you to see yourself in the big eyes of #jamesbaldwin when you were a child. I discovered your work when I was 21. You changed my life. Your autobiography is one of the most important books I've ever read and I would recommend it to anyone. It was both your life journey and a chronicle of black resistance and black power during Civil Rights era, including how the fucking FBI sabotaged non-violent resistance - clumsily meddling and threatening young students who just wanted equality and safety. You are American history. Your life story, your poetry, your plays, interviews, I read and watched everything I could get my hands on. A single sentence you once said caused me to take action and self-publish a book of poetry that I'm still proud of. You said, "Stop polishing the gun and shoot it." I saw you twice in person, once right down the street at Skylight Books. You looked me in the eye, asked where I was from and whether I had any plans to go back. Because our power is in being with our people, in our community, building it up. You named the ache and longing of being black among white affluence. The friction of being a black artist among white hipsters and becoming a black radical among white liberals. And the switch - where you stopped wanting the life other people seemed to have and realized your own power to create in your own world. You're known as the Black Beat but you were so much cooler and more important than that. As you got older you talked about the big picture - the absurdity of still worrying about food and shelter when we could be doing so much more. "We're not even doing the shit that we're meant to be doing," you said with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow. Your honesty and commitment to evolving yourself and community has touched me deeply. Rebel, radical, teacher, elder. Thank you for your work. It helped me see who I am and what I'm meant to do. #amiribaraka #leroijones #blackpower #blacklivesmatter

Ever hear the naysayers of our #BlackRevolution say "They can protest so long as it's peaceful"? Ever see the reactions to those peaceful protests by those naysayers? (See: #ColinKaepernick ) Makes you wonder what is the point of being peaceful, nonviolent, submissive, and docile when the reaction remains the same: an overreaction. This article is from the October 1964 edition of #TheNegroDigest (link to article is on Facebook page located in bio). Written by #LeroiJones , a poet and author, this article does not mince words regarding the plight of the negro. It could've been written yesterday, which is sad but inspiring. An excerpt is below. Enjoy ✊🏾 #BlackReality #BlackLivesMatter #BreakTheSystem #MarchingOrders #GoodTrouble #BlackLikeVanilla
From The Negro Digest: "The Negro's real problem remains to find some actual goal to work toward. A complete equality of means is impossible in the present state of American society. And even if it were possible, the society is horrible enough without Negroes swelling its ranks. The only genuine way for the Negro to achieve a personal autonomy, it seems to me, this equality of means, would be as a truly active moralizing force within or against American society as it now stands. In this sense I advocate a violence, a literal destruction of the American socio-political stance, not only as it directly concerns American Negros, but in terms of its strangle hold on most of the modern world.
The Negro must take an extreme stance, he must attack the white man's system using his own chains to help beat that system into submission and actual change. The black man is the only revolutionary force in American society today, if only by default. The supposed Christian ideal of Non-Violence is aimed at quieting even this most natural of insurrectionary elements. As an actual moral category all rational men are essentially non-violent, except in defense of their lives. To ask that the black man not even defend himself is to ask that the black man stay quiet in his chains while the most "liberal" elements in this country saw away at those chains with make-believe saws."

I'm sitting here reading Amiri Baraka talking about how Africans used drums to replace words and listening to Maurice White's drumming and suddenly the two coalesced and made me realize why Hip-Hop is so important in means of communication. Damn. Knowledge is power. 📚📕📑📒 #nowspinning #igvinylclub #mpcfood #knowledgeispower #currentlyreading #poetry #instamusic #cratediggers #jazz #funk #mauricewhite #leroijones #bluespeople #vinylvisuals #vinyljunkie #woke #funk #amiribaraka #ramseylewis #HipHop

"Early Blues developed as a music to be sung for pleasure, a casual music, and that was its strength and its weakness." ( LeRoi Jones ) #blues #music #leroijones #amiribaraka #bluespeople #negromusic "...I just want to make love to you...baby...love to you...love to you..."

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