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So I drive home alone as I turn off the light I put her picture up and maybe get some sleep tonight

She's a blessing to my life and i just don't want to let go of her

Jake // 18 //Crushing mad hard // Is shy // Has short term memory loss // gets annoyed easily // has amazing kids // Mayas everything // my best friends kevin // my sisters falacia // will not stay quiet on his feelings if he's mad he'll show it // gets sexual // crushes on the most amazing girl on here // is nice and tries to be funny // doesn't care what people think // cyrus is my beanie twin // char aka falacia is my sister // Lexy is an amazing friend // don't mistake my kindness for a weakness // something I have to say to all of y'all. If your happy fuck what people think // to all the people who hate me, y'all couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions //introduce yourself for a tbh (that I might do)

come at me @Instagram

Like seriously

@Instagram come at me

I hate people lmao not everyone only the people who annoy me #openrp #newopenrp #shawnmendesrp #jackgilinskyrp #leonardodicapriorp

heyo whos down to like talk rn 😜

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