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Young Leonardo Dicaprio with his parents 😍

hope you like this edit! it took me a while. this movie is very underrated, leo's performance is amazing.
[film: The Basketball Diaries | song: Heroin by The Velvet Underground]

Nice legs 😏😍❤ Do you like this edits?❤
Love you all! EID MUBAREK❤

I have 3 types of mad:
1) when I'm so mad I just cry
2) when I'm mad as fuck and just snap
3) when I'm mad and don't wanna talk to anybody.
What's Yours ???

Richard 🤤💦🔥 ( #TheBeach - 2000) #leonardodicaprio

Good Morning


Maleficent 🎬

Questo posto mi fa pensare […] che cosa sarebbe peggio: vivere da mostro o morire da uomo per bene?

Speaking of Kate Winslet...

Дхьа ло цун кхи цхьа оскар😂😂

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