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Installation view of Horizon Home Sweet Home, 1970 at Leo Castelli Gallery 1970 🌈⚡️

Style, career and friendship goals: Leo Castelli and Cy Twombly vacationing in northern Italy in the 70's.

Back to back on #lauragrisi antifog column #sculpture #leocastelli #artisalwaysagoodidea

Leaflet for « Jouer le jeu », a workshop at Esacm with Museum of Museum.
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Robert Rauschenberg, Bed, 1955. On view in MoMA's wonderful retrospective. The piece was given to MoMA by Leo Castelli. He bought from his first Rauschenberg show in 1958. @themuseumofmodernart #robertrauschenberg #leocastelli

Cy, Oh Sigh #CyTwombly #NineDiscoursesOnCommodus 1963 In late 1963 Twombly devoted a cycle to the Roman Emperor Commodus (161-192) son of Marcus Aurelius, remembered as cruel and bloodthirsty ruler. The paintings convey the climate of violence that prevailed during the reign marked by executions and terror. Shown at #LeoCastelli's in the spring of 1964 these paintings were roundly condemned by the critics. Won to the newly emergent Minimalism, the NY public was unable to grasp Twombly's ability to render on canvas the complex psychological phases informing life and death of the emperor, who was unable to reign without resorting to assassination.

Claes Oldenburg at Leo Castelli Gallery, 1976. #claesoldenburg #leocastelli


Horseshoe Crab Painting #224/365, oil pastel on acrylic paper, 12" x 12"

Installation view of Horizon Home Sweet Home, 1970 at Leo Castelli Gallery 1970 🌈⚡️

Horseshoe Crab Painting #222/365, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas, 12" x 12"

black lenin, 1987. 30 years later feat. @solicorbelle

hammer and sickle, one of my favorite portfolios. symbols of the cold war originally masked by the ambiguous title of "still lifes" by Leo Castilli.

It's all about the Dark Net 🍔

Horseshoe Crab Painting #220/365, acrylic and oil on canvas, 12" x 12"

The legendary John Gossage presents our 2017 Keynote Lecture on Friday Oct. 27 at 7pm. Don't miss an opportunity to meet the man who walked into @magnumphotos and asked to speak with Cartier-Bresson, who learned to print from W. Eugene Smith, and who has challenged the photography establishment for decades.
Registration ends Sunday!
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Ben Birillo Sr’s first exhibition in 20 years opens next month at GB Gallery, SoHo - Ben, a friend and partner of Warhol, Lichtenstein and Leo Castelli, to name a few icons of the era - is preparing to begin to exhibit, in partnership with Georges Berges, never before seen recent work, which promises to be an exciting experience of pop art - become part of history, join us this November 9th for the opening! #georgesbergesgallery #bergesgallery #georgesberges #art #popart #contemporaryart #modernart #fineart #warhol #leocastelli #leichtenstein #americansupermarket #benbirillosr

Cinque Notti

Last weekend Jeanette and LouLou overheard some Los Feliz backyard barbecue tittle-tattle, “Jehr’s just a hairstylist, he’s not an artist.” Others in the catty clique shared similar sentiment, “Jehr’s no performance artist, he’s merely a haircutter.” Few sculpt while steeped in conversation; a Jehrcut is an interactive study in personal nature, christened through mutual consent. Placing patron, seat and Jehr Schiavo out of ordinary context, positioned instead onto a proper gallery floor, instantly settles the art or not matter. An ancient ritual then blossoms, becoming conceptual art, continuing in Yoko Ono’s footsteps.
A haircutting exhibition in such complementary manner is unprecedented, not only for Mr. Haute Coiffure, but for that yet revealed gutsy gallery as well; one who also thrives on an unorthodox limb — Leo Castelli, Mary Boone and Larry Gagosian’s strategy. Refusing any financial payment whatsoever for gallery representation, under these particular circumstances, would be paramount. In lieu of commission, Jehr Schiavo would rather donate 100% from an art event’s earnings to a non-profit organization.

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