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"My eyes become large and the light that you shine..." @orianacurls #lenslightapp #innerlight #singer

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Friday Reflections

Magic marble ll.

✏️Original Edit Courtesy of Nancy @enjaess: BG (Air) and Image (Sports) from PhotoCrash2 app
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Slide 1, combination of my lumyer app and lens light app; slide 2, LensLight app #happymemorialday #lenslight #lenslightapp My Artwork Made by #ColorTherapyApp Follow and download @ColorTherapyApp to get a chance to be featured on Instagram Page #colortherapy #colortherapyapp I love @ colortherapy club #colortherapyclub #lumyer #lumyerapp #mylumyer

Happy new moon in Gemini, friends! 🌚💫🌝After years of studying astrology I feel that I'm just now come to new levels of understanding and embracing of this energy. I don't have strong Gemini in my chart, other than my Pisces sun in the third house, which it rules. The twins have been the trickiest of all for me to "pin down", mostly because I've often felt repelled+agitated by people who carry it strongly, and I've often heard others have felt similarly (no hard feelings Gemini people, I've loved many of you, too!)☺️So today, I have felt this energy pulsing strongly in me, and I've been listening deeply and sharply to its message, tuning into the higher octave of its vibration, and I'm smiling now as I come to honor its nature. It is the trickster. 🦊This archetype is misunderstood because it's supposed to be!🙃Its intention is to test us so that we mature. When the mind becomes confused, we are left with a choice: continue to grasp at straws trying to understand this illusory world, or tilt back our heads and laugh at the sky for this grand cosmic joke we get to dance within! This is Gemini, the sacred fool, laughing at duality and all the intricate, intercepting parts we play and the pieces and layers of the puzzles we weave. It is not particularly serious because, well why be heavy when one can be light?🎭It is sharp and perceptive and keen to share its observations of the world all around us, and although this kind of sharing in excess could be overstimulating to other types, I'm realizing how much there truly is to learn from this type of open, excited inquiring mind in our very own homes, backyards, neighborhood barbecues, and so on. It is beginner's mind, fascinated by almost any thought or inquiry, wanting to know more and more and MORE, and as with anything there is both liberation or destruction depending on how consciously the energy is utilized. Our world is made of paradox after paradox after paradox and when one can truly sit and BE with this truth, there is an amazing liberation to discover! So today I honor the duality in me, and the beauty and power of my curious mind, as I rest lightly in my heart center and watch it all unfold from here.💞

Formula: XQJZEJQ. Roswell. I decided to an X-Files theme for this project. First, I added the stormy clouds using the @skylabapp. Second, I used the LensFX app to add the explosion effect. Third, I created the spaceship using the @matter_app by @pixiteapps. Fourth, I added some lights using the LensLight app and finally, I edited the rest using the @mexturesapp and made a new formula for the @mexturescollective. The desert pic was taken by @fridakitten @rsa_mextures #skylabapp #lensfxapp #lenslightapp #brainfeverapps #matterapp #pixiteapps #mextures #mexturesapp #mexturescollective #mexturesway #themexturesway #m3xtures #mexturesedit #mexturesaddict #mexturesformula #formula_sharing_is_caring #digitalart #digital_art #create #creative #creativity #justcreate #desert #roswell #ufo #roswellincident #1947 #crashedufo

🔹🔶 ❇️ Dub Crystals ❇️ 🔷🔸
This is a pile of seashells I found in DTSP a few months ago. Edited on my iPhone with a few apps. 😁🌀🐚 What do you see? ~ 🎧🎶 Androcell ~ Dub Crystals

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