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It's officially called the Citrus Slice Necklace but I call it my Happy Hour Necklace. It's the slice of lime perched on the rim of my glass... or even muddled at the bottom of it - I do love a good mojito!

But sometimes I think of the orange I squeezed into my morning juice and I'll wear it to remind myself to make good food decisions during the day.

Funny how it works both ways. What kind of citrus do you see? .

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. #stpatricksday #therinklife #lemonlime

This Lemon Lime 4 piece travel hoop is one of my favs!!🍋HOOPDREAMS saves you 💰 at checkout! 💋✨✨✨ #treatyoself #lemonlime #travelhoop #hoopfriends #hoopfam #hooplove #believe #aspire #inspire #hoopersofig #hoopersofinstagram

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Makes 1 (304 cal, 10P, 27F, 4NetCarbs)
Thanks @happy_keto_mom for sharing!
1/2 tsp butter
1/2 of one beaten egg
1 tbsp Hershey's unsweetened cocoa
½ tsp stevia
Splash of vanilla
⅛ tsp baking powder

1/2 of one beaten egg
2 oz softened cream cheese
½ tsp stevia
Splash of vanilla

In a mug, melt the butter.
Add all other brownie ingredients to the mug adding the half egg last and mix well.
In a small separate container, mix all ingredients for the cheesecake with the second half of beaten egg. Don't worry if it's a little lumpy, it all melts together.
Pour into the mug over the top of brownie mixture. Do not mix the two.
Heat in microwave 2 minutes or until done.

For me it began at a very young age. I remember feeling an incessant need to be a part of, whether that be through having the right clothes or the right circle of friends. I would gain these things and then inevitably be left with the same feelings of less than or apart from- until I found drugs and alcohol. It did not escalate right away but there were indications that I drank a little more than others. At 19 years old things really started to take a turn for the worst and by the time I was 23 there was no way to continue hiding my issues from anyone in my life. I was homeless, nearly jobless, and had essentially burned down every relationship that meant something to me. My family and a close friend sat me down and drew their line in the sand. They said they were no longer going to be a part of my life if I was going to continue down the path I was on. That day I decided to take the help being offered to me and go to treatment. I learned a great deal about alcoholism while I was there; that it was a disease and that there wasn't anything I did or did not do in order for it to have effected me. I also learned that there was a spiritual solution and there was no hope of ever overcoming the disease without it. Thus, I started my journey on the path to recovery. My life has completely changed since that day. I no longer wake up with the thought of "how will I get my next high;" my relationships with friends and family have been restored, I have an amazing girlfriend, and a career that I truly enjoy. I think that one of the biggest gifts recovery has given to me is the ability to help others and show them that there is a way out. I can say with confidence that I have found my purpose and could not be more grateful for the disease of addiction, and the solution that has allowed me to recreate my life. - @clement.property.group 🙏🏼

Lemon Mousseline for Easter! Flouncy, and perfect to welcome spring. #easter #lemonlime

It’s Friday, and glimmers of spring are in the air! ✨🌱🍋🌿💫 #TGIF

Yet another reason I love this lifestyle! Always giving out new recipes and twists on new shake ideas. 😋Yummmm. I want to try this lemon lime cheesecake one. 🍋 *See BIO link for more yummy ideas. *

1 Minggu Whitening Lotion! 😍💕 WHITENING LOTION (seluruh badan)

Manfaat: .
🍼 mencerahkan kulit
🍼 memutihkan dengan putih yang alami & natural
🍼 meratakan warna kulit agar putih merata
🍼 mengangkat sel kulit mati
🍼 menghaluskan & melembabkan kulit
🍼 merawat dan menyehatkan kulit
🍼 sangat bisa digunakan untuk daerah2 lipatan/yang menggelap
🍼 sangat aman untuk yang ingin memutihkan/mencerahkan & merawat kulit. Cowok/cewek bisa ya!

Konsultasi & Order
WhatsApp : 0813-3200-6980
Line : @xws2023v (pakai @)

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165lbs 3x8
205lbs 2x8
215lbs 2x6
skull crushers w/ dumbbells
25lbs 7x10
Decline bench
165 lbs 5x10
Curls with the tricep bar
50 lbs 5x10 .
Cardio time!
1 mile jog
Superset/ HIIT x4-
50 yard tire flip
6 pull ups
10 push-ups
4 chin ups
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Testi pemakaian Whitening Lotion 🌟
WA : 0813-3200-6980
Line : @xws2023v (pakai @)
Untuk konsultasi dan order.
Karena cara pemakaian yang benar sesuai aturan akan membuat hasil pemakaian maksimal 😍👌🏻

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Bizim evde;🏡
🍋limonların suyu sıkılır,
🍋kabukları tatlılarda kullanmak üzere rendelenir,
🍋geri kalan kabukları da küp küp doğranıp buz kalıplarına konarak sularımıza katmak üzere bekletilir💛
👉Dememiz o ki, limon bizim için oldukça kıymetlidir👌
👉Doğadan gelen her güzellik başımızın tacı, mutfağımızın vazgeçilmezidir👩‍🍳

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