Three little sweethearts with sandy toes and a sun kissed nose. ❤️ 🏖

Celebrated Father’s Day doing what I LOVE • Created a super yummy meal that we all enjoyed together relaxing on the patio watching the kids splash & giggle swimming in the pool. Truly so blessed to be surrounded by these men in my life 🖤

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Sedikit pencerahan tentang DDD (Dew Drop Diffuser)
Slide next picture to read further, Insya Allah. 😊
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Oh. My. Goodness.
I am home! Missed by boys, I’m exhausted, and ready for my own bed - but so so so full of happiness and gratitude and purpose and knowledge and excitement. .
I knew my first convention would be fun. But what I DIDN’T expect was how much deeper the connection would be to this company. To our team. To our friends.
I knew that Young Living was legit when it came to essential oils because I did my research for months before getting my oils.
I knew they had their own farms. .
I knew they had the most experience in essential oils and the best and safest oils and the only ones I’d ever let touch our boys. But what I LEARNED is how truly deep that went.
I got to see Seed to Seal with my own eyes. To touch it with my own hands. I got to see the heart that goes into EVERYTHING this company and the people who surround it stand for. .
I learned about the Young Living Foundation - https://younglivingfoundation.org - and the work they do in Uganda and Nepal and Ecuador. I heard stories about the people. The children. The farmers. The real, live, everyday people that go and help and build and rebuild and show up for these charities in need. I watched as over $1,000,000 was raised in 4 days for the Young Living Foundation. Where EVERY CENT went to stop the atrocities of human trafficking. .
The message radiating all around me all week was so simple: Love on People. The energy I was surrounded by all week was life changing. I spent hours connecting with people who have so much to offer. People who truly embody the phrase ‘Pour into Others.’
If you thought for even a second that this was all about some yummy smelling oils, then you would be so so so very wrong. .
Yes. We were freaking THE BEST smelling 40,000 people in Utah 🤣 but it's so so so much more than that. I am so beyond thankful to be part of this family of people who have made it their life's mission to move others towards wellness, wholeness, and greatness. 💕

Our second vaycay adventure! The aquarium. We walked through fish tunnels, pet sting rays, became fascinated with the sharks, saw huge sea turtles (which was my favorite) and got to walk through all the trails where we saw snakes, lizards and dragons.

Oftentimes I talk about the emotional support oils because that’s what I originally started using oils for. I don’t give nearly enough credit to the oils that support our physical body! This blend is for those who sit at a desk all week, or if you’re like me and carry all the stress in your shoulders, or if you’re stuck in a car or plane and your muscles just need some relief. Plus it’s conveniently in a roll-on bottle! Where do you need some deep relief? #getyousome

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Here’s a man who’s made it his life’s mission to provide for all his family’s needs. Along the way, he’s taught us about a little thing called work ethic, moral values, and integrity. Growing up, whenever there was a physical or logistical challenge I always knew Dad could fix it. And as an adult, he’s been the calming force through many of my storms. We love you, Dad! Couldn’t be any more blessed to have you in our lives. #happyfathersday #superman #mydadcouldbeatupyourdad
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First day of #vaycay in the books

Got that #chillaxin (2-4 drops of each) going on in the diffuser on this lovely Sunday/Father’s day! Happy fathers day to all you dads out there. Hope you get to do a lot of chillaxin today 😎😏☀️🏖 #fathersday #chillaxing #summertime #sofloliving #eolove #essentialoils #oilylove -#oiltherapy #eoliving #yleo #lemondropper

Sometimes we’ve got it all together.
Sometimes we swing through life not knowing where we’ll land.
Sometimes we live life to the fullest.
Sometimes we need a self pep talk just to get out of bed.
No matter where you and I are at right now, we #journeyon.
Thank you Young Living for giving me life changing products and the opportunity to provide for my family by sharing what I love.
Thank you God for this business opportunity that basically fell into my lap.
Thank you to my husband for supporting me from day one and always believing in me.
Thank you to my friends for cheering me on every step of the way.
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Traded swag with a Canuck! #youngliving #lemondropper #teamyoungliving

Crossbody essential oil credit card wristlets are restocking the end of the month/beginning of July! I'll be continuing production on them as soon as we return home. Let me know what patterns/colors you'd like to see!

Soooo many eager YL members! This is just a small portion of convention attendees 🙀 #toopeopley ?? lol

Great day for a graduation party. What do you think of my ride? 😁🚘

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and totally blubber over your words? Yeah, that just happened, but @lindsayteague was so sweet and gracious and we snapped a pic!
The funny thing was, I wasn’t looking for her. I just turned around and there she was. That’s kinda the way most good things in life happen, so pay attention. 💕
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Meet my Inspiration, my #WomanCrush if you will, @lindsayteague Lindsay Teague Moreno. She had me in Happy and Sad Tears during her talk at #YLConvention. She's an incredible and generous leader and a fun real person to follow. We've only met a few times, but I feel like I know her, her husband Michael, @michaelrmoreno and their 3 kiddos. Michael's talk was amazing too and also got me teary eyed. Amazing couple.
Keep Keepin' It Real Lindsay and Michael.
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Last day @YLConvention 2018! This has been an amazing week! I’ve learned so much and ready to share more with you!!
Who’s ready to join me on this journey???

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