Leslie and Brady are a dream. I could tell from the first time we talked that I was going to adore them. ❤️ They’re so incredibly happy to be in love with one another, so joyful and genuine, that they make everyone around them happy too. The weather was perfect, her dress is perfect, everything was perfect. It’s been such an honor to photograph their wedding and engagement, and I know they have a lifetime of happiness in store. ❣️

Calling all fearless birthing Mothers. How I need you in my life.
Are you due in the next 4ish weeks?
Have you thought of having your otherwise untold story told?
Or would you simply like to find out more about having your birth captured to see if it's for you?

Contact me. I want to capture your beautiful chaos.

Echuca | Shepparton | Bendigo | and surrounds.
Low session fee.
Please tag any expecting Mothers and share the love x

/ mel & jason

Early this summer, I had the pleasure of hanging with @jessica_k_miles & her husband for a quick session. Let me tell ya they are such a rad couple! I met Jessica thru our traveling dress project during fall of last year & ever since she just can't seem to get rid of me. 😂 She's beautiful, she's funny, and she's just a genuinely rad human. I am so stoked we got to meet up and she even let me grab a couple of steamy shots of her and her husband in the rain 😍 that's a homegirl who is down 🤣🙌 My kind of people. ❤ Love you girlfriend xo
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I had the amazing opportunity yesterday to document the arrival of the sweetest baby girl and now I’m officially off call! Ill be unplugged for the next week spending some uninterrupted time with my babies ❤️ I’ll be returning all emails and messages then! Have a wonderful weekend, friends! #erinbeckwithphotography

I love you
With the fire
Of a thousand suns. -a.e.

I love photography because it enables me to freeze a moment. Moments I don’t think I could truly appreciate until I was a mom. Looking at my walls tonight, I see how much my kids have changed in just a handful of months. It makes me so thankful I am able to do this. For my family, and for my clients. .
Cheers to the weekend, it’s wedding time! 🥂
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I've spammed this family a lot over the last week, but with good reason! HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. ;) The boys were adorable, and their mama gives definition to the term "hot tamale". 😉

Recent events in my life have made me realize how truly lucky and blessed I am. I'm reminded every day in myriad ways not to take anything for granted. I think a good reminder for me and others is to take time to appreciate stillness, to pause and reflect, to notice small moments & things. I cultivate this in the subjects I photograph but I also seek to appreciate stillness intentionally in my day-to-day existence. Just a note to self to do that.

So excited for the exciting road ahead <3

It was so great meeting up with these two after shooting their wedding nearly 4 years ago. I know they will be excellent parents. Congratulations!

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