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I have been terrible at photographing my own family this year. I started out strong in January with the best of intentions and a soul full of inspiration, but if I am being completely honest, it was all down hill from there. We had quite a year. That is going to have to be a blog post for another day because it was a looongggg year, but I do have some pretty exciting news to come out of all the crazy.
2018 is going to be the year that I do better. I have to. Our children deserve images of their childhood. As much as l adore being a professional photographer, my family is my "why." I also deserve images of their childhood. If anyone knows how temporary that is, it's me. With a new little daughter coming this February and my oldest daughter turning sixteen in May (and five other sweet souls in between), I am ready to really put in the work. I have decided to make it a very honest and tangible thing and bring back our Project 52... with a twist.

It will all be lifestyle in nature. MY lifestyle. (Or your lifestyle.) Mine will be inspired by what I love most--my family.
My images will be transparent. They will likely be of our special brand of chaos, our messy house, our adventures (or lack of) and anything that really moves me in the moment. My goal is that some day our children look back and feel how much they were loved.

And you're welcome to join me.
This should be YOUR lifestyle. It could literally be however you live. You don't need children. It could be your spouse/bestie/house plants/ fur babies/ SELFIES. The only real rule is that it be transparent. This is YOUR work.

So what is a Project 52 & How do you join in?
If you have never heard of a project 52, it is very simple in nature. It is a photo a week, for ever week of the year. 52 weeks, 52 images.
You don't need to commit or formally join. You can do all 52 weeks (which I recommend but have never nailed myself haha) or you can do what you can do. No pressure. I will have a full post with details soon, though!
On another note, I doubt there will be themes this time. I may try to get a small website up devoted to this if there is enough interest.

Well, I am not typically up at this awful butt crack early of a time. Yet, I've been coughing ALL night and had found this shot of Cooper taken at the back door of our house this past July. It's just a simple image, but stirred up so much emotion thinking about all the memories we've made right there at that back door. While the door is outdated, beat up, and has splatter paint on it, I am sorta sad to replace it in our renovation. There were several things, like the boys' cribs and beds, that we lost in the flooding of Hurricane Harvey that were sentimental. This is one reason why I fell in love with photography at a young age. I love how little details and sentimental items in our lives that eventually wear out, get lost, or simply thrown out, can be saved in our photographs forever. I love that I can see bits of my kitchen in the background here; it will serve as a time line as it is about to be completely changed. I didn't care for the design of it, but I am nostalgic about all the things that happened there while the boys were babies and toddlers.
SWIPE LEFT for full frame 👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼👈🏼
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We took our family photos this year while in Palm Beach, unfortunately, my hair didn’t get the memo, so those shots will not be making the Christmas card this year. I took photos of the girls on the beach instead this week and the out takes are pretty incredible! 🎄


I love this sweet dancing family shot!
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These tones are just stunning! And my gosh this little babe! and I spy a little babes head taking a bath too with big sister.😍 Perfect capture and happy Friday!
Take a minute to stop by this mama’s gallery for more beautiful inspiration!
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First day of minis complete! I’m incredibly thankful for my besties @madisonchasesetliff and @madddsrose who always drop everything to assist me. Y’all are the best ❤️ Couldn’t run these days without y’all and it certainly wouldn’t be as fun. Today was wonderful! Can’t wait to see all the littles tomorrow! 😍


Seriously...look at them! Love this shot.

Resting and binge watching duck tales trying to feel better

So glad I get to do what I love everyday, be my own boss, and meet wonderful people who are absolutely in love with each other. This daddy is military and recently home from a deployment where he met his 2 month old son for the very first time. I’m so honored to photograph these military families who sacrifice so much to protect our country. 🇺🇸💕

When you have beautiful friends with equally beautiful babies, photographing them becomes an absolute dream 😍 You would never have known that this was a super cold, super gloomy and really rainy day by looking at these two!

I met sweet Charlotte 6 months ago and tomorrow she'll be the first of 3 photo shoots I have lined up! I can't wait to see how big she's grown and to capture new memories for such an awesome family 💕

Last year in Newfoundland I got to take pictures of my sister-in-law's baby bump. And today I finally got to take their family photos. I mean, I've been taking photos for them since the day I got to New Brunswick, but today they dressed up in their Christmas sweaters and got in front of my camera together. And despite the fact that Benjamin has a cold and the sun was setting rapidly and there was no snow to be seen, I love every one.
This is the reason I moved back to the east coast, to be able to share special occasions and milestones and just drink hot chocolate together ❤️
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Kennedy wanted to play outside after I tried on her new outfit and I couldn’t say no. She looked too adorable. And she had a lot of fun...especially after she found the mud puddle and fell in it!


Miss 'K' you are a sweetheart!! Look at that face...I don't think I could tell her no for anything lol.

Today's family was sooo cute! Little Ms. 'K' is turning one soon, obviously the perfect time for family pictures! She got to enjoy a little smash cake after these were taken <3

My first family session in the studio couldn't have been more perfect 👌 More of this sweet new fam coming soon!

When your best friend takes everyone’s breath away on her wedding day. @abbymoser I adore you and our friendship so much, and couldn’t be happier standing next to you as you married your best friend @tuckerbogle ! It was honestly a little painful not being able to photograph one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, but I’m so honored to have been able to be apart of it. Love you both so much! #bridal #iphonepic #itsbogletime

We don't say cheese, we don't make anyone look at the camera...we just have fun creating real memories. #childhood #juliajanekids #ctfamilyphotographer #connecticutfamilyphotographer

Simply beautiful <3

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