My first day for school was today!! What’s your favorite subject in school and why?
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[ 08/14/18 ] POST 4
same bell
q: bell or clarke?
a: clarke

— 4.13 x 5.13 —
i rlly hope their relationship
will be fixed next season ughh
they had just gotten closer again
and then they broke AGAIN UGH.
#leksagrp #the100

[eliza taylor]
she can like,, get it

bellarke x book quote.
god i love them sm,, if
the series ends and they
aren’t canon im gonna-
#leksagrp #the100 #bellarke

jordan jasper green.
ugh i already stan this bean wOw
this is so ugly sorryyy djsjdkdjd
#leksagrp #the100

bellarke au.
ik they probably won’t be canon
but i’m still gonna prayyyyyy :/
#leksagrp #bellarke

clarke slipping up heheheh
+ clarke realizing she’s slipping up ;))

POST 12 [ 08/13/18 ]
the real enemies to lovers relationship ™
sorry, bellarke.
q: season 2 or 3 for clexa?
a: season 3

[ 08/13/18 ]
let them go
q: clexa or linctavia?
a: clexaaa

but like,, lexa was toxic and abusive amiright??
honestly lexa was nothing but respectful, understanding and gentle to clarke, even when those around her said it was against her better interests. lexa respected clarke on so many levels; she took all the blame (“i never meant to turn you into his” etc) and accepted the consequences of her actions. i mean betraying clarke was even her biggest regret, out of all things she’s done she regret hurting clarke the most.

octavia blake.
“ and i've got thick skin
and an elastic heart,
but your blade might be to sharp.”
q: do you like octavia?
a: i disliked her in season 5 which made the redemption even better so yes.

— clarke griffin
I didn’t have much inspiration whilst making this but i acc like some of the panels lol

[ 3x03 ]
wish we could’ve seen more of the grounders, i thought they were much more interesting than the ark stuff

[ 08/12/18 ] POST 2
bellarke au & i'm posting again cause i like the edits i'm making byee.
dt: @skaikrue

POST 11 [ 08/12/18 ]
my girl *∆*
q: clarke or lexa?
a: lexa only by a bit

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