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So bright...cheers me up in gloomy weather ☀️#leifgarrett #bright #blonde #1970s

Macon County Line (1974): #richardcompton and the multi-talented #maxbaerjr combine efforts to create something pretty damn unique with the excellent Macon County Line. Blending drive-in aesthetic with a “true” story backdrop, the film begins as classic drive-in fare, with two brothers drifting across the Southern states, sowing their wild oats. All of this changes when they become embroiled with a vengeful Georgian sheriff and a case of mistaken identity. The majority of the film focuses on the eventually colliding storylines but Compton and Baer show sure hands here as they allow their film space to breathe with strong performances from the young leads and great stuff from some recognizable character actors. #alanvint and #jessevint (brothers in the film and in real life) have expectedly great chemistry (a more charming pair of assholes you’d be hard pressed to find) and we get an interesting look at the perception of youth culture both in the 1950s (when the movie is set) and the 1970s (when the movie was made). #cherylwaters is also solid as hitchhiker Jenny and we get great support from #geoffreylewis #jamesgammon #timothyscott and #leifgarrett (who accomplishes a great deal with a minimal screen time). Much was—and is still—made about Baer Jr’s performance as lawman Reed Morgan with a far tougher role than his Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies but, while he is good here, I actually wasn’t as drawn to him as I was the two brothers. Credit to Baer Jr. for making this role believable but he never pulls focus—even in the film’s intense climax. Those looking for a grindhouse-style revenge picture may be disappointed as the intense stuff only occurs in the final 15-minutes and it does not go as expected. I won’t say anymore but the film has a literal gut punch of an ending that definitely threw me for a loop. For interested parties, there is also a strong horror-vibe in the finale which was a nice contrast to the remainder of the film. Macon County Line is a great film that transcends its drive-in roots in multiple ways to render an entertaining and complex look at American violence. #movie_mattinee @oscarwatchpod @samenightmovie

It’s Sunday. What a fun day! #leifgarrett

Had a lazy Saturday Morning watching #Skateboard the movie featuring Chuy Madrigal aka @chuy_surf president of my fan club. A little disappointed he pushed during the downhill race and lost to #LeifGarrett but I’ll forgive him. If you’ve never seen this it’s on Amazon Prime video and is worth ever one of the $0.00 I paid to watch it.. Pure Skateboard Cheese, and I loved it.

I love the song “I was made for dancin’” by Leif Garrett but I personally missed the note as to why he was a “sexy” teen idol back in the 70s 🤔 Help me understand! 😂 #leifgarrett #iwasmadefordancing #iwasmadefordancin #70sdisco #disco #vintagepopmusic

Happy Friday to all my followers 💕💕💕💕 #leifgarrett

Just got this awesome pick for @billyleephotography ‘s medical fundraiser ... I love it. What a thoughtful act.

All these years later and I still don’t know—does his first name rhyme with “safe” or “beef”? #leifgarrett #leif #pronunciation

When your heart jumps for joy over a Leif Garrett vinyl still in cellophane. #vintagelp #leifgarrett #iwasmadefordancin #teenagecrush #thriftstorefinds

Leif Garrett And Cher In Relationships My Love Married #cher #leifgarrett @leifgarrett_fanpage @leif_garret @cheralways @cher ❤️💌😍💏💕💝👪💒👰🏻🤵🏼

Leif Garrett and Cher 70's Disco I was made For Dancin' and Take Me Home #iwasmadefordancin #takemehome #cher #leifgarrett @leifgarrett_fanpage @cher @leif_garret @cheralways

fillin’ the dillon?
{#mattdillon #omg80s}

Really missing hot weather... #leifgarrett

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