Leica M7 Titan with the Summaron 35mm f2.8. I was told that the sharpest vintage 35mm from Leica is not any of the famous Summicron versions, but rather this lowly ‘Summaron’. When I looked around and saw the prices were under 1000 euros or around that amount for a good condition one I didn’t want to believe it could be that sharp. Or otherwise the build quality had to be poor. As it turns out it’s indeed sharper than any Summicron versions at f2.8 AND it has great build quality. Solid, good infinity lock, compact yet beautifully made. So my recommendation for this lens is simple, if you don’t need to shoot in low light and you’re looking for a sharp lens, get it quick as price is rising fast on this lesser known Leica gem...................#🔴 #leica #leicam7 #summaron

Ramen night 2. We’ve been in japan 3 days and I’ve managed to have ramen all 3 nights. On the second night we strayed off a little and found a tiny spot down some stairs in Shibuya. It was individually stalled which was different for me but the ramen was delicious and it was a fun little experience.. We are off to Osaka today if anyone has recommendations of things to see or places to get ramen. 😍

I am now an old headstone
And to her grave I'll die alone
A testament of how she's grown
Wherever she is sleepin'

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Warm knits and essentials for the ultimate autumn getaway, all tucked inside my new #MY4810 piece from @ montblanc_us @ montblanc #ad

The Vi Vante Exotic Viper Green Stitch Hulk Camera bag.

Golden age

NY inspired cover for The Bend “OLD YORK” - Also: headed to NYC for the next ten days. Working on some exciting stuff - reach out if you want to connect. Gunna be shooting lots of film 📸

Bleecker Street. #leicam6 #nyc #nonchalantphoto

【The Greatest Day Japan Tour 2108】
Jake Shimabukuro Day 9
“Okinawa Namura Hall “Color Version.

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