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đź’µ #thelastjedisucks I honestly feel bad for original trilogy actors who thought they were returning to "a galaxy far far way" instead only to find they've landed in an alternate, completely indefensible, corporate marketing cluster fuck universe. I guess those traveling weekends at convention centers aren't going to be as friendly as they used to be. Either that or the line for autographs are going to be a whole lot shorter ...Except Billy Dee Williams, he's safe, for at least the next 2 years. #HanIsDead #LukeIsDead #LeiaIsDead so what does it matter? #starwars

Muy buena peli!
Muchas muertes, buen desarrollo de personajes y una apertura para la parte final.
#nochedestarwars #Lukeisdead

Zombie Leia. #halloween #leiaisdead

Why did she have to die, well I have only one thing to say to you Leia, Requiesce in pace sempiternum erit vobis in cordibus nostris quae sit vis nobiscum #carriefisher #starwars #leiaisdead

Chewie esta triste!!! #leiaisdead

Yep. Not going to get my deposit back. #leiaisdead

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