Effort is the key!!!!! @pioneerfb50 is on his GRIND!!!!!!#grind #personaltrainer #lehifootball #fitness #gym #beastmode

Such an incredible honor for Cammon to receive this award!🏆 The Governor’s State of Sport award Male Athlete of the Year 2017, which includes all the sports in the state of Utah to select from!😱 I couldn’t be more proud of Cammon, but equally as important, his state championship team that was the culmination of years of grit, hard work, and determination.👊🏼🏈 The quarterback is the product of those that surround him. This award reflects all of those who have been an influence in Cammon’s life, both on and off the field, in helping develop him into the stellar student athlete/young man he is today!❤️ We are so grateful for our Lehi football family, the coaches both at Lehi and around the state who’ve made an impact, the community support, the high school administration, our friends and family that have always believed in Cammon, and for another opportunity to represent the best city in Utah with this award! Go Lehi!💜ps the Coach of the Year award is Jay Hill, a Lehi high alumni, and one of Cole’s best friends since elementary school. Congrats to Coach Hill and all that he has done for Weber State football!👏🏼 And congrats again to my favorite lefty QB @cam2_wazzu 🙌🏼 #proudmama #thatsmyboy #encoreaward #makeitcount #hardworkpaysoff #practicewithpurpose #itsallinthedetails #lehifootball #qb #fastfightfinish #gopioneers #soblessed #excitedfortheawardceremony

Three months later and the state champs’ bling finally arrived!💍💯 It still is a dream thinking back on the entire season. Guess that means I should probably write up my post on the state championship game.😊🏈 It’s something that I’ll treasure forever as magic in the air!✨ Hard to describe.☺️ How bout those rings though!? The detail is unreal, pictures don’t do them justice. And trust me, it took me a few minutes of complete Jenga patience to maneuver/balance them just right for the pics!😬😨😆💍🏈 Super grateful for all the time, effort and never give up attitude our coaches and team put forth all year, off season and on. They knew what they set out to accomplish and made it happen!👊🏼Proud of our Lehi Pioneers! It’s pretty awesome and fortunate that Cole, Cammon and Creyton were all able to share in this season’s success!💜 #lehifootball #footballstatechamps #ringceremony #12-2record #55-17score #statechamptrophy #ourteamourtown #qb #lovemyboys12and6 #andcoachcooper #creytonwearingbothringsforthepic #cammonwantsmetomailhisring📬 #umprobnot #whatifitgotlost😱 @cam2_wazzu @creyton_2

So proud of all these young men who signed a national letter of intent to play football at the next level! The colleges and universities they will be attending just received some stellar athletes on and off the field! It has been a privilege to be a part of their lives for so many years, and now to watch their hard work pay off as they set their sights on new goals, it’s pretty impressive! I added a pic from Cammon’s signing day since Will and Lincoln are now both Cougars, one red and one blue.😉🏈❤️💙🐾 Lehi boys- I hope you never stop improving, remember where you came from and where you want to be, focus, stay consistent with attitude and effort, be grateful even for the bad days, enjoy the work, expect the challenge, don’t take no “crap” (edited from Cole’s usual word right?)😂, never forget the feeling of winning state together as brothers💜🏆, believe, and make your families proud! Go get it!👊🏼🏈👏🏼🙌🏼 #lovethesekids #godspeed #newchapter #brightfuture #dreamscometrue #fastfightfinish #lehipride #lehifootball #missingcammon @cam2_wazzu @will0221 @lincolnbunker @m_oore11 @dholker @d.knowles7 @qiseanrust2 @wilbur_53 @cougz74 @little_bit28

The Lehi High School football team was awarded an awesome custom trophy by MaxPreps as recognition for being nationally ranked from their great season! It was so fun seeing all the smiles, hugs from friends, and the unveiling of the football State Championship banner!🏈🏆I have to give props to our amazing administrators for the cool plaques they gave Dallin and Cammon for their state awards, as well as the hilarious commentary of Will and Lincoln.😂 They know how to crack Cole into smiling!😄 I’ve decided I’m the most awkward award receiver I’ve ever seen- do I hold the award with him? Take the award away? Wait they want pictures so look over there, but now the award is in my hands, yes principal hold onto it with me, no, yes...ok now I can look at the award...and I’m chomping gum the whole time.🤦‍♀️Goodness. I must admit it was kinda sad that Cammon wasn’t there in person, and it was sad tonight when we were ready for family prayer and realized it’s Cammon’s night, and it was sad to only make 3 lunches, and it was sad to think twice about locking the garage door and wondering what time Cammon said he’d be home...realizing that I didn’t need to leave it unlocked.😕 It’s the little things people! Appreciate them.❤️ @cam2_wazzu @will0221 @lincolnbunker @dholker #dontblink #timeflies #proudoftheseboys #lehifootball #gopioneers #missmyson #happyheshappy

It's about to get Real. One year ago today, Washington State offered Cammon a full ride football scholarship.🏈 After reviewing all the several offers from teams across the U.S. in almost every conference possible, he will make his commitment FINAL tomorrow! (Wednesday is the official signing day, but since it's a half day for Christmas break and Cammon's last day of high school, we're doing it a day early). His decision hasn't swayed from the moment he said WAZZU.🐾❤️ Cammon's kept his word despite other programs trying to come in late, believes in the coaches, and is excited to be a positive impact on the WSU football program. This mama bear still isn't ready to let her cub go, but I'm so proud of the opportunities that await! He's met his goals and crushed them, now setting new sights on the next chapter. We couldn't be more proud of Cammon-he's an awesome son and brother, accomplishing everything he did with his fellow Pioneers, working hard to graduate early, to then pursue his dreams, and represent who he is and what he stands for. It's been a whirlwind, it's been unbelievably fun cheering him on every step of the way! The world is what you make of it, so go make it happen buddy!👊🏼 love ya sonshine!❣️@cam12_lehi #onestepcloser #notdoneyet #moretodo #qb #lehifootball #pioneerpride #wazzu #gocougs #compete #hardworkpaysoff #negu #fastfightfinish #stillindenial #bigtime #willneedtherapywhenwedrophimoff 😭❤️

Cammon was awarded Utah's Most Outstanding Player 2017 for the Deseret News Rewind aka Friday Night Lights tv segment. This could be given as a team award- all our games (particularly the ones broadcasted) were won with every single player doing his job every single play. For example, can we reflect on the double overtime win against Alta as well as the state championship game- it was grit filled with magic!🌟🏈Anyways, this trophy they designed for the award is pretty awesome if you ask me! It was fun going with Cammon to downtown and to be behind the scenes of this interview. Again, not sure how to link anything to Instagram, so you'll have to look it up online.😊 Super proud of my son, I've tried holding back to not sound like I'm bragging, but it's kind of cool and needs to be documented.👍🏼🤓 #lehifootball #pioneerpride #deseretnewsrewind #hadtowaitandnotsayanything #topsecret #untiltoday #wazzubound #hardworkpaysoff #leavenodoubt #makeithappen @cam12_lehi @lehifootball @mtnwestelite @elite11 @wsucougarfootball

The Alpine School District took time at their recent meeting to honor our football team for their State Championship win.🏆🏅Yes, I know it says 2015 but that was a typo from someone else's tweet, I just screen snapped the pic.😉The captains (minus Dallin Holker) represented the team and tried to keep a serious, straight face. It was only when I said, "Lean in and give Coach Larson a big hug" that the smiles came out.😄😆We are grateful for all the support from the administration. On a side note, I want to take the time to officially thank Alpine School District board members who voted to approve Cammon to remain at Lehi two years ago. When the other school opened, they wanted to enforce boundaries and make Cammon leave Lehi since our house became part of the other high school's boundary - not even joking.😧🙄 We had to petition and plead our case of wanting to stay at Lehi during a board meeting, and beg them to not enforce boundary rules. We are grateful Cammon was allowed to stay and finish what he started at Lehi High!🙌🏼 Go Pioneers!💜🏈 #lehifootball #statechamps #pioneerpride #lovethesekids #cantstoplaughingatthehugpic #bestcoaches @cam12_lehi @will0221 @d.knowles7 @lincolnbunker @carson_bell_ @jeanneronnow @lehifootball

Such a huge goal Cammon has had, it's the icing on the cake, an honor to receive this award! Introducing the Deseret News Mr. Football 2017! It's awarded to only one player across the board from the entire state of Utah. This couldn't have happened without his teammates and coaches! I've said it before and I'll say it again, "the quarterback is the product of those that surround him."🏈💜🏆👏🏼Cammon was truly surrounded by greatness on both sides of the ball, we love our Lehi football family! So dang happy for him, so grateful for all the love and support from family and friends! I wish I could link the article on Insta but I don't know how. You'll have to check it out online, it's a good one!☺️#lehifootball #pioneerpride #thatsmyson #qb #lefty #statechampion #mrfootball #sograteful #wazzu @cam12_lehi @elite11 @mtnwestelite @stroformance

Sorry, but when your son gets a personal shoutout from Trent Dilfer...you document that stuff!☺️📝 Loved what he had to say!🙌🏼🙏🏼 Always so grateful for the opportunities, knowledge, life lessons and friendships created through this game of football! #elite11 #qbfraternity #nikeopening #qb #lehifootball #memorieslastforever #negu @cam12_lehi @elite11

Just found out this morning! Another dream come true for Cammon! So proud of him, yet so grateful for the amazing coaches and teammates that contributed to him achieving this award!💜🏈🙌🏼 #lehifootball #pioneerpride #qb #statechampion #elite11 #gatoradepoy #wazzu #hardworkpaysoff #thereisnooffseason #leavenodoubt @cam12_lehi @elite11 @mtnwestelite @theopening @lehifootball @stroformance @edgeqb @allpolysports

Spent the night with my two favorite guys celebrating the Lehi Football teams 2017 season. It was a great year and I loved watching my son grow. He started on the sophomore team, had a knee injury and finished dressing out for Varsity in the post season. #jamiandzeb #rayseven #harringtonjames #lehifootball #footballmom #statechamps #utahstatechamps #5achampions #football #pioneerpride #lehipioneers #bloggermom #iamshort

And finally big congrats to our amazing O-Line (2 who also play D line!)👏🏼 Making way for our stud sophomore running back, and protecting their QB, my heartfelt thanks to them!!💜Proud of our other 2 awesome receivers who stepped up and made huge plays when Dallin and Kade were being double/triple covered. How amazing for Kyler to know his role, never complain, do his job, and have 2 TDs in the state championship game! Our center was a game changer from one season to the next- when he stepped in it was a whole new ball game! Just so proud of everyone being pumped for the other guy next to him! Being unselfish, giving your best effort every play even if the ball isn't coming to you...great things happen! I could write a paragraph on each one of these kids and why I appreciate them and what they mean to the team by the little things they do! #eachplaymatters #soeachplayermatters #hardworkpaysoff #lehifootball #statechamps

I posted the previous awards before all the other awards were ready by our media guys.😬 How awesome are these boys? Big time defense, big time stops, big time plays! So proud of them!👏🏼💜🏈🏆#ispypicturesitook #loveourteam #lehifootball #statechamps

Rewards are great, but the relationships and memories made will last forever! Proud of all of our Pioneers and the many years we've been able to be part of their lives on and off the field. No one can earn anything alone, T.E.A.M. Lehi repping as W.O.N. Big congrats to these boys!!! @cam12_lehi @dholker @m_oore11 #ittakes11playerstomake1play #olineprops #bestreceiversinthestate #bestcoaches #toughDputsoffensebackonthefield #lehifootball #pioneerpride #thatsmyson #lefty #qb #fastfightfinish #statechamps

We were fortunate to have Coach Leach spend some time with our family yesterday!😀 I mean, it's not everyday you have a PAC 12 head coach stop by!😱We took him to Cammon's favorite restaurant that we eat at after every fball game (it's the same place Cole and his family would go to after his high school games as well).☺️ Then we went over to "Old Man Coop"s house (my in-laws) for Cooper cookies that the girls had helped make. Lots of shooting the breeze and football talk! Coach Leach is as down to earth as they get, with plenty of wit, random facts, hilarious stories, and a mastermind with football. We are so excited for Cammon and the opportunity he has to play for Washington State University! Incredibly grateful for all the coaches there and the huge support they've given Cammon throughout this recruiting process. Go Cougs!🐾🏈❤️ Also a big shoutout to Coach Larson and all that he's done to help develop Cammon into the QB he is today! Wish we could've planned a big party for everyone to come meet Coach Leach, he's quite the entertainment!👍🏼😄@cam12_lehi @creyton_2 @will0221 @coachmealman #lehifootball #pioneerpride #wazzu #wsu #gocougs #airraid #beststoryteller

Huge congratulations to the Lehi Boyd 7A team!! This team is relentless, fierce, talented and extremely successful. They not only had an undefeated regular season, but went to NV and took home the championship against teams from Utah and Las Vegas. Making #lehiproud .

#lehifootball #lehiyouthfootball #lehipride #ucfc

Great season for our 8th Grade team. Coach Christensen led them to an undefeated regular season, and an overall 9-2 record after their stellar performance at the USA Invitational in Mesquite. These boys will be ready to take the torch for @lehifootball soon!! Thanks for all your time and effort to the coaches, and hard work to the boys!

#lehipride #lehi #lehifootball #usainvitational #ucfc #lehiyouthfootball

Mesquite was a great experience! So grateful we were able to be a part of it. The boys did an amazing job and should be proud 🏆 Can’t wait till next season!! #lehifootball #54 #bleedpurple #lehipioneers #greatjobboys #2ndplace #mesquite #nevada #sportscomplex

Congrats LEHI football! 5A state champs 🏆🏆🏆
#utah #utahfootball #statechamps #lehifootball

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