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Project number 8 : Loki and Castiel’s Angel Blades

The one I had for TRF was 3D printed and was forever breaking the tip off. So I bought these resin cast ones. The are very heavy and absolutely worth every penny! These were a family effort. Garrett Terpstra and Steven Terpstra helped me sand them down. And then spent two days dusting the primer and then metallic layers of paint on because the first time I tried to paint them they fish eyed like CRAZY!! But I LOVE them. And FemCas (Patricia Terpstra) is pretty giggly about hers too. @kreepykitty2003 @garrettterpstra #castiel #femcastiel #loki #gabrielspn #gabriel #spnfamily #spn #ladyloki #thor #legoloki #legothor #angelblade #mishacollins #familythatcosplaystogetherstaystogether

When you've spent possibly 7 years searching Lego shops for this hunk of a plastic man #lego #thor #legothor #fun #kid #marvel #superhero #canyoufancylego #ido @lego When does Thor get his Lego movie?

Custom Lego Thor from infinity war really proud of this boy I really like the color I got for the eye patch and the hair and repainted beard and I couldn’t find much reference for this boy so I left the torso without any silver details but I will add them when I get a clear look same with legs also shout out to the boy @tumas_customs for a ton of IW reference! Also I tag some bros that are currently working on IW wips that are awesome and you should check out! #bfc1000c #mclovin4kcontest

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