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🦒🐘🐆 #throwbackthursday

The children's library at the #nypl has #Lego versions of Patience and Fortitude! .
#nypllions #lions #legolions #legos #patienceandfortitude

Lego lions for Chinese New Year #lego #legolions #lions #chinesenewyear

Our Middle School Robotics Team (Lego Lions) won the Robot Design Challenge this weekend in the Rockdale FLL Regional Competition. For every robotics competition there are four different challenges:

1. Core Values-Teams show judges how they work together and incorporate the core values of FLL
2. Robot Design-Teams show judges the functionality and use of the robot/attachments as well as the programming used to operate them.
3. Field Competition-Teams compete against each other to complete missions on a field using autonomous programming.
4. Project-Each team comes up with an invention, new idea, or modified existing idea that will help solve a real world problem.

There were 18 teams competing at this tournament. Our Richmond county friends from Spirit Creek Middle School were also there and they actually won the core value challenge (we were the only two Augusta teams there). The most important rules we had to follow in our robot design were the following: -only Lego parts may be used
-no more than 4 motors used
-robots are not moved with a controller, they function using an autonomous program (everything it does is pre-programmed in)

We are all so proud of this group! There were a couple of students who couldn't make it to competition, but the ones who could are in the photo. Mrs. Michelle Brittingham is the Lego Lions sponsor. #robotics #winners #golions #legolions #weareac #wearefamily

The children’s section of the NYPL has LEGO lions flanking it’s entrance and I’m obsessed. Look at their little tails!! 😻🦁. Also, if you get a nypl library card, you can borrow audiobooks and ebooks through the app Overdrive. So aside from getting the card you can borrow things from your phone anytime anywhere. No excuses. I am taking this year to improve myself and self educating is a crucial step. Let’s be better together 💖🌈

Only the Commander of the Lion Knights survives! #lego #legominifigures #legocastle #legobattles #legolions #legodragons #legoknights

Patience and Fortitude! #LegoLions

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