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Figure: Iron Man (Mark 42)

Year: 2014 (I think)
Set: Mandarin Showdown (I think)
Importance to set: it's an easy way to get this figure.


Arm Detail: the arms are red, to represent the armour. I do really like the colour and for 2014 it was okay. The hands are gold to represent the armour on the hands. It's good enough.

Leg Detail: the legs have the same red colour but with golden detail on top, which is quite reflective and shiny. There's also a bit of silver there, it's all good, especially for 2014.

Torso Detail: the torso is really colourful, with gold, red, silver and light blue for the centre thing.
The gold is in bars to represent the armour.
The back is less interesting, but still good. The colours are less vibrant on the back for some reason, could be a producing error, I'm not sure.
Overall for the torso, there is depth, detail and good colours.

Head Detail: the face is double sided, one face seems to express Tony Stark, as a person with an ego, and the other for when he is in crisis. Both faces are really good. They also have good detail for the mouth, eyes and eyebrows.
The helmet is also really good. The main part is red with indents for depth, but the front part is golden with white eyes and a kind of mouth. I always love the fact that you can open up the mask.

Comparison: the torso, legs and face all are accurate, except for the arms, which are missing the gold; but still for even today, arm detail is very rare. The rest is great. It's just sad that Lego can never get the 'nimbleness' of the suits.

Overall Opinion: I wasn't expecting myself to like this figure so much. It has great detail, colours and it represents the suit well.

Do you agree with my review? Do you like the figure?
Comment below!

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