Oh la la My favorite hotel @sunset_tower got such a good facelift looks like nothing has changed ✨ So uncommon for a hotel renovation where soul spirit and personality get traded in for new and trendy ....but then again the owner is hotel hero @jeffreymklein and he always gets it right ( and is one of my favorite people in the world) #keeperofmagic 👏🏻👌🏼 #legendaryhotels #legendaryhoteliers 📸 @yolandaedwards

Having a jolly time nosing about grand old Scottish playground @thegleneagleshotel this weekend. Thanks @ottawatourism!

Each hotel has a beautiful story to tell full of ups and downs, but a story that needs to be preserved. The divine Hotel Ambassador on coconut grove in LA is one iconic hotel. Jules Brulatour, my great grandfather aka the first president of Universal pictures was a guest. Charlie Chaplin, Gloria Swanson Howard Hughes, John Wayne and all the stars of the beginning of cinema . Charleston contests where held there on Friday nights where Joan Crawford and carol lombard were fierce competitors. Home to many oscar nights, party nights, love affairs and war fundraisers during World War II. In 1958 in embassy ballroom Robert F Kennedy was sadly assassinate and the decline of the hotel started. Demolished In 2005 here is no trace of the guided place it was and the stories it contained. My mission as a consultant #chefofmagic is to #makehotelsgreatagain. Hotels with a soul and a story need to be respected and preserved finding the balance between past and future. #makehotelssoulfulagain #MLshotels #legendaryhotels

Talking about legendary hotels....The Shining Overlook Hotel Certainly a great (terrifing) story, killer bathroom and memorable corridors, not sure about the service 😉 #stanleykubrick #legendaryhotels #mlshotels

For the #legendaryhotels series and in this case a legendary pool to match ❤️ @hotelducapedenroc 📸 @slimaarons #mlshotels

チャーチルやサンローランが愛した伝説のホテル​「ラ・マムーニア​」のメディア イベント​。
このホテル内のピエール・エルメでしか味わえないレモンのミルフィーユは、苦さと酸味が絶妙☆ 東京で味わえないなら、行くしかない!?
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Week-end at Cap Estel ☀️😍

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