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Pulisic vs Benfica 🔥😍

Ronaldinho v Man Utd

Damn I miss watching him play 🔥😩
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All the best to my bro @SR4oficial! 🇪🇸🎉 One of the greatest characters I've ever met - on and off the pitch 👍😉 #KeepItUp #legend #goalgetter #amigo

Regram • • • @msdhonifansofficial .
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Slaying at Rashtrapati Bhavan! 😍❤

Happy birthday P- FUNK @majani187

Our Champion receives Padma Shri Award from the President of India 🇮🇳
Proud of you, Congratulations Captain! 😇❤


' i still express yo, I don't smoke weed or cess '
❤️ #eazye #ericwright #eazyduzit #nwa #legend


#Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it till the test comes."
#ThrowbackThursday #ChuckNorris copied him #HallOfFameHighlight my man #FrankNorris #Legend Founder of Navy Seals & Hostage Rescue Team Congressional Medal of Honor & #wrestler , Lieutenant Norris completed an unprecedented ground rescue of two downed pilots. He led a five-man patrol through 2,000 meters of heavily controlled enemy territory, located one of the downed pilots at daybreak, and returned.

Two days later, after two unsuccessful rescue attempts, a forward air controller located the second pilot and notified Norris. Disguised as fishermen in a sampan, Norris and a Vietnamese sea commando traveled throughout that night and found the injured pilot at dawn.
Covering the pilot with bamboo and vegetation, they began the return journey, successfully evading patrol. As they approached the FOB under heavy fire, Norris called in an air strike, allowing the rescue party to reach the base. “By his outstanding display of decisive leadership, undaunted courage, and selfless dedication in the face of extreme danger, Lieutenant Norris enhanced the finest tradition of the U.S. Naval Services.” But that is not the end of Norris’s heroics. Six months later, while protecting forces evacuating to his rear, Norris suffered a devastating head wound and was left for dead. A fellow Navy SEAL went to recover the body and discovered that Norris was still alive, earning his own Medal of Honor for the rescue.

After numerous surgeries, years of recovery, and the adjustment to life with only one eye, Norris had not given up on his dream of becoming an FBI agent. In spite of his disabilities, he was able to pass the same tests required of every other aspiring agent and served as an FBI special agent for 20 years.

MLB Legend Reggie Sanders showing how a reverse hyperextension is done! Great seeing you today my friend! @reggiesanders #legend #MLB #baseball #reversehyperextension #TransformerTraining #Transformyourworld

Happy birthday to Brian Chongtoua! 3x all-conference, tied for most all-time assists in program. #ucmerced #soccer #legend

Before and after "MAKEUP& #34; If you are in the Atlanta area hit me up
Main page @burnietheeboy
Prom - $50.00 beat
Which include
Regular lashes
Higher light
Also for extra fee available
Human lashes- $15
Individual -$20
Eyebrow arch-$10
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"So why am in class if it's different with who I'm tryin' to be like. So forget getting my MBA, lessons I was taught are quick to fade. As soon as I realize turning papers in won't get me paid. That was back in the days, Honda Accord says. I was a cold dude, I'm getting back to my ways"

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