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We are very excited and happy to announce that Jared Klein has rejoined Enslave The Creation on drums! Jared was our original and only drummer and we could not be more happy to have him back in the fold. He is currently on tour with Rivers of Nihil please check them out as they shred across the country in support of their new CD with Dying Fetus and all the other awesome bands on that tour. Enclosed is the link for their new cd and their rad new video! Also, congratulations to our long time front woman Shell-bee Blicker who just had her second baby a few days ago. Shell-bee Blicker will also be coming back into the family as our official artist so stay tuned for a new log design soon! Eric Iglesias has begun work on the lyrics for the three songs we are carrying over and Cris Portugal and Eric Marks are sorting out the rest of the music that will appear on the CD. Also watch out for Cris on tour with ARKAIK in a few months. Stay tuned in the next few days for more announcements including an international collaboration Cris and Eric are in involved with, an upcoming collaboration with Eric and an awesome long time Oregon based friend of ETC's side project (who also might be throwing down some shred on our cd), and more! All our east coast/mid west fans can check out Jared tonight in Pontiac, MI as he makes his way back to the west coast! Thank you all for the continued support!

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Quick video of a verse riff. Nice to stand in front of a wall of guitars! I'll definitely film some more videos here! #legatorguitars #bareknucklepickups #kemperamps #daddario #evh #guitarist #wallofguitars

Dusting off the cobwebs. Also I am too in love with this fucking guitar. #morningshred #legatorguitars

Damn Obama and his drones!
The new Lifecurse video is going to be badass.
#lifecurse #buzzardbait #legatorguitars

If you can't take advantage of an extra string you need to chillio! #guitar #guitarist #bass #bassist #hobby #hobbies #shreddster #kieselguitars #ormbsyguitar #legatorguitars #ibanez

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